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Semi Permanent Make Up In Belfast

BY: Nic | 18 Nov 2015

There's only one person I'd trust with a needle anywhere near my face and that's Dee of Studio D in Belfast. I recently had semi permanent make up aka brow tattoos... and thought I'd talk you through my experience - it's all a lot less daunting than you'd think.Semi permanent brows last for up to two years, so you want to be happy that the shape suits your face and complements your eyes. Dee spent a lot of time meticulously measuring and mapping out exactly how my finished brows would look with an eye pencil, continually checking that I was happy with the shape.

Next up was colour - my brows are extremely fair and I regularly have them tinted, so choosing a colour that I'm comfortable with and looks natural was really important to me. Dee mixed up numerous shades and tested them on my skin to see how they would look before selecting the perfect tone.Once the numbing gel on my brows had performed its magic, Dee got to work with her needle. Every single element was scrupulous and I can't praise her enough for the attention to detail in all things health and safety. I have the lowest pain threshold on the planet (redheads are particular prone) so this bit wasn't my favourite, but the results are totally worth it.A second appointment a few weeks later completed the treatment and I am now the proud owner of brows that can be seen without a magnifying glass and I actually get compliments on! They look fine au naturel though I usually add a little brow powder for subtle definition, as you can see in this pic. I can't recommend SMPU (semi permanent make up) at Studio D highly enough and am very grateful to Dee for making me look more human!

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