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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

BY: Editors | 25 Aug 2017

Buying gifts can be a stressful experience. There are lots of things that can go wrong when spoiling the woman in your life, especially when a wedding is fast approaching. It can be easy to buy a gift thinking it is the perfect item, only for the giftee to be less than enthusiastic.

Buying a disappointing bridal gift can be a bit of a let-down for both the person who buys it and for the person receiving it. In this guide, we’ll help you avoid the potential pitfalls of gift buying. Here is some solid advice to help you navigate potential minefields when following the old adage of “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”.

What not to do


When it comes to buying gifts for a bride, be it your wife to be, mum, best friend or sister, there are no hard and fast rules. However, there is one simple guideline to keep in the back of your mind; buy something that she would want and desire rather than something that she needs.

Let’s look at what we mean by that. Whilst an item such as a sat-nav is a useful tool, and perhaps something that your giftee would enjoy having, if they want one they would likely buy it themselves. It’s not necessarily a desirable gift, and the recipient probably wouldn’t traipse out on a wet Saturday morning to purchase it.

A desirable gift, on the other hand, is an item that the recipient would sincerely love to own, but not necessarily something they would go and buy themselves. A present should be a treat! Simple.

Something Old – Second-Hand Gifts

Second hand doesn't have to mean old and tired. New-to-you gifts can be every bit as desirable as something new, and if you get it right, can be perfect for the women in your life. If you're buying a new-to-you gift make sure that you know the type of thing to buy. With a host of vintage jewellery, clothing and even items like first pressings of a favourite record on vinyl, there are lots of desirable vintage products available on the second-hand market. They will certainly make the woman you're buying for very happy!

There are a host of other second hand items that make great gifts too. Why not look around for a second-hand painting, collectables, vintage books or even a second-hand toy? Take a look online or visit your local second-hand shop for some inspiration.

Something New – A Smart Speaker

When you think of new things, what is more up to date than a piece of new technology? Brand spanking new home speakers like Amazon's Echo or Google Home bring a host of new technology into one product.

The closest thing you can get to Star Trek-type tech right now, the Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker with a difference. Alexa, the voice-controlled personal assistant, is built in. Simply give your device a shout, and it will answer any question you throw at it. You can now even ask Alexa what your phone bill is and it'll be able to tell you. There’s a wealth of new devices you can pair with your smart speaker; for example, a Mr Coffee smart coffeemaker, allowing you to ask the device to make you a hot beverage. You'll even get a notification on your smartphone when it's made!

Other devices available include smart air conditioners, robotic vacuum cleaners, thermostats, light strips, ceiling fans and sprinkler systems; all controlled by the ingenious voice recognition system.  With new compatible devices and technology coming out all the time, there's never been a better time to buy one of these speakers. Did I mention that these smart speakers can play music straight from your phone or other Bluetooth device, too? It’ll have you dancing around the living room in no time at all!

Something Borrowed – Animal Hire

Renting or hiring a gift can offer the recipient a unique and special experience. When people talk about rental they normally think about mundane things, but there are plenty of items available to hire that are unique and will give the blushing bride a good laugh.

One idea is to hire an animal for the day. Petting zoo hire companies provide animals for parties, so you can get close to extraordinary smaller creatures like armadillos, skunks and hedgehogs, as well as larger mammals like camels, llamas and horses.

Other animals available include birds, reptiles, insects and snakes, but they might not look so extravagant in someone’s wedding photos. You might think that having animals about is a bit of a risk, but they come complete with public liability insurance and a vet in attendance, so you'll be able to enjoy your time without any worry. A really wild and unusual gift idea for the animal lover!

Something Blue – Blue Wine

Everyone likes to think they know about wine, distinguishing Pinot Grigio from Vermentino, and Merlot from Cabernet Sauvignon. Usually you'll have a choice of red, white sparkling or rosé, but what if you could get something totally different?

That's where Gik Live step in. They’ve been producing a blue wine, a blend of white and red grapes with added anthocyanin and indigo pigments, since 2015. Based in Bierzo, within the Basque country of north-west Spain, the company was started by six young entrepreneurs with no history in the wine industry. They see themselves as wine revolutionaries, who have created an innovative and daring product. At 11.5% ABV it's a potent drop, and is sure to draw glances and conversation wherever it's poured.

We hope this guide will help you in your quest to find the perfect present for the women in your life. These ideas are by no means comprehensive; so, the only thing limiting your choice of gift is your imagination! When choosing a gift, it's important to remember the person you're buying for and what they desire. If you keep that in mind, and are willing to put the effort into shopping around, you'll find the perfect gift. Good luck!