The pub is a true British institution and a favourite wining and dining destination for family lunches and nights out with mates alike. There are an estimated 60,000 pubs across the UK and Somerset's finest city has some of the very best! This Groupon offer gives you the opportunity to experience these with pubs vouchers in Bath that bring you the best of British venues at the very best prices. Get great discounts and great deals in Bath's homely ale houses and sleek gastro pub-restaurants via this amazing offer!

Pubs vouchers in Bath make the city's best boozers affordable

Next time you want to organise a fun evening with friends, or treat the family to a lovely lunch in this beautiful and historic Roman city, don't just opt for your usual restaurant choice but check out the vibrant pub scene instead. These pubs vouchers for Bath make it really easy and really cheap for you to get stuck into the best of British eating and drinking in new locations around the city. Once again Groupon can take all the hassle out of choosing an appropriate location for your next day or evening out in your city, or your next visit to one of Somerset's most beautiful destinations.

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