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If you love the outdoors and being active, then this is just the deal you're looking for. Use these incredible coupons for golf deals in Belfast and save yourself a ton of money whilst spending time on an activity you enjoy and keeps you fit! Groupon has offered up this deal so you don't have to pay full price on getting time on the course, in the driving range, or renting a set of clubs, now you can get the whole package for a super low price. You'll enjoy the fresh air and exercise but will enjoy the money you save just as much!

Cheap leisure activity with these golf deals in Belfast!

A day spent out on the golf links is a great way to relax, spend time with friends, and to stay active. What would be a way to make it even better? How about giving you a great deal where you'll pay only a small fraction of the usual price. With these coupons for leisure offers on golf deals in Belfast you get the best of both worlds. An amazing low price and a day taking part in one of your favourite activities. Deals like this don't come along too often, so start saving your cash now, and be out on the green by tomorrow!

Great Golf deals in Belfast

For all lovers of golf in Belfast and fans of world number one Rory McIlroy who live in the city, there is a great chance to swoop in on some great golf deals in Belfast. Golf is traditionally an expensive sport with fees and accessories being out of reach for many people. Well today is the day when that can all change. Groupon, the leader of discount vouchers has teamed up with various golfing outlets in Belfast to bring you savings of up to 70 per cent on golf in the city. These cheap offers for golf in Belfast are great value and this is a great opportunity for kids in Belfast to emulate the top players in the golfing world. Go online and snap up the deals today!

Golfing bonanza in Belfast today!

If you love the game of golf and live in Belfast, then today is the day to get some great discounts on the sport you love! Leisure offers like these do not come around often so log on to your city on the website and get your budget golf deals today. Your kids can start to learn the game and see if they can match the Northern Irish legend Rory McIlroy at the same time. Golf is an expensive sport but with savings of up to 70 per cent available, today is the day to get golfing in Belfast!
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