Pamper Yourself with Massages in Belfast

The art of massage dates back thousands of years, but massage is still considered important for relaxation and rejuvenation even today. The aptly named Chill Belfast Massage and Yoga Studio is all about that relaxed feeling, without a care in the world. They offer a range of massages, including a deep tissue one they call "For the Lads", a firm favourite with male clients. They also do call out massages, so a therapist will come to you at your preferred location.

Global Massage Belfast

Massages are available in a wide variety of styles, taking inspiration from traditional treatments from around the world. Swedish massage is the most well-known and most often used technique in the West, using oils and various strokes to unknot and remove tension. The Room Massage Therapy offers a personalised 75-minute Swedish massage aimed to completely relax and restore energy. Rum Sai Thai Massage Belfast specialises in the 2,500-year-old technique from Thailand. Trained at Wat Pho in Bangkok, the therapists are experts who use massage, pressure points and (fully clothed) body manipulation to realign, refresh and heal. Indian head massage is available at many locations, including Soul Therapies, it is believed to benefit the whole body through massage of the head and upper body's energy centres.

Belfast Holistic Care

A massage is a special treat for many, a way to unwind after a busy time in their lives. A holistic approach to life and regular massages have many health benefits in addition to that zen-like feeling you have afterwards. Ryan at Holistic Therapies Belfast provides a personal touch with remedies for any stress, anxiety, pain or tension you may have. The therapist takes the time to learn about your life and factors that may increase tension in the body. The holistic approach cares for the entire body, as well as the mind, with the aim to create balance and calm. Holistic treatments include Swedish massage, hot stone therapy, acupressure and Indian head massages. Harmony Holistic Healing at Core Physiotherapy aim to counter the strains of modern life through a range of massages and other treatments.

Specialty Massages in Belfast

In addition to massage for relaxation, there are those which focus on activities or life stages which may be cause for extra care. The Apex Clinic have a massage treatment dedicated to sports, to prepare the muscles before a big event, to relax and release tension after sports or just as part of your exercise routine to help prevent injuries. Pregnancy massage is another specialised treatment provided in many places, including Aura Day Spa and The Secret Day Spa, which have therapists who meet the required standard for pregnancy care. Massage releases tension and swelling and helps to soothes away aches and pains.

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