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Massage in Birmingham

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Massage in Birmingham: things to know before you go

You might be frazzled from city life, have back pain from being hunched over an office all day, have an injury, or be struggling with aches and pains. However, you need no excuse to relax and treat yourself. Here are all your questions answered.

Where can I find the best massage in Birmingham city centre?

With so many places in Birmingham city centre to get a massage and so many different therapists to choose from in the UK’s second city, choosing where to get a massage can be hard. We’ve selected our best, most relaxing massages to make sure yours doesn’t disappoint.

  • Suprina Salon and Spa ticks all the boxes. You’ll leave all your worries at the door with this spa. Book a full body massage, or treat yourself to a relaxing facial.
  • Malmaison is ideal whether you’re treating a friend, dropping hints to a loved one or straight-up giving yourself some ‘me time’. Indulge in any one of their relaxing treatments for the ultimate in luxury.

Where can I find a sports massage in Birmingham?

In a city as sporty as Birmingham, there are so many places to book a sports massage. Whether you’ve overdone it lapping round Eastside City Park, or you’ve gone too hard in one of the city’s many gyms, here’s the best place to get a sports massage in Birmingham:

  • SP One – perfect for getting deep into those muscles to give some relief if you’re suffering from any sports related aches and pains. The expert masseuse will do breakdown any knots and tension to relieve pain.

Is a hot stone massage worth it?

It might feel a little odd at first to have stones placed around your body, but it’s backed up by science. Hot stone massages can reduce anxiety, relieve stress, pain and aches around the body, and improve your sleep – before long you’ll be queueing up for one with all those benefits to go at. But before you go raiding the garden for soft pebbles, this isn’t one to try at home.

Relax, unwind and fully let go with a hot stone massage. As one of the most luxurious forms of massage, trust us it feels amazing when the massage therapist places them on your body. It’s definitely worth it with so many benefits for your mental health, too.

What is the best massage for stress?

There’s no doubt all massages are good for relieving stress, but some are definitely more relaxing than others. These forms of massage are most credited with helping reduce stress and boost wellbeing:

  • Swedish massage - the most traditional of massages. Your massage therapist will use long strokes with gentle rolling and kneading across your body. The soothing movements promote relaxation, so don’t be surprised if you nod off half way through.
  • Aromatherapy massage - it’s no secret that a long soak in an aromatic bath can relieve some of the stresses of the day. Well, an aromatherapy massage has the same effect, but better. The oils will alleviate stress by soaking straight into your skin.
  • Hot stone massage - the hot stones used in this massage help to get rid of tension in your body, which relieves stress, leaving you much more revitalised.