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Massage in Colchester

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Massages in Colchester: things to know before you go

Whichever type of massage in Colchester you’ve booked, find out more here.

What are the best massage treatments in Colchester?

Colchester might not be the most bustling of places, but it has its fair shares of massage services. These are some of the best:

  • Maryna’s Beauty is a central Colchester salon which offers rejuvenating treatments, including hot stone and Thai massages. You can tailor your pamper package, combining your choice of massage with a revitalising body wrap or refreshing facial.
  • AK Haircutters is a hair salon first and foremost, found on Colchester Road heading towards White Colne. But these guys are also global massage experts, offering Indian head massages and ultra-relaxing Swedish massages in the setting of a converted barn.
  • Angels Reunited Beauty Therapy is a popular spot for Swedish massages in Colchester, and you can get your brows done there too.

What is the difference between deep tissue and sports massages?

A deep tissue massage is a full body massage designed to knead out the knots which have built up in your muscles from head to toe, whereas a revitalising sports massage focuses on problem areas. This makes sports massage a popular choice for people suffering with specific aches, pains and injuries.

Many of the massage techniques used are the same, such as myofascial release. This is when your therapist stretches and relaxes your muscles to help stretch the connective tissues and soothe any areas of discomfort.

Find out more in our guide to the 11 types of massage.

What can I expect from a Thai massage?

Thai massages involve getting into yoga-style poses to aid the flow of energy around your body. When you go for a Thai massage in Colchester, you can expect to:

  • Keep your kit on. This isn’t like a full-body massage when you need to bare all. With a Thai massage, you keep your clothes on. Make sure you wear something loose and comfortable to make getting into those positions a bit easier.
  • Be on the floor. Usually, your Thai massage will be on a yoga mat on the floor – however, some therapists prefer to use a table. If you have a preference, make sure you check before you book.
  • Feel the pressure. During the treatment, your practitioner will apply pressure to your energy channels using their palms, thumbs, forearms and knees. This is to clear any blockages which are affecting your energy flow.
  • Experience no pain. While some of the positions might feel a little unfamiliar, Thai massages should not be painful. If something doesn’t feel right, or you have an injury, let your therapist know straight away so they adjust their pressure.

What are the health benefits of a Swedish massage?

One of the oldest western massage techniques, Swedish massages have many benefits including:

  • Total relaxation
  • Increased blood flow
  • Stronger immune system
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Reduction of stress hormone cortisol
  • Relief of muscle and joint pain

Reading about it is one thing, but feeling it is another. Book in for a Swedish massage in Colchester and experience the effects of this relaxing treatment for yourself.

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