Edinburgh has been the setting for a number of iconic films, possibly the most famous of all being Trainspotting. It also has a long history of world class cinemas and a voracious film culture. You can even study for an MSC in Film Studies at the University of Edinburgh and join the University’s film network to keep up to date on all things cinema.

Edinburgh Cinema Festivals

The city of Edinburgh is known for its annual Fringe Festival. Taking place every summer, the festival attracts hundreds of creatives to the city for an abundance of arty shows. Cinema is a big focus - the internationally-renowned CineFringe film event has featured in the Fringe Festival since 2010.

The city also hosts the annual the world’s longest continually-running film festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, which showcases both UK and International cinema. The Filmhouse is the main location of the festival and shows arthouse films all year round.

Cinemas in Edinburgh

If you want an old school cinema experience in Edinburgh, visit the The Dominion. Built in 1938, it’s one of Edinburgh’s oldest (and most luxurious) cinemas, featuring sofas and armchairs rather than the standard cinema seat! The Cameo is also a contender for Edinburgh’s oldest cinema - it opened in 1914 and was first called The King’s Cinema. This is the place to go if you enjoy cult classics or foreign film. The first silent films shown in the cinema were accompanied by a live orchestra - long before the building was fitted for sound! Learn more about Scottish cinema here. Groupon gives you discounts of up to 70% off the cinema and many other things to do in Edinburgh.

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