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Spa in Edinburgh

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Spas in Edinburgh: things to know before you go

If you want some more help and advice before booking your spa treatment, check out our FAQs about spas in Edinburgh.

What are the best spa hotels in Edinburgh?

From Edinburgh Castle to the port of Leith, you’ll find grand spa hotels across this beautiful city. Many luxury hotels in the city centre have indulgent spas in-house where you can enjoy treatments, including:

  • Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa
  • The Balmoral
  • Radisson Collection, Royal Mile
  • Waldorf Astoria

However, if you’re looking to escape the city centre altogether, the MacDonald Cardona Hotel is perfect. Nestled in the Pentland Hills, this luxury spa offers a range of pamper packages ranging from single treatments to full-blown blissful weekends.

What massage treatments are available in spas in Edinburgh?

One of the many joys of living in a capital city is the many different types of massages on offer. In Edinburgh’s best spas, you can enjoy:

  • Swedish massages. This ancient Scandinavian massage promotes circulation and total relaxation, inducing a state of serenity.
  • Deep-tissue massages. If you’re struggling with tension in your muscles, this massage will knead out those knots and leave you feeling revitalised.
  • Reflexology. This ancient practice focuses on your feet, channelling energy through your body to promote healing and relaxation.
  • Hot stone massages. Heated stones penetrate deep into your muscles, relieving tension in areas hand massages just can’t reach, freeing you from aches and pains.
  • Sports massages. Not only for sportspeople, this massage uses pressure to unwind and knead out tension – ultimately boosting muscle recovery.

Choosing the right massage is important to ensure that you come out feeling fresh, rejuvenated and relaxed. Check out our massage guide for more information.

What is a facial?

A facial is a beauty treatment which focuses on the skin on your face. Different types of facials can be used to get specific results – such as reducing fine lines, clearing away dead cells and nourishing your skin.

A variety of techniques, products and equipment are also used, depending on the type of facial you choose. These can include:

  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • LED lights
  • Masks
  • Peels
  • Massage

Often, you’ll find a range of other beauty treatments on offer too. Complement your glowing skin with freshly painted nails or luscious eyelash extensions. You can find all sorts of amazing beauty deals in Edinburgh.

What are the benefits of a day spa in Edinburgh?

Checking into a day spa gives your mind and body some much-needed downtime. The Herald reports extensive health benefits, including:

  • Reducing levels of stress hormones
  • Aiding sleep
  • Reducing muscle inflammation
  • Boosting white blood cells and immune system

You can reap even more benefits from other treatments. For example, a body scrub will exfoliate dead skin and clear your pores, and a hot-stone massage will use the power of warmth to target problem areas and put the skip back in your step.