Try Shiatsu Massage Glasgow

Shiatsu is widely recognised as one of the most beneficial and therapeutic types of massage and it is available at spas and clinics all over Glasgow. It's popular with sportsmen and women who visit qualified practitioners to alleviate the sprains and strains of sporting injuries, and it is also enjoyed by those suffering from a variety of ailments such as back and shoulder pain or stress. The term shiatsu means finger pressure, and massage uses different levels of pressure to maintain well-being. There are lots of reputable practitioners in the city such as Shiatsu Therapy or the Glasgow School of Shiatsu which offers courses in the technique as well as a regular shiatsu clinic.

Massage to Suit Your Preferences in Glasgow

Whether you're looking for a relaxing foot massage, a deep tissue massage or a facial massage as part of a beauty treatment, there are establishments all over Glasgow that offer a huge range of massage treatments. One of the advantages of being in Glasgow is that you can find qualified therapists in your local area and massage is known to alleviate stress and tension and to promote overall health and well-being. Treatments such a sports massage, Swedish, deep tissue and aromatherapy massage are offered at Embody Massage and Holistic Clinic where all the therapists are fully qualified and insured and have extensive experience in various techniques.

Ladies, Why Not Indulge in a Little Massage Therapy in Glasgow?

Busy women from all walks of life need time to themselves, and what could be more relaxing and enjoyable than a luxurious massage in Glasgow. The city is one of the most fashionable and vibrant in the UK, so there is no shortage of spas where you can try superb massage treatments. Ocho Spa is a glamorous haven at elegant Spiers Wharf and you'll find hot stone massage or aromatherapy massage treatments are just the way to unwind after a hectic day. For five star treatment and a range of massage treatments by fully qualified practitioners in central Glasgow, try the magnificent Blythwood Square where a range of signature treatments such as the Ishgu hot stone and Ishgu invigorating massage feature Scottish seaweed extracts.

Heal Yourself with Massage in Glasgow

Remedial deep tissue massage is one of the specialised treatments offered by therapist Elizabeth Bandeen in the heart of Glasgow This talented massage therapist specialises in the treatment of those with sports or stress related injuries and she has studied various techniques. She is also adept at pregnancy massage, a terrific pick me up and relaxation treatment for Glasgow mums to be. Thai massage has been helping people to heal for over 2,500 years; it improves overall circulation and is an effective treatment for musculoskeletal problems. Traditional Thai massage is done on a floor mat and therapist Barney Green offers a range of treatments here.

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