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Teeth Whitening in Glasgow

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In a city as great as Glasgow, there’s a lot to smile about. Kelvingrove Park on a sunny day. Grabbing a bargain at the Barras. Dinner on Ashton Lane. Perhaps that’s why teeth whitening is so popular in Glasgow. Get an A-list smile on a B-list budget by snapping up teeth whitening vouchers near you – and add to gloss to your grin. From bleaching products to laser teeth whitening, Glasgow offers treatments across the city.

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Teeth Whitening for Both Arches at Phoenix Clinic, Two Locations (24% Off)
Teeth Whitening for Both Arches
Renfrew 5.1 km
£195.00 £149.00
10+ bought
23% discount_off
Six Month Smiles Braces from £699 at Royston Dental Practice (Up to 58% Off)
Six Month Smiles Braces
Glasgow 1.3 km
£1,200.00 from £699.00
41% discount_off
Single-Arch Metal or Ceramic Braces at Infinity Smiles (Up to 75% Off), six locations available
Metal or Ceramic Braces
Multiple Locations 2.2 km
£2,560.00 from £679.00
73% discount_off
Dental Exam Plus Scale and Polish for £25 at The Peppermint Group (67% Off)
Dental Exam Plus Scale and Polish
Multiple Locations 0.4 km
Dental Exam with Scale and Polish at Dental Studios (78% Off)
Dental Exam with Scale and Polish
Multiple Locations 2.7 km
£88.00 £19.00
78% discount_off
Check-Up with Optional Scale and Polish or Airflow Treatment at Aura Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics (Up to 76% Off)
Dental Check-Up
Baillieston 5.5 km
£50.00 from £15.00
3 bought
70% discount_off
Cfast Braces for Top, Bottom or Both Arches for an Adult at Kalyani Dental Lounge (74% Off)
Cfast Dental Braces
Glasgow 0.2 km
£2,650.00 from £695.00
73% discount_off
Dental Exam with Scale and Polish at Newton Mearns Dental Practice, Two Locations (62% Off)
Dental Exam with Scale and Polish
Multiple Locations 5.3 km
£78.00 £29.00
2 bought
62% discount_off
Single Dental Implant with Bone Augmentation and Crown at Fergus & Glover Glasgow (59% Off)
Tooth Implant and Crown
Glasgow City Centre 0.6 km
£2,915.90 £1,195.00
59% discount_off
Dental Implant with Crown and Bone Augmentation at Dental Studios (16% Off)
Dental Implant and Crown
Dental Studios, kilmarnock 20.0 km
£2,375.00 £1,995.00
16% discount_off
Up to Six Crowns or Veneers at Phoenix Clinic (Up to 46% Off)
Dental Crowns or Veneers
Renfrew 5.1 km
£800.00 from £450.00
2 bought
43% discount_off
Crowns or Veneers For Two, Four or Six Teeth with a Consultation and X-Ray Scans at Dental Studios (Up to 46% Off)
Dental Crowns or Veneers
Carluke 18.7 km
£830.00 from £450.00
45% discount_off
£250 Toward Dental Implant and Crown at Your New Smile, Five Locations (90% Off)
£250 Toward Dental Implant
Multiple Locations 0.2 km
£250.00 from £25.00
6 bought
90% discount_off
Six Months Smiles, CFast, Quick Straight Teeth or Lingual Braces for One or Two Arches at Dental Studios (Up to 59% Off)
Orthodontic Braces
Carluke 18.7 km
£1,695.00 from £699.00
58% discount_off
Phoenix Teeth Aligners for One or Both Arches at Phoenix Clinic (Up to 48% Off)
Phoenix Teeth Aligners
Renfrew 5.1 km
£1,299.00 from £899.00
1 bought
30% discount_off
Invisalign Braces for Both Arches at Infinity Smiles, Six Locations (25% Off)
Invisalign Braces for Both Arches
Multiple Locations 2.2 km
£3,995.00 £2,995.00
25% discount_off

Teeth whitening in Glasgow: things to know before you go

Glasgow loves its pearly whites. But whatever your experience with the process – don’t go in blind. Find answers to common questions here.

What are the different teeth whitening treatments?

Whether you want startling results immediately or a more subtle uplift in shade, there are a number of options for teeth whitening in Glasgow. Some of the main teeth whitening treatments available include:

  • Laser teeth whitening. This is quick, pain-free but can be costly and must be done by professional dentists.
  • Bleaching. A slow process that may require more sessions to get the whiteness you want, but reasonable in price and safe when done by a professional.
  • Home kits. Can be performed in the comfort of your own home and cheaper than in-clinic treatments – it does come with risks and one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Toothpaste. Very slow and limited whitening capabilities, but can be used at home with minimal risk and generally the cheapest way to get a slightly brighter smile.

How effective is teeth whitening and how does it work?

Teeth whitening treatment can achieve remarkable results in a relatively short time. Teeth colour changes with age and can easily stain — especially after that morning espresso or evening glass of fizz.

To remove these stains, teeth whitening products work in two different ways:

  • Intrinsic whitening — alters the colour of the dentin inside your teeth.
  • Extrinsic whitening — whitens the enamel of your teeth.

Is laser teeth whitening safe?

When applied by professionals, laser teeth whitening is a quick and safe way to achieve a beaming smile. While related cosmetic treatments can produce side effects, this is extremely rare in the case of laser teeth whitening – with sore gums usually the main issues.

The process involves painting a bleaching product onto your teeth before they’re exposed to a laser, which activates the bleaching. Taking only an hour, you can slot this treatment into your lunch break in town or the middle of a shopping spree in Buchanan Galleries.

In Glasgow, laser teeth whitening may require a course of treatment, but as a non-invasive procedure, there shouldn’t be any bleeding or pain.

Where can I find the best teeth whitening services?

Living in Glasgow gives you options when it comes to teeth whitening treatments. From West End to South Side, you can find clinics that offer bleaching and laser teeth whitening in Glasgow. Here are two options:

  • Whitening Clinic . Located just a short walk away from Queen Street Station, this is among the highest-rated clinics offering teeth whitening in Glasgow.
  • The Peppermint Group . Pay a visit at a convenient time and place, as this clinic has locations across the city.