People flock to Leeds every year for more than their excellent choice of hair salons. It is home to several prestigious football and rugby clubs, as well as art and culture draws such as the Grand Theatre, the Leeds Carnival and the City Varieties Music Hall. Leeds also possesses a lively nightlife including a vibrant gay scene and several festivals throughout the year. It's hardly a surprise, then, that Leeds is also home to world-class hairstyling salons. With major names like Renaissance Hair and Beauty and down-to-earth local stylists like Wildest Dreams, unsurprisingly focused on making sure you really do receive your dream cut, to choose between, there is a plenty going on in the Leeds hair scene.

Style to impress with Leeds hair salons

If you are looking for something centrally-located in the city that provides high-quality service and results, Renaissance Hair and Beauty is an excellent choice. Offering a personalised experience tailored to each individual client, the salon aims to combine a local feel with cutting-edge design and creative vision. Its staff are highly trained and have had great results in several national hairstyling competitions. Breaking away from the pack and the normal routine is the theme of the hairstyling available at Renegade Hair Salon. With an ethos of continuous improvement and innovation, you can certainly get something a little different from these Leeds hairdressers. With a large selection of cutting and styling services for both men and women, it's well worth a visit.

Innovative and daring hair styles

Looking for one of most on-trend hairdressers Leeds has to offer? Ego Hair Studios is certainly a studio designed to appeal to the now generation. With a staff of hand-picked talent and an impressive glass-fronted studio building of contemporary design, it has fast become a favourite among young professionals and urbanites. Located in Leeds city centre, it offers unisex hairstyling services as well as Bridal stylings for that big day. First opened in 1985, Cutting Room Creative is one of Leeds premier hair salons and attributes much of its success to a concrete focus on great customer service. The salon offers a pricing scheme based on the skill and qualification of the stylist to ensure value for money.

Hairdressers in Leeds that do more

Wildest Dreams is an open and welcoming hair salon based in Crossgates. It mixes friendly service with staff who know their stuff for a rewarding experience. The salon also offers skincare and beauty treatments. Ph7 is a hair and beauty salon that aims to offer the additional value of a relaxation experience. Working at the top of the game for 18 years, there is no shortage of expertise here either. Allertons is a hair salon and beauty boutique that bills itself as a one-for-all solution when it comes to all things beauty-related. Offering everything from hairstyling and colouring to facials and massages, Allertons seem to have it covered whatever you happen to be looking for.

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