If modern life has left you feeling in need of a little TLC, there's no doubt a visit to a massage clinic will leave you feeling rejuvenated and energised. At City Massage Leeds, they offer a wide range of enriching massage treatments including deep tissue massage, holistic massage and sports massage. If you need a targeted sports massage to alleviate a certain sports injury, muscle imbalance, or post-workout soreness, you could visit Sports Massage, a specialist clinic that helps to alleviate pain and tension in short 45-minute sessions, without the aid of painkillers or medical procedures. For sports players looking for a massage in Leeds, this is an ideal choice for relieving tension in the upper back and achieving improved posture.

The best massage clinics in Leeds

Thai massage is an ancient technique known for its ability to reduce the effects of a wide range of physical complaints, improve overall health and vitality. Thai massage can help to lower blood pressure, relieve chronic pain, and improve skin tone. For a specialist in Thai massage visit Rosa Thai Massage, Leeds’ foremost authority on Thai massage. If you prefer a more holistic approach to massage, you may wish to visit Massage Therapy Leeds, holistic massage specialists who focus on the belief that massage heals the body, calms the mind and renews the spirit.

Leeds offers a wide variety of massage types

Millie's Leeds offers Swedish back massage, a type of massage which is exceptionally beneficial for improving blood circulation, decreasing toxins and increasing blood oxygen levels. Millie's also offer the Indian head massage among their arsenal of treatments - this is ideal for promoting hair growth, preventing headaches and migraines, relieving insomnia, and boosting memory capabilities. Boost your massage with an ear candling treatment for stuffed-up sinuses, or body wraps for combatting cellulite and cultivating the skin with antioxidants.

Award-winning massage clinics in Leeds

On the comfortable bed of the aptly-named Pretty Woman Beauty Salon, you can enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating massage as part of one of their five treatments. Standing for quality over quantity, Pretty Woman prioritise your individual needs and are frequent competitors in the Clarins Gold Salon Awards - they have won once and been come up as runners-up twice. If you suffer from stubborn cellulite that just won't shift no matter how much exercise you do and how clean your diet plan is, a G5 Vibratory Massage is ideal. The proprietary G5 vibration machine is used to penetrate deep into skin, toning and eliminating fatty deposits, cellulite and toxins as it works. The G5 machine is also excellent for reaching deep into the core of muscles to relieve stress and built-up tension throughout the back and shoulders. Pretty Woman also offer top-quality Clarins Honey and Hot Stone massages, which make use of honey and hot stones to enhance the movements of the therapist and achieve a truly luxurious Leeds massage experience.

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