Everyone knows Liverpool as the birthplace of the Beatles, the home of Anfield Stadium and Liverpool Football Club, and, of course, the distinctive Scouse accent. It is also renowned for its thriving night-life - which is one of the main reasons why you can find such a vibrant hairdressing scene. Historically, Liverpool was an important port for trade and immigration which is one of the reasons why the city is such a melting pot of multicultural backgrounds. The hairdressers of the city reflect this and you can find a huge range of styles and cultural influences on offer here in Liverpool. Whether you’re on the lookout for a simple cut and style, or full blown colouring and remodelling, Liverpool can easily accommodate you.

Hairdressers in Liverpool with a difference

Sometimes getting exactly what you want requires a little bit of advice. Unique Hair and Beauty Lounge on Long Lane offers hair and styling tips as part of an initial free consultation, to help you find a look that is tailored to your natural features and your style preferences. They also provide a host of additional beautification treatments including waxing, hair removal, body wraps and even massage. If you are looking for something with a little more glamour, try Herbert of Liverpool. The setting for ITV's shows 'Shampoo' and 'Celebrity Super Spa', this salon offers high-end styling services that will leaving you feeling like a star. Check out their 'lookbook' to get an idea of what's on offer.

Professional styling service from Liverpool Hairdressers

Looking for something a little more Liverpool? Voodou salons have been a staple sight in Liverpool for over 30 years. Not content with simply employing great hairstyling talent, they help develop it as well through their Voodou training academy. With a total of three different salons in the city that encompass a huge range of hair-styling services within them - including men's beard grooming, hair extensions, and more - Voodou is an award-winning hairstylist with a well-earned reputation for excellence. If you are looking for another award-winning hairstylist company with a rich heritage of hairdressing innovation, you would be well served by dropping in to Andrew Collinge graduates on Bold Street for a range of excellent hairdressings services.

Hairdressers in Liverpool with a local feel

If you are searching for a hair salon with a more down-to-earth and independent vibe, look no further than Watermelon studio. A salon on a smaller scale, Watermelon studio focuses on a more personal touch, with one-on-one attention paid to each client. Drop in to them on Roscoe Lane for a great style and a homely atmosphere. Perhaps you are looking for something a bit quicker and a bit more streamlined. White Haus Hair and Beauty is located in the centre of the city and prides itself on being a one-stop shop for a total beauty overhaul, including hair styling, semi-permanent and normal makeup, facial treatments and more.

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