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Whatever the reason, a massage sounds like—and usually is—one of the best ways to decompress and reset yourself when you're stressed.

There's almost an unlimited number of types to treat just about any ailment, and they're all pretty different. Before you book your next (or first) appointment, check out this guide to get the basics.

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Massage in Liverpool with Groupon

If you’re looking for a massage, Liverpool has so much to offer and something to match your every need. Through Groupon, a professional masseur could be working their magic across your whole body, reinvigorating those tired muscles and aching limbs, and restoring their natural energy. Chase those aches and strains from your body and keep them at bay with regular massage treatments.

With help from Groupon, you could be:

Different Massage Types in Liverpool

Liverpool offers a wide range of massage experiences in different environments. You may want a massage as part of a full pampering experience in an exclusive salon or be seeking an intensive sports massage as part of your fitness regime. You may be feeling indulgent and fancy a massage in a swish hotel to make a day of it.

Liverpool will meet all your massage needs – as a port city, it has a long history as a very multicultural destination. You may want to experience the bliss of Thai massage, one of the most exquisite and refined forms. Ayurvedic massage is an ancient Indian form, which will transport you to Nirvana, or sample Japanese Reiki massage – the ultimate stress buster.

India is a country with a long and celebrated tradition of massage – why not try an Indian head massage? This type of massage aims to open your chakras (the three higher ones, to be precise). An Indian head massage isn’t just relaxing – it will leave you feeling serene, clear-headed, and ready for anything.

Ayurvedic massage is another classic Indian technique, which uses a combination of soothing oils and expert strokes from the masseur, who attempts to ‘read’ your body and cure it of its aches, strains and worries.

Thai massage is one of the purest forms of this ancient art, a combination of acupressure therapy and deep tissue massage techniques, which, when used together, encourage blood circulation and release tension. Thai massage is priceless for healing body and soul.

Liverpool has long harboured a Chinese community, and the city’s Chinatown is well worth a visit. Why not also sample the benefits of Chinese massage? Tui Na massage is a bit like deep tissue massage, and involves the masseur chopping and stretching your muscles to relieve aches and pressure points. Alternatively, you could try Zhi Ya, where pinching and pressing techniques will release both physical and energetic tension, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Reiki is one of the subtlest and most refined examples of the masseur’s art – here, your healer only applies the lightest of pressure with laying on of hands, to bring your natural life force to the fore. Very Japanese – very Zen, and utterly sublime.

As you can tell, Liverpool has an extensive range of massage treatments available – you’ll find Groupon an invaluable guide to the best deals in the city.

Liverpool is great to explore on foot with everything in the city centre conveniently near each other. Whether sightseeing or just cutting about doing your stuff, all that walking can take its toll on your feet. Why not treat them to some reflexology? While reflexology concentrates on your feet, it doesn’t only treat them, but your whole body, and soul. If you think it’s just a fancy form of foot massage, think again. Reflexology targets specific reflex points on your foot to produce a healing response around the body, giving you an overall sense of wellbeing.

Whatever you’re looking for to soothe your body and soul, you’ll find the perfect massage for you in Liverpool, with a little help from Groupon.