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We drank our way around town so you didn’t have to and have compiled a selection of the capital’s finest outdoor drinking spots, whether for wine by the water or a few alfresco ales.London’s Best... Beer GardensThe Albion, IslingtonTucked away just off Uppe","url":"/articles/best-places-in-london-for-outdoor-drinking","title":"Best Places in London for Outdoor Drinking"},{"imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","vhp_desc":"Something’s brewing in London, and that something is a craft beer revolution. It wasn’t all that many years ago that you could count London’s beer makers on one hand, but now there are more than sixty of them. Many of them go a step further than just making beer, and give you somewhere to sit and drink it too. These so-called tap rooms are not only","url":"/articles/best-bars-in-london-breweries","title":"Best Bars in London Breweries"},{"imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","vhp_desc":"Thanks to long association with the high life - taking in the Rat Pack and James Bond along the way - no other cocktail evokes style, class and sophistication like the dry Martini. But, considering the wide availability of ingredients (every pub in the country must stock gin and vermouth) and relatively simple method, it's odd how few places even attempt to serve one, never mind do it well. Below are five London bars where you'll get a great martini (briefly: always gin, in a frozen glass if at all possible and never shaken), and a great martini means a great bar.","url":"/articles/the-5-best-martinis-in-london-fd","title":"The 5 Best Martinis in London"}],"featuredArticles":[{"guid":"b3f3934b-a0a7-407d-8b34-184f3485f5aa","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","vhp_desc":"London has always been a great place to enjoy some expertly hand-mixed drinks, but it seems in the last few years the pace of quality new openings has really stepped up a gear. It’s no longer enough just to throw a couple of ingredients together; the top bars now infuse their own vodka, steep their own sloe gin and craft their own bespoke garnishes","url":"/articles/london-cocktail-bars","title":"Top 5 New and Notable London Cocktail bars"},{"guid":"33a48848-4734-44b1-8215-cf8ef24984f4","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","vhp_desc":"London’s Best Bloody Marys The bloody Mary is firmly established as the hangover drink of choice. A mixture of vodka, tomato juice and seasonings, they vary wildly in quality. The best are like an odd mixture of being stroked and slapped around the chops at the same time, while the worst are a tin of Tesco value tomatoes and a stick of celery. It’s","url":"/articles/on-the-hunt-for-the-best-bloody-mary-in-london","title":"On the Hunt for the Best Bloody Mary in London"},{"imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","vhp_desc":"With your average London local pub hosting a more impressive range of single malts than a dedicated whisky bar would have done 15 or 20 years ago, the very best places have therefore had to step up their game significantly to stay ahead of the pack. So the following don’t just serve good whisky, they also offer a particularly extensive selection, backed up by especially knowledgeable or enthusiastic service, that make them a must-visit destination for whisky lovers.","url":"/articles/top-5-whisky-bars-in-london","title":"Top 5 Whisky Bars in London"}]}}}}}