How to Get into Photography in London

If you are interested in being a photographer in London there are many ways which you can break into this field. If you already have experience, there are plenty of sights and events you can photograph for either pleasure or for freelance work. A great database for information is London Independent Photography. The group also organises meetings and activities and workshops with people working professionally in the field. if you have a particular interest in street photography, then Street Photography London is also another group which might be of interest to you. The London Photography Diary also has a large catalogue of events and musing in the photography field. Bear in mind that if you want to take photos in London you may have to be granted permission from the local authority.

Photography Courses in London

There are many options with regards to taking a course in London. Photography Course London is one of the most established and reputable schools operating in the capital. The courses cover a variety of topics from intense foundation classes to advanced digital photography. For those looking for something a little more serious, there is the possibility of undertaking a part time diploma. Our website often have courses which you can purchase at discounted rates. For those looking for something a little more educationally-based, Kensington and Chelsea College have a range of courses available and, depending on your previous level of education and residency status, you may even be entitled to a discounted rate.

Where to Purchase Photography Equipment in London

Being such a creative hub, there are many places one can buy cameras and equipment in London. Tottenham Court Road is famous for its plethora of electronic goods, and cameras are no exception. Park Cameras has a broad selection and educated and friendly staff available to assist you in your purchase. Whilst a little on the expensive side, the range and quality is excellent. For those in search of something a little cheaper or who want to upgrade their equipment, head to the London Camera Exchange. You can purchase first- and second-hand goods, and either receive a cash sum or credit note for trading in your old cameras.

Photography Exhibitions and Museums in London

The Photographers Gallery, located close to Oxford Street (closest tube: Oxford Circus) is the largest space in the capital dedicated solely to the medium of photography. The space boasts exhibitions, a cafe, a store and also has a space for event hire. To keep up to date with all the current photography exhibits and displays in London check out and London events website. They advertise both large and small scale events, keep their listings updated regularly and work in coordination with both larger and smaller venues.

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