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Gyms in Manchester

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Gyms in Manchester: things to know before you go

Going to the gym for the first time can be a daunting prospect for anyone. We answer the latest questions being asked about gyms in Manchester to help you distinguish your cross trainer from your treadmill.

What is a boot camp class like?

Boot camps are a group fitness activity designed to encourage you to meet your targets and goals, offering a fun and inspiring way to get fit as part of a team. Whether you’re competitive or just thrive when working together to achieve something, expect to test your limits as you’re coached through a series of circuit training, cardio and bodyweight exercises, often presented in a style tried and tested by military officers the world over – it’s a real workout!

Motiv8 Personal Training in Sale provides outdoor boot camps to kickstart your fitness regime, while a typical session with Motiv8 personal training targets many muscle groups to address your fitness goals.

How do I find a good gym in Manchester?

If you're ready to ramp up your fitness and work towards the goals you've been talking about for months, finding a gym that suits your needs is half the battle. To find out how to find the best gyms in Manchester, you can:

  • Look online. Browse what’s on offer at gyms in the area, then search and see if there’s anywhere offering exactly what you’re after.
  • Ask your friends. If your friends are posting great workout photos on Instagram, ask them where they train or tag along to see if it works for you.
  • Make sure it's local. Choosing a gym close to home and work will mean it will fit seamlessly into your daily routine, whether you’re going before work, at lunch or before tea. Check class times too to ensure it fits your own busy schedule.
  • Check out the facilities. Visit at a busy time to see how it is, and have a good look to make sure equipment and facilities are up to scratch.

What's the best gym in Manchester?

There are many excellent gyms to be found across the city, offering a wide range of specialist equipment and highly-trained staff. But the right gym for you is a personal thing, so do a bit of shopping around toto ensure you find the best gym in Manchester for your own needs. At Excelerate Fitness, for example you can make use of modern cardio equipment, free weights and strength training machines, with personal trainers on hand to guide your progress and give you some top tips. Village Gyms have a state-of-the-art gym with heated pool, spa facilities and over 100 exercise classes to keep you busy and let you add a little variety to your workout plan.

What are the main types of exercise?

There are five main types of exercise that will keep you fit and healthy throughout your life - even a small amount each week can make a huge difference. Why not try a few to find out which work best for you?

  1. Aerobic. Anything that makes your heart beat faster, and increases your breathing rate will improve your health. Try cycling and running as a starting point.
  2. Balance. Building up your core strength is essential to improving your sense of balance and toning your muscles. Tai Chi and dance classes are great balance workouts to try.
  3. Flexibility. Maintaining good levels of flexibility is important for your quality of life, especially as you get older. Try yoga classes to find your flexible self.
  4. Strength. Working your muscles consistently will help to maintain and build strength, especially if you indulge in weight training or head along to your nearest Pilates class.
  5. Endurance. You can improve your stamina by regularly increasing the time spent on an activity. Try popular boot camps and swimming to discover the ultimate in respiratory fitness.