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Chiropractor in Manchester

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Bothersome backs, nagging necks and irritating injuries: life in an industry-heavy city can take its toll. Instead of suffering on and making do, take your life and your mobility into your own hands by visiting a Manchester chiropractor. After an initial consultation, a chiropractor can recommend treatment to ease and reduce pain. This doesn’t have to break the bank either, with one of our top vouchers for chiropractor treatment near you.

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Chiropractor in Manchester: Things to know before you go

Don’t let finding the right treatment for back, neck and joint pain cause more stress than the injury itself. Let us relieve some of the tension by answering some of your most commonly asked questions.

What is a chiropractor and what do they do?

A chiropractor is a practitioner who uses their hands to help with joint, muscle and bone problems.

It’s generally considered an alternative or complementary medical treatment, much like acupuncture or many quality spa treatments, and a non-mainstream practice. The emphasis of the treatment provided is on the manipulation of muscles, joints or bones in order to reduce or heal the problem. However, there’s also a focus on the connection between physical pain and overall health, such as issues with stress or anxiety.

Do chiropractors really help?

Although some people will prefer to use other methods, such as physiotherapy, many credit chiropractic treatments with helping to reduce or rid them of pain.

Despite being considered an alternative practice, what chiropractors do is regulated by a body called the General Chiropractor Council which makes it illegal to practice without registration.

Many of our vouchers on chiropractor treatments across Manchester will include a consultation before treatment in order to see how they can best help you. For instance, at The Back Clinic in Poynton, as well as a consultation, the deal also includes X-rays if required.

What are the most common chiropractic procedures?

There are two common chiropractic procedures performed in Manchester city centre and across Greater Manchester:

  • Manual Adjustment: This procedure is almost always used for back pain and involves manual manipulation on the vertebrae to correct the issue causing discomfort or pain. At David Bailey - Dao Holistic Therapy in east Manchester, you can choose between one or two sessions of spinal manipulation to help with any neck and back pain problems you are suffering from.
  • Soft Tissue Manipulation: Using their hands, a chiropractor will apply learned techniques to manipulate soft tissues and joints. This technique is especially helpful for people with injuries from an accident, pain from repetitive use or pain due to stress. It feels a lot like having a massage, but one that’s targeting the source of all your discomfort. At Wigan Chiropractic Clinic, choose between two or three sessions with an initial examination beforehand.

Whichever of our amazing deals on Manchester chiropractors you choose, the practitioner will spend time understanding your problems by using their expertise to find the right procedure for you.

When should I go to a chiropractor?

When it comes to joint and muscle pain, the sooner you find a solution that works for you, the better. All of our deals come with a consultation before treatment begins so you can discuss existing or new medical problems and fully explain the source of your pain.

Visiting a chiropractor could be the start of a new, pain-free life, so check out our incredible deals available and find the best Manchester chiropractor treatment near you.