It doesn’t matter if this is your first time in Manchester, or you’ve been calling it home for years, you’ll always be able to find new things to do in Manchester today with Groupon. Packed to the brim with exciting things to do, Manchester offers everything from a day at the football, to exploring its industrial history in one of its many museums. Not sure where to get started? At Groupon we’re here to help, with tips and savings for the very best things to do in Manchester.


Manchester United Home Stadium

As the home of one of the world’s most famous football teams, Old Trafford attracts thousands of visitors and fans every year. Whether you’re hoping to catch a match, or you just want to pay homage to your favourite team, Old Trafford is an iconic stop on any visit to Manchester.

Old Trafford


#2 castlefield

Historic Area of Manchester

Castlefield is where old meets new in Manchester. With historic sites, including a Roman fort, right beside brand-new bars and trendy eateries, you can find a bit of everything. The area is filled with reminders of Manchester’s past, with canals and old mills.



#3 the lowry

Theatre and Gallery Complex

The Lowry at Salford Quays is where much of Manchester’s art and theatre collections can be found. This large complex features a range of galleries and theatres, with an extensive number of artworks to see and performances to watch. You’ll be sure to find something that is right up your street.

The Lowry


#4 Science and Industry Museum

Interactive Science Museum

Dedicated to Manchester’s illustrious past as the starting place of the Industrial Revolution, the Science and Industry Museum is filled with artefacts from that era and exciting interactive exhibits. Equal parts learning centre and museum, you can see some of the world’s oldest locomotive steam engines on display or conduct your very own experiments about the human body.

Science and Industry Museum


#5 National Football Museum

England’s Museum of Football

Football is a huge part of life in Manchester, with two of the nation’s biggest football teams calling it home. The National Football Museum celebrates the role that football has played in Manchester and across England, with exhibits about the history of the game and collections of famous strips. This is an essential stopping point for any lovers of the beautiful game.

National Football Museum


#6 Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

Botanic Gardens and Park

This beautiful park in Didsbury is one of the greenest spaces in the suburbs of Manchester, filled with a variety of exotic and ornamental plants. The Rock Garden is a highlight, with its narrow paths running through the trees and miniature waterfalls. While Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden is a prime location for a walk, it also offers facilities for leisure and sports.

Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden


#7 Manchester Cathedral

Manchester’s Gothic Cathedral

Unlike some other cathedrals, Manchester Cathedral doesn’t dominate the skyline of its home city. Nestled by the riverside Victoria St, the grandeur of Manchester Cathedral won’t really be appreciated until you’re standing in front of its doors. Its beautiful architecture is filled with little details to spot.

Manchester Cathedral


#8 Northern Quarter

Trendy City Centre Area

The Northern Quarter is the trendy heart of Manchester’s city centre, positively exploding with vibrant street art, cosy cafes to spend a few hours in and boutique shops to browse. The Northern Quarter regularly has events on and unique things to see and do, with shows, art exhibits and markets to be explored.

Northern Quarter


#9 Manchester United Stadium Tour

Attractions at Old Trafford

For hardcore football fans, the Manchester United Museum & Stadium Tour offers the ultimate experience of Old Trafford. The tour covers some of the most revered areas of Old Trafford, including the dressing room and the pitch itself. The museum offers a deep dive into the history of Man U.

Manchester United Stadium Tour


#10 Heaton Park

Large Public Park

Covering over 600 acres, Heaton Park is one of Manchester’s biggest and most popular public spaces. The park is the perfect location for a gentle walk through its gorgeous scenery, but it also has plenty of hands-on things to do, with a golf course, adventure playground, observatory, boat lake and more.

Heaton Park


#11 Chinatown

Vibrant Chinese Quarter

Filled with lots of fantastic restaurants, shops, bakeries and more, Chinatown is the best place in Manchester to get a flavour of Asian life. Be sure to pay a visit to the impressive ornamental paifang gate on Faulkner Street. In February you can even catch the area’s famous Chinese New Year event.


#12 Victoria baths

Manchester’s Water Palace

These historic public baths closed in 1993 but are now once again open to the public for tours and events. While they’re not yet ready for their original use, a visit to the Victoria Baths is a fascinating glimpse into the interior of the ornate building and its ongoing restoration efforts.



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If you’ve found yourself with some free time in your diary, then you don’t have to worry about missing out on any of the best things to do in Manchester today. With some pointers and deals from the folks here at Groupon, you’ll be enjoying everything from a night on the town to a family day out in no time.

Free things to do in Manchester

Enjoying Manchester doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money, with plenty of free things to do in Manchester every day. Access to most of Manchester’s public buildings and museums is completely free, so you can go from the Manchester Art Gallery to the National Football Museum without paying a penny on admission.

Things to do in Manchester this weekend

Manchester has plenty to do on the weekend, especially if you’re looking to keep the kids occupied. Many of Manchester’s best museums are incredibly kid-friendly, with exhibits and resources dedicated to helping children learn and enjoy themselves. The Science and Industry Museum has lots for kids to do amongst its interactive exhibits, and even has a soft play area for the younger ones.

What is there to do in Manchester at night?

You’ll never be stuck for things to do in Manchester at night. Its typically eclectic nightlife features a large number of exciting bars, nightclubs and night time entertainment throughout the city centre. Manchester has lots to offer for those quieter nights too, thanks to the impressive theatres at The Lowry, the cosy HOME cinema and gorgeous restaurants like Tattu. If you’re looking for something fun to do with mates, have a look out for our Groupon deals for escape rooms.

Things to do in the Northern Quarter

Looking for something to do this evening? The Northern Quarter has some of the best things to do in Manchester tonight, thanks to the many trendy bars and spots to eat. Edge Street and its adjoining streets offer a good range of choices to pick from, including local hotspot Yard & Coop.

The area also has lots of events on, including live music performances at venues like Band on the Wall and Pen & Pencil. The Northern Quarter is well known as one of the trendiest areas of Manchester, so keep an eye out for the fantastic street art and bohemian cafes as you wander through the streets.

Essential travel tips & hacks for Manchester

Is this your first time in Manchester? Try following some of these essential tips and hacks for getting around town:

  • If you’re flying in and out of Manchester with small children, there’s a dedicated fast lane through airport security
  • Eating out for lunch in Manchester is often less pricey than heading out for dinner in the evening
  • A walking tour of Manchester city centre is the best way to take in the sights (and there are some free ones too!)
  • Stop by the Altrincham Market every day for some excellent, reasonably priced food

What’s the weather like in Manchester?

Like the rest of the UK, Manchester is for the most part warm in the summer and cold in the winter, with weather that can change multiple times in one day. Your best bet for keeping on top of the weather in Manchester is to give the local forecasts a quick check before heading out.


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How do I get around Manchester?

Getting around Manchester is easy, especially thanks to the free bus service that runs around the city centre every 10 minutes. Manchester is not a particularly sprawling city, so getting from one side to the other is usually easily accomplished with the local bus services or on the Metrolink rail service.

The main transport hubs in Manchester are the airport, Victoria train station and Piccadilly train station. The Metrolink runs between all of these stations, so making connections is very straightforward. Make sure to buy your tickets for the Metrolink at the platform before getting on.

If you’re stuck for a way to get around Manchester, then you can fall back on the local private hire taxi services and Uber. Black cabs can also be found at a number of ranks around the city – in front of the town hall on Albert Square is usually a reliable place to catch one.

We hope these tips help you make the most of this beautiful city, and with a helping hand from Groupon you’ll soon be having a fantastic time out in Manchester.