What is Permanent Makeup all About?

People have been using makeup for thousands of years to alter their appearance, whether for religious reasons or from purely cosmetic motives. However, this has generally involved using substances that can be easily removed and then re-applied when required. In modern times, cosmetic experts have developed permanent ways to apply makeup, or at least to give the impression of using makeup. By using techniques similar to those employed by tattoo artists, cosmetic experts can create artificial eyebrows, they can hide blemishes and deal with the effects of skin diseases. This has made life easier for people across the world who have sought cosmetic improvements.

How Does Permanent Makeup Work?

Another name for the technique is cosmetic tattooing, and the process used is very similar to conventional tattooing. First, a local anaesthetic is administered to numb the target area. Then, using a sterilised needle, cosmetic specialists inject a pigment beneath the surface of the skin to create the desired colour. This method can be used to make lips appear a deeper shade of red, it can be used to create a permanent eyeliner, or it can be used to create a semi-permanent or permanent eye shadow. The pigments used cannot then be removed after application, although it some cases they may begin to fade slightly over a period of years.

The Benefits of Choosing Permanent Makeup

Permanent cosmetics might be the option for women who experience allergies to conventional makeup, and it will also make their daily beauty routine less time consuming and stressful. It is the best treatment to use if you have large areas of skin to deal with, such as burns or scars, and it also makes sense for those who suffer from alopecia (hair loss) such as chemotherapy patients. It also provides a fine-tuned, precise technique that can create very specific cosmetic effects, for those who have a particular look in mind. The process is also extremely quick, with most procedures carried out over one appointment. There are few easier or more long-lasting ways to rejuvenate your facial appearance.

Are Permanent Cosmetics a Safe Option for Me to Use?

As with all cosmetic treatments, cosmetic tattooing comes with its own risks. First of all, there is never a 100 percent guarantee that the outcome will replicate the patient's intentions, but by using a skilled specialist good results can be made as likely as possible. There are also some other possible complications. The area affected by the pigment used may not create clear MRI images when medical scans are required. If unclean implements are used, there is a risk of Hepatitis C infection. In very few cases, adverse reactions are also experienced, including granulomas (skin masses that form around substances not recognised by the body) or serious allergic reactions. Products advertised as 'organic' or 'natural' are thought to present the greatest risk of allergic reactions, so check with your doctor if you are worried about this issue.

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