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Ruth Allan

Can you think of another treatment for stress reduction, pain and muscle tension  that doesn't require medication? Enter: massages. The list of options gives you a lot to consider and include Swedish, deep, Thai, sports and more - here are some of the best spas offering massage in Manchester. City Spa Escapes Located in Old Granada Studios suitabl

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Jess Hardiman

Spa weekends for hen partiesWith venues, photographers, dresses, cakes, cars, food and so much more to organise, planning a wedding can switch from blissful matrimony to a total nightmare in a matter of seconds. And whilst some brides choose to release all the tension by painting the town red in a flurry of feather boas, phallic straws, L-plates, s

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Massage in Manchester with Groupon

A massage in Manchester will leave you feeling relaxed, reinvigorated and ready for anything. With so many massage treatments on offer you’ll be sure to find the ideal match, enjoy the perfect massage experience, and with new deals from Groupon every day you’ll be making a saving too!

Our deals at Groupon could see you enjoying:

Getting a massage in Manchester

No matter if you’re a massage aficionado or just looking to try something new, we’re here to point you in the right direction and to let you know what to try when looking for a massage in Manchester.

The city centre is home to lots of local massage practitioners, all offering a variety of treatments that will satisfy your every relaxation need. With its extensive tram network, it’s very easy to get around Manchester and find the pampering massage treatment you’re looking for while enjoying everything else that the city has to offer. We’d recommend having a quick look at the reviews left by other Groupon users, as well as the handy maps that we include in our deals so that you can find the perfect massage therapist for you.

Once you’ve found your ideal massage therapist you might be wondering which of their therapies to choose from. We’d recommend sticking with a Swedish massage if you’d like something more familiar. You could experiment with the variations of Swedish massages that you can choose from, including hot stone massages which incorporate small warm and cool stones to help detox your body.

Thai Massage in Manchester

If the classics don’t quite do it for you anymore, then why not give Thai massage a try? Thai massage combines elements of yoga and acupuncture with pressure and stretching for a uniquely rejuvenating experience. These massages are steeped in a rich history and tradition and will leave your whole body feeling stretched and relieved from stress and pressure. Thai massages are a fantastic choice if you’re suffering from stiffness or aching muscles and have the added benefit of leaving you relaxed and in a great mood.

Manchester’s local massage therapists have lots of traditional massage options to try, but you will also be able to find plenty of alternative treatments like Reflexology on offer. Reflexology is a form of massage which advocates that pressure applied to certain parts of the feet or hands can soothe pain or relieve tension elsewhere in the body. With reflexology, a foot massage could help to soothe knots in your back or ease pressure in your shoulders. By regularly checking our deals you could find a great opportunity to try this and other alternative treatments and test out their health benefits for yourself.

Sports Massages in Manchester

If you’re suffering from aching muscles after re-enacting the United vs City highlight reel or a tough session in the gym, then you could benefit from a deep tissue or sports massage. These firmer massages aim to soothe pain and relieve tension in focused areas, so if you’re suffering from a tight shoulder this could be the option for you. Like most massages these have the added benefit of being relaxing, on top of relieving your pain.

With most massages coming in at around 30 mins to an hour, there is no need to worry about how you’ll fit your relaxation into your busy schedule. Grabbing one of the many short massages on offer amongst our deals will let you make the most of your time, while also indulging in some much need relaxation and stress relief. With lots of couple massages on offer, this can also be a great opportunity to share the benefits of a relaxing experience together without breaking the bank.

On top of everything else, a massage can be a great opportunity to not only relax but also improve your wellbeing. Massages have been shown to help improve anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and injury. As well as helping with these issues, massages can also contribute to improving your overall wellbeing with a good massage leaving you calmer, comforted and in a better mood. With all these benefits a massage can be one of the best ways to treat yourself and feel better, so what’s not to love?

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Swedish massage, exotic Thai massage or an alternative treatment like reflexology, Manchester has it on offer. With new deals every day from Groupon you’ll be sure to find that perfect revitalising massage experience at an affordable price.