Fly Like a Bird with Skydiving Manchester

Ever fancied throwing all caution to the wind and experiencing an exhilarating freefall down to earth? Skydiving may not be for everyone, but for those who like to try exciting new activities, this is a truly memorable one. Manchester boasts several locations where you can enjoy safe freefalls and parachute jumps, whether you are a complete novice or simply love the thrill of the jump. You can enjoy 60 seconds of pure adrenaline at the Black Knights Parachute Centre, based just an hour's drive from Manchester. Jump with a loved one on a 7,000 feet tandem dive, wing surf or experience an incredible 15,000 feet drop, the highest sky dive in the UK.

Get Awesome Birds Eye Views From Thousands of Feet in the Air

If you have never tried skydiving, but aren't afraid of a challenge, then try a solo static line training course with an experienced instructor at Manchester's Skydive Tilstock Parachute Club. The course is designed for complete novices and gives you the unrivalled opportunity to jump out of an aircraft from over 3,000 feet. The club also offers charity skydives for tandem skydives and static line jumps, so you can raise money for a good cause whilst getting the ride of a lifetime.

Tandem and Solo Skydiving Courses Around Manchester

Just an hour to the north of Manchester, you can enjoy a tandem skydive at the Lancaster Dropzone at Lancaster Airfield. The tandem skydive is a good choice for beginners, as you have the security of being strapped to a qualified instructor on the way down. Fly through the clouds at up to 120 mph and enjoy 10,000 feet of incredible views. The Accelerated Freefall Level 1 course also gives you the opportunity to progress to a solo dive where you must pull your own parachute during the dive.

Experience Skydiving Manchester at Ground Level

If the thought of jumping out of an aircraft at 10,000 feet gives you the shivers, you can still experience the sensation of skydiving without even leaving the ground. At Airkix Manchester, you can enjoy indoor skydiving within the safety of the amazing 14 foot wind tunnel. Airkix has made skydiving accessible to anyone, by creating a safe indoor environment, where you can fly like a bird simply by being suspended in a high speed column of air. With the help of instructors, you can try out some basic moves and turns just a few feet off the ground, whilst suspended in mid air. This is a safe and fun activity that can be enjoyed by all the family and afterwards you can treat yourself to a delicious meal at Salvi's, the centre's Italian restaurant. Airkix also welcomes experienced and professional skydivers and offers a convenient facility for advanced training.

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