Best Paintball Manchester

Wondering where to paintball in Manchester? The city has several quality venues for some premier paintball fun. Whether you want to organise regular weekend teams that play socially or just want to drop in when the mood strikes, you will find a venue to accommodate your schedule. You can even organise a paintball party for your birthday or for your teens to enjoy. How about a paintball stag party? The best thing about professional paintball venues is the life-like simulations of real-world battle zones and the incredible space available to run and move like you're in a real war game.

Where to Paintball in Manchester

At the Manchester Paintball Arena you can have it all and more in an authentic paintball venue from The UK's biggest indoor gaming arena. This arena offers stag and hen parties, walk-on days, corporate events and even Christmas paintball parties! Kid's options include low-impact games, birthday, school paintball and laser combat games. All paintball games take place indoors so there is no mud to be found anywhere! Also in North Manchester you can opt for Delta Force. This life-like paintball club offers very convincing themed paintball outdoors and with a dash of extreme adrenalin. Game zones are movie quality, and weapons on offer include machine guns and paint grenades.

Paintball Manchester for Kids

The majority of paintball venues offer paintball activities and laser tag games for kids as young as 7, but more often from age 8 and up. Kids this age love paintball, no matter the gender, and there are just as many girls as boys that love the action and adventure of a paintball game. For children, the sheer physical nature of the game is the perfect way to blow off steam and feel a sense of personal mastery as they learn to use their weapons. You can even organise paintball gift vouchers for that unique and thrilling birthday present for your child or a special friend. Try splatball at Battlefield Paintball for kids aged 7 to 10, battleball for 11 to 16 and paintball for the older teens or adults.

Paintballing Teams and Leagues

If you want to get serious about paintball, opt for team or league paintball. Planet Eclipse offers league and team games. These games are intensive and require a regular commitment as you will need to be available on certain days at certain times, possibly even in the evening, so make sure you're really serious about it and you could have some extreme fun and make some like-minded friends. Team paintball is a great way to socialise and is often followed with a pint at your favourite local. Planet Eclipse also sell weapons and gear. The Manchester Firm is a rather famous professional paintball team which operates its own venue under the Empire Paintball banner. This is for the very serious paintball professional, so try out if you dare!


Are you looking for something slightly different to do with your friends? Are you bored of going to the cinema or bowling? Have you ever considered a paintball trip in Manchester? Paintballing is great fun, you can compete in teams and you'll get lots of exercise. Manchester paintball often takes place in wooded, rural locations so you will also get to go out into the country. Groupon have a great range of leisure offers and these particular vouchers will instantly slash the cost of playing paintball in Manchester. Using these vouchers will allow you to have fun with friends without spending lots of money.

How to use Groupon vouchers to cut the cost of paintball in Manchester

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