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Laura Pearson Smith

If you have ever wondered what facial microdermabrasion is, we’ve spoken to a skincare expert to get the lowdown on what it is, if you need it and what it can do for you. Clinetix is an aesthetic clinic with branches in Glasgow’s Bothwell and West End areas. They specialise in cosmetic and non-surgical skin procedures and microdermabrasion is one o

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Massage in Nottingham with Groupon

If it’s a massage you’re after, you’re in the right place in Nottingham. With a little help from Groupon, a professional masseur could be working their magic across your whole body, reinvigorating those tired muscles and aching limbs, and restoring your natural energy levels.

With your vouchers from Groupon, you could be:

Navigating city life can be demanding, whether you’re a resident or a sightseer. Fortunately, Nottingham has all your massage needs covered, from Swedish to Shiatsu. Swedish massage is a classic, and the best-known form of massage. Here the masseur works on your body with firm, deep strokes to rejuvenate those stressed muscles.

Sports massages in Nottingham

If you want a more extensive treatment, why not opt for a Sports massage? You don’t need to be a sportsman to have one – anyone can benefit from Sports massage, especially people suffering from back or neck pain because of the strains and stresses of everyday life. Sports massage works on your muscles to target the release of stress points and will have you feeling fit again in no time. You can explore sports massage either at a professional sports therapist clinic or at a spa.

A massage and then some

Beauty salons don’t only offer an extensive selection of beauty treatments from facials to manicures, but also massages of the finest standards from fully-trained beauticians, which will fully rejuvenate your body and soothe your soul. You will find different individual treatments available at different salons – keep an eye on Groupon for the best deals in Nottingham.

Whatever massage you choose, you can have it in an upmarket spa, or perhaps you would prefer a smaller, more intimate environment in which to unwind, where you could benefit from a range of massage types; from deep-tissue massage to prenatal massage.

Prenatal Massages in Nottingham

Pregnancy is a time of life when your body is undergoing new pressures – a prenatal massage can be one of the best ways to prepare to welcome a baby into your life. Prenatal massage isn’t that different from a regular massage, except that you’ll be lying on your side, and only certain muscle groups will be targeted.

Hot Stone Massages in Nottingham

One of the most relaxing forms of massage is the Hot Stone Massage, where heated stones are used as an extension of the masseur’s hands to relax you. The hot stones warm up tightened muscles so that the masseur can go in more deeply.

You could try the Bowen Move, a new technique from Australia which is applied to precise points of the body through rolling motion of the thumbs and finger, to stimulate the tissue and nerve pathways, and to focus the brain. The Bowen Move may be new but there so many ancient techniques taking advantage of thousands of years of secret knowledge, particularly from the East.

Thai Massages in Nottingham

Thai massage is one of the purest forms of massage, forgoing the use of oils or lotions to concentrate on acupressure and deep tissue massage techniques. Together, these will improve your blood circulation and decrease tension; you can find this treatment in many spas across the city.

Japanese massages are also valued for their delicacy and stress-busting properties. Shiatsu is one of the most relaxing forms, using a combination of touch, pressure, and manipulation to realign your body.

Alternatively, you could sample the delights of Reiki, one of the most refined types of massage, which uses laying on of hands to enhance your ‘Reiki’, or spiritually guided life energy. Reiki is becoming increasingly well-known and popular in the West, and you’ll find it to be one of the most relaxing of all forms of massage.

Whatever type of massage you’re looking for in Nottingham, whether a sports massage for aching muscles or a traditional Asian massage to nurture your body and soul, rely on Groupon to have the best Nottingham massage deals for you.