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Beauty and spas in Southampton: things to know before you go

Before booking your beauty and spa treatment in Southampton, check out these answers to some commonly asked questions.

Where is the best hair salon in Southampton?

Whatever your hair’s shape, size and style, these are some of the best hair and beauty salons in Southampton:

  • Hair Box offers top deals for a cut and finish across Shirley.
  • Gillian Reilly Hair and Beauty is located by Southampton’s Old Wall. As well as providing a range of haircuts and blow dry, you can get Kerastase ritual treatments here, too.
  • The Hair Apartment provides restyling cuts or keratin treatments, leaving your hair sleek and smooth.

Where is the best place for a massage in Southampton?

In Southampton you can find beauty salons and spas adorning every street from the city centre down to the coast. These are some of the most popular beauty salons and spas in the city according to customer ratings and reviews:

What are the most popular skin care treatments in Southampton?

Get a glowing complexion or reduce the impact of age on your skin with a range of beauty and spa treatments in Southampton. These are some of the most popular types of skin care in the city:

  • Facials. At the Perfect Pear, north of the SeaCity Museum, you can get a scrub, steam and mask facial package for a full revitalisation.
  • HIFU Facial. This high-intensity focused ultrasound facial, at Vivo Clinic, is designed to improve your skin tone and get it looking clean and clear.
  • Microdermabrasion. Using either crystals or diamonds, your skin is buffed – promoting collagen production and cell renewal, which leaves you with plump, radiant skin. Derma Clinic and SkinPro Laser Solutions both offer great deals for this particular beauty and spa treatment.

What should you expect in a sports massage spa treatment?

A sports massage can help prevent injury, support recovery and boost your physical performance – whether you’re an athlete or an avid gym goer. These are some of the techniques used by sports therapists and what they achieve:

  • Myofascial release stretches the network of connective tissue.
  • Trigger point work applies pressure to muscle trigger points.
  • Muscle energy stretches and relaxes tight muscles.
  • Soft tissue release relieves tendon and muscle pain.

Like all massage treatments, sports massage is beneficial for your mind and body. It’s one of the most targeted types of massage, focusing on key problem areas. However, it’s not for the faint hearted, as it will probably hurt a bit.