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Sports Massage in London

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Whether you get your kicks jogging around Hyde Park or gaming in your Brixton bedroom, muscle tension affects us all. Sports massage stretches your muscles and fascia to make you more mobile – freeing you from the discomfort holding you back. Sports massage vouchers in London connect you with therapists who have that magic touch. With professional therapists across the city, drop by at your convenience and get the treatment you need today.

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45-Minute Deep Tissue or Sports Massage at Parkshot House - Manual Therapy (62% Off)
45-Minute Sports Massage
Located directly opposite to Richmond station and the post code will take to the back side of the building. 8.2 km
£65.00 £25.00
61% discount_off
30- or 60-Minutes Sports Massage at Empire Physiotherapy, Slough Ice Arena, Slough (Up to 45% Off)
Sports Massage
Empire Physiotherapy 20.7 km
£28.79 from £19.95
30% discount_off
One-Hour Sports Massage at London Physiotherapy and Wellbeing Centre (52% Off)
One-Hour Sports Massage
Ilford 9.7 km
£50.00 £24.00
52% discount_off
30 or 60-Minute Sports Massage at Fab Clinic (Up to 62% Off)*
30-Minute Sports Massage
London 9.1 km
£50.00 £19.00
62% discount_off
45-Minute Sports or Deep Tissue Massage with 15-Minute Consultation at SMSM Therapy (Up to 67% Off)
45-Minute Sports Massage
Carlton Chambers 9.1 km
£80.00 £26.00
67% discount_off
30-Minute Sports Massage with 15-Minute Consultation at Fit Body London
Sports Massage with Consultation
The Gym 4.4 km
25- or 45-Minute Deep Tissue or Sports Massage at Cryojuvenate (Up to 63% Off)
25-Minute Deep Tissue Sports Massage
Sevenoaks 21.6 km
£45.00 from £17.95
20+ bought
60% discount_off
45-Minute Deep Tissue Sports Massage from KK Training (61% Off)
45-Minute Sports Massage
Richmond 8.2 km
£65.00 £25.00
61% discount_off
30- or 60-Minute Sports Massage or Sports Therapy Consultation and Treatment at Body Mentors (Up to 50% Off)
Sports Massage
The Walled Garden 25.4 km
£30.00 from £17.00
4 bought
43% discount_off
Postural Check-Up, Consultation and Two Soft Tissue Therapy Sessions at Pressure Sensitive Soft Tissue Therapy (36% Off)
Soft Tissue Therapy: Two Sessions
Harlow Enterprise Hub 21.7 km
£70.00 £45.00
35% discount_off
Course in Facial and Scalp, Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Sports Massage at The Massage and Beauty College (Up to 75% Off)
Choice of Massage Course
London 8.4 km
£180.00 from £49.00
72% discount_off
Choice of 30- or 60-Minute Massage at Need Massage Therapy, South Bank (Up to 57% Off)
Choice of 30-Minute Massage
Alpha House 1.5 km
£30.00 from £17.00
43% discount_off
Choice of Massage With Acupuncture for £19 at Aneugene Health Centre (Up to 68% Off)
Choice of Massage and Acupuncture
London 3.2 km
£60.00 £19.00
68% discount_off
One-Hour Ayurvedic Massage at The London Centre of Indian Champissage (51% Off)
One-Hour Ayurvedic Massage
London 2.9 km
£80.00 £39.00
51% discount_off
Choice of 30- or 60-Minute Massage at Inner Peace Wellbeing and Remedial Massage (Up to 61% Off)
30-Minute Massage
London 1.7 km
£35.00 from £17.00
51% discount_off
Choice of One-Hour Massage at Thai Angels Massage & Spa (Up to 33% Off)
One-Hour Massage
London 3.4 km
£60.00 £39.95
33% discount_off
Sports Therapy Consultation and Two 30-Minute Treatments at Holistic Healthcare Clinics (86% Off)
Sports Therapy: Two Treatments
Central London 0.9 km
£170.00 £24.00
85% discount_off
One-Hour Full Body Massage for £19 at BodyWell Group (76% Off)
One-Hour Full Body Massage
£80.00 £19.00
76% discount_off
30- or 60-Minute Swedish Massage at Xquisite Beauty Salon (Up to 49% Off)
30-Minute Swedish Massage
London 8.4 km
£45.00 from £23.00
48% discount_off
Choice of 60- or 90-Minute Massage at Breathe Health And Beauty (Up to 50% Off)
Choice of 60-Minute Massage
Whetstone 8.8 km
£60.00 from £34.95
41% discount_off
Lymphatic Massage: One (£19) or Three (£39) Sessions at Body Shape (Up to 73% Off)
Lymphatic Massage
Hampton 12.3 km
£49.00 from £19.00
61% discount_off
30- or 60-Minute Massage Session at Renaissance Well Being Clinic (Up to 62% Off)
30-Minute Massage Session
Romford 13.7 km
£30.00 from £15.95
46% discount_off
30-Minute Massage with 30-Minute Acupuncture at The Physio-Treatment Clinic (56% Off)
Massage with Acupuncture
Wembley 7.6 km
£50.00 £22.00
56% discount_off
Choice of 50-Minute Massage with Consultation at The Hairdressing Station (48% Off)
Choice of 50-Minute Massage
Earlsfield 5.5 km
£50.00 £26.00
48% discount_off
Choice of 30- or 60-Minute Massage at Ananda Wellness and Yoga (Up to 60% Off)
Choice of Massage
Greater London 4.9 km
£45.00 from £17.95
60% discount_off
Spa Day with Treatment and Lunch or Afternoon Tea for 1 or 2 at Shambala Spa at Hever Hotel (Up to 44% Off)
Spa Day with Treatment and Meal
Hever 23.8 km
£103.00 from £59.00
42% discount_off
One-Hour Thai, Deep Tissue or Tuina Massage at Thai Spa (Up to 62% Off)
One-Hour Thai Massage
London 1.7 km
£50.00 from £19.00
62% discount_off

Sports massage in London: things to know before you go

You don’t have to be one of London’s many sports stars to benefit from a sports massage. This treatment can help relieve anyone’s aches and pains – learn more in our answers to these common questions.

What are the benefits of a sports massage?

Sports massage is an effective treatment for relieving muscle tension and reducing fatigue – boosting blood flow and physical mobility. Sports massage much more than a treatment for injuries – in fact, it can proactively prevent them.

You are likely to feel the benefits of sports massage between 24 and 48 hours after the treatment. If you’re thinking about booking a sports massage in London, this is what it will involve:

  • Myofascial release – stretching the fascia, a network of connective tissue surrounding organs, bones, muscles and tendons.
  • Trigger point work – applying pressure and release to these muscle trigger points help to relieve your body from them.
  • Muscle energy - stretching and relaxing tight muscles.
  • Soft tissue release – extending localised parts of the tendons and muscles that are tight.

The pace of life in the capital can take its toll on your body, with long commutes and desk work commonplace. Sports massage in London is a particularly effective treatment for dealing with the physical constraints of city life – as well as the challenges athletes face.

Read more about the benefits of sports massage in this expert guide.

What is the difference between a sports massage and a deep tissue massage?

Sports massage and deep tissue massage are commonly confused, because they can provide the same benefits of pain relief. These are the main differences between the two:

  • Sports massage – often targets a specific area of the body, focuses on the soft tissue and works to relieve tension and restore blood flow.
  • Deep tissue massage – is a full body massage, focusing on kneading the deep tissue to relieve chronic pain.

Where are the best places to get a sports massage in London?

With a thriving fitness, health and wellbeing culture, central London has no shortage of sports centres offering massages in house, as well as massage centres specialising in various treatments. There are many places to get a sports massage in London – but these two locations north and south of the Thames which are rated particularly highly by Groupon users:

  • Fit Body London – located in The Gym right by Hampstead’s Fortune Green, here you’ll find a range of sports massage specialists ready to work their magic.
  • Aligned Health Clinic – based in Sutton, Aligned Health Clinic will suit people living south of the river. However, it’s right by Sutton Station, so it’s very accessible for all Londoners.

When should I get a sports massage?

With massage clinics located across the city, it’s easy to book a sports massage that works around your busy schedule, but timing is important. These are the times are when a sports massage is most beneficial:

  • Just before exercise. A session for 15 to 45 minutes can boost endorphin production prior to an event or training.
  • Right after exercise. Having a sports massage within two hours of a workout will reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery time.
  • Ongoing and regular. If you’re looking to boost your physical performance on the treadmill or in the weight room, regular massages can proactively rejuvenate muscles and tissue and prevent injuries long-term.
  • As part of injury rehabilitation.Visiting a massage therapist after injury provides the opportunity for faster recovery, improving blood flow which restores muscles and tissue.

To help maintain a boost in performance, regular visits to a London sauna can help increase circulation and expand your airways.

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