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ASOS Size Guide

21 Dec 2020

asos size guide

Shopping online for clothes can be difficult. There are no fitting rooms and you can’t try before you buy. However, ASOS provides useful tools, charts, and guides to help you find your perfect fit. This article will discuss them and answer the most common questions shoppers have when buying clothes from the popular retailer.

Men's Size Guide | Women's Size Guide | Jeans Size Guide | Shoe Size GuideRing Size Guide

Are ASOS clothes true to size?

The majority of ASOS’ own-brand clothing stays true to size, though sizing varies across types of garments, and the fit may depend on your body shape. ASOS knows this is a common concern when shopping online for clothes, so they’ve added a feature which allows customers to rate whether an item runs small, runs large, or is true to size. You can view the results on individual product pages to help you make an informed decision before you order.

What is ASOS Fit Assistant?

ASOS has an excellent size recommendation tool, known as Fit Assistant. It’s available on both the app and website, and aims to help you quickly find your perfect fit. The tool works by taking the information you provide and comparing it to items other shoppers have bought, for the most accurate recommendations. This helps  you avoid buying multiple sizes of the same item, resulting in fewer returns.

How to find the right ASOS size for you

ASOS size guide 2

Buying clothes online without an option to try them on can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s a wide range of tools at your disposal to help find the right size for your body shape and height. Use the retailer’s handy size charts and diagrams to settle on the measurements you need to take, and work out the right size to choose.

Which body fit is best?

ASOS has a variety of clothing available in multiple body fit options, so you don’t need to worry about an item being too long, too short, or unflattering for your body type. Body fit options include:

  • Curve and Plus Size. The retailer has over 900 items in sizes up to 6XL for men and over 3,500 in sizes up to a UK size 34 for women. Many items are ASOS Design, though you’ll also find clothing by River Island, Jack & Jones, Missguided, and In The Style.
  • Petite. Tailored to women under 5’3” tall, this edit offers petite skirts, trousers, shorts, dresses, and more. If you have trouble finding maxi dresses that don’t trip you up, or jeans that don’t bunch up around your ankles, shop the ASOS Petite range
  • Tall. ASOS caters to both men and women over 5’9” in height with their Tall body fit range. So wave goodbye to poor proportions and items that don’t sit where you want them to. Shop the selection for longer length dresses, and trousers.
  • Maternity. With over 1,200 items, ASOS’ Maternity range offers a vast selection of clothing that allows you to maintain your style throughout your pregnancy. There’s everything from expandable jeans to nursing bras, as well as bump-friendly formal wear.
  • Fuller Bust. If you’ve got a bigger bust, you know the struggle of finding the perfect fit in button-up shirts, dresses, and jackets. That’s why you’ll love the Fuller Bust collection, for shoppers with a DD+ or larger bust size. Most Fuller Bust items fall into the lingerie and swimwear categories. However, you’ll also find plenty of shirts, dresses, and t-shirts to fit your size and shape.
  • Main collection items. If you don’t fall into any of the above categories, search in ASOS’ main collection of clothing. Filter by product type, edit, or brand if you’re in a hurry.

Don’t forget to check out the current ASOS discount codes before you shop. You can use them on all body fit ranges. You’ll also find savings of up to 70% off Plus Size, Petite, Tall, Maternity, and Fuller Bust collections during ASOS sale events, as well as offers across the main collection.

How to measure for different clothing

ASOS includes some great tips in its online size guide to help you find the perfect fit. For dresses, measure around the fullest part of the bust, around the natural waistline, and 20cm below the natural waistline. Then find where your measurements fall in the size guide.

ASOS international size conversion

Though ASOS is a UK website, it offers international delivery. If you’re shopping internationally, see the ASOS Size Guide to convert UK sizes into US sizes, European sizes, Italian sizes, Australian sizes, and Russian sizes. Just select the corresponding product type to begin converting.

What size is ASOS small?

Small clothing for men at ASOS fits chest sizes from 36 to 38 inches, though this varies by product type. Most women’s clothing is specifically sized, though there are some exceptions with branded items. Generally, small clothing for women should fit UK sizes 8-10.

What size is ASOS medium?

Medium clothing for men at ASOS fits chest sizes between 38 and 40 inches. This may be different for formal clothing, including smart shirts and jackets. Women who wear UK sizes 12-14 should consider choosing medium-sized clothing.

What size is ASOS large

Men with a chest size between 40 and 42 inches should opt for large tops, knitwear, casual jackets, and shirts. Large-sized clothing is best suited to women who tend to wear UK sizes 16-18.

ASOS men’s size guide

ASOS men's clothing size guide

ASOS has separate size guides for each product type. Check your measurements against recommended sizes for each item before ordering. 

  • Accessories and jewellery. The accessories and jewellery size guide covers thumb rings, bracelets, and gloves, more. Be aware that the guide mainly refers to ASOS Design items, so sizing for other brands may vary.
  • Belts. Find men’s belt sizing for both ASOS Design and branded belts in the ASOS belt size guide. If you’re between two sizes, it may be best to opt for the larger one for maximum comfort.
  • Blazers. Use the ASOS blazer size guide for tips, suggestions, and measurement instructions. Be aware that the length of each blazer varies by style, and formal jackets are split into short, long, and regular sizing.
  • Caps and hats. Most beanies and caps are one size, and fit a head circumference of 54-60cm. Caps are usually adjustable. Selected hats may be available in small, medium, and large sizes, particularly those from third-party brands.
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts. Find sizes from XXXS-XXXL. Compare your chest measurement against the chart, but consider opting for a bigger size than usual if you like your hoodies and sweatshirts loose-fitting for lounging around.
  • Jackets and coats. You can also pick up jackets and coats in sizes from XXXS-XXXL, though the specific fit will depend on individual items. Some jackets are more fitted than others.
  • Jeans and trousers. These can be difficult items to get right. However, ASOS makes it easy by offering short, regular, and long leg options, with waist sizes from 26-40 inches. Follow the directions to take both your waist and inside leg measurements.

Men's jean size chart

  • Jumpers and cardigans. Shop in sizes XXXS-XXXL. The length of knitwear items can differ, though the average length of a medium jumper measures 27.5 inches from the collar to the hem. 
  • Shirts. Take neck and chest measurements per the men’s shirts size guide chart. Slim fit shirts have a more tailored fit than standard fit shirts, and may not suit all body types.

ASOS men's shirt size

  • Shorts and swimwear. Most shorts follow an easy sizing method. Just choose your waist measurement. For shorts and swimwear in sizes XXXS-XXXL, compare your measurements to those in the size guide chart.
  • Vests. Vests come in a range of sizes, from XXXS-XXXL. Consider whether you want a tight, relaxed, or oversized fit. You may want to choose a size up.
  • Waistcoats. If your chest measures 36 inches, choose a 36 inch waistcoat. If you’re not sure how to take your chest measurement, check out the size guide for tips.

ASOS women’s size guide

ASOS women's clothing size guide

Women’s clothing at ASOS also has separate size guides. There are 14 women’s size guides in total covering dresses, swimwear, playsuits, and more. 

  • Belts, hats, gloves, and jewellery. The huge variety of belt sizes can be confusing at first. ASOS guides you to take your waist and hip measurements correctly to find great-fitting accessories. Hats and gloves come in sizes from XS-XL. There are comprehensive instructions for measuring for jewellery too.
  • Jeans, trousers, and leggings. Generally, ASOS jeans, trousers, and leggings come in UK sizes 4-26. Petite sizes are proportionally shorter and aimed at shoppers 5’3” tall and under, ranging from UK sizes 2-16. The Tall range caters to those taller than 5’9” and covers UK sizes 4-18. ASOS Curve sizes come in UK sizes 18-30 in jeans, trousers and leggings. Maternity options are larger around the waist and hips. Usually, the correct maternity size for you will match the size you normally wear. 

international size guide ASOS

  • Jumpers and cardigans. Jumpers and cardigans are available in UK sizes 2-30, and can be found across the Petite, Tall, Curve and Maternity ranges. If you’re looking for a cosy jumper for loungewear, it’s a good idea to choose a size bigger than you’d usually wear.
  • Coats and jackets. For coats and jackets, measure your bust, waist, and hips and compare them to the relevant charts. Body fit can depend on the cut of the coat. Fitted leather jackets fit differently than parka coats.
  • Shorts. Shorts follow the same size guide as jeans, and come in a range of body fit types. Measure around your waist and hips to determine your perfect fit. Then opt for shorts from the Petite, Tall, or main collections to suit your height. 
  • Skirts. For skirts, measure around your waist and hips to find your size. If you’re 5’3” or shorter and shopping for maxi or midi skirts, check out the Petite range. If you’re taller than 5’9” and looking for a mini skirt, take a look at the Tall collection.
  • T-shirts and tops. ASOS Design t-shirts and tops are available in UK sizes 2-30. Sizes from other brands may vary as not all include Petite and Curve options. Many t-shirts and tops from sportswear brands such as Nike and Adidas will follow small, medium, and large sizing. In this case, you’ll find a product-specific size guide on individual product pages.

ASOS women's top size

  • Jumpsuits and playsuits. Heading for a night out? Make sure your jumpsuit won’t trip you up by opting for the best fit type for your height. Again, UK sizes 2-30 are catered for in the ASOS Design range.
  • Dresses. Make sure your dress will fit before you buy by checking out the dresses size guide. Lengths vary by design. There’s everything from party dresses to ballgowns for you to choose from.
  • Lingerie and nightwear. Briefs, slips, body camisoles, and nightwear follow standard UK sizing. For bras, sizing can be tricky, because of the wide range of brands and styles. You’ll need to know your band and cup measurements, and if you wear a DD cup or larger, opt for the ASOS Fuller Bust range.
  • Swimwear and beachwear. You can also use your bra size to find your ideal bikini top, with sizes ranging from 30-38GG. Swimsuits and bikini bottoms are available in UK sizes 4-30, or from XS-XL.

ASOS jeans size guide

Both men and women need to take their waist and inside leg measurements to find the best fitting jeans. It’s easy to do. Just measure around your natural waistline, then measure from the top of your inside leg (at the crotch area) to your ankle bone. 

Men can choose from short, regular, and long length jeans, to fit inside leg length measurements of 30, 32, and 34 inches, respectively. Similarly, women can opt for jeans from the Petite or Tall ranges if their height falls at 5’3” and below, or 5’9” and above.

ASOS shoe size guide

ASOS has a vast selection of footwear, with everything from smart stilettos, to wellington boots.

Women’s footwear is available in UK sizes 2-9. Men’s footwear can be found in UK sizes 3-14. If you’re not sure what size you are in footwear, ASOS’ shoe size guide helps you convert your foot length to the correct size.

How to measure your feet:

  • Stand on a level floor, with your heels against the wall
  • Place a ruler or tape measure flat on the floor alongside the inside of your foot, spanning from your heel to your toes
  • Place an object straight across the tips of your toes, such as a book, magazine or anything else with a flat edge
  • Take the measurement (in millimeters) from the ruler where the flat edge meets. This is your foot length measurement.

If you find that your measurement falls between sizes, make sure you select the larger size. The same applies if you find that one foot is longer than the other. This is perfectly normal.

ASOS ring size guide

Purchasing a ring online can be difficult, as you can’t just try it on to see if it fits. Luckily, ASOS explains how to measure for a ring in their ring size guide. 

The process is simple:

  • Cut a thin strip of paper, around 1cm wide by 8cm long, and wrap it around the part of your finger that you want to measure, ensuring a tight fit
  • Using a pen, mark where the paper meets, then remove the strip of paper
  • Take a ruler and measure the length of the paper (in millimetres) to the pen mark you’ve just made, to get the circumference of your finger
  • Next, check this measurement against the chart in the ASOS ring size guide to find the closest size. If you’re between sizes, opt for the smaller of the two.

Continue reading for more detailed guidance on men and women’s ring sizes.

ASOS men’s ring sizes

ASOS’ men’s ring size chart lets you easily find the British and European equivalent of your finger circumference measurement. Generally, a small/medium size ring will fit a finger circumference of around 59.4 millimetres. A medium/large size ring will best fit those with a finger circumference of around 65 millimetres.

  • Thumb rings. Small/medium thumb rings have a circumference of approximately 62 millimeters. That’s equivalent to a British ‘U’ ring size. Medium/large thumb rings have a circumference of approximately 68.6 millimetres, equivalent to a British ‘Z½’ ring size.
  • Pinky rings. Small/medium pinky rings have a circumference of 53.4 millimetres. Medium/large size is suitable for fingers with a circumference of 59.4 millimetres. The British equivalent sizes are N and S, respectively.
  • Adjustable rings. Adjustable rings can be great for those who are between sizes, or those who find that their ring size can fluctuate. Small/medium adjustable rings fit finger circumferences of 56.6-59.4 millimetres, or British sizes P to S. Medium/large adjustable rings fit finger circumferences between 62 and 65 millimetres, equivalent to British sizes U-X.

ASOS women’s ring sizes

There are ten different ASOS women’s ring sizes available:

  • Small pinky ring 13mm
  • Medium pinky ring 14mm
  • Large pinky ring 15mm
  • Small ring 16mm
  • Medium ring 17mm
  • Large ring 18mm
  • Small curve ring 19mm
  • Medium curve ring 20mm
  • Large curve ring 21mm
  • Extra large curve ring 22mm

Each size has a corresponding circumference of 41-69 millimetres. The British and European equivalents are available to reference via the size guide chart.

Shop savvy at ASOS

If you’re a regular shopper at ASOS, you’ll be happy to hear that there are various ways to save money, including ASOS discount codes, first order discounts, student discount and shopping in one of the many ASOS sales. Make sure you’ve signed up to the newsletter and have downloaded the app, so you’ll be notified of the latest promotions and can update your wardrobe for less.