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The Best Vegan Easter Eggs

31 Mar 2021

We think that when it comes to holidays, there's no greater gift than the gift of chocolate. Whether they're religious or not, you're sure to have a family member or two who will appreciate an Easter egg this spring. But with increasingly complex dietary and ethical requirements to contend with, you want to make sure you're inclusive with your chocolate choices.

To make inclusivity affordable, most of us tend to pick up our Easter eggs during the weekly shop, so we've rounded up the best vegan easter eggs and more, in Groupon's Guide to The best vegan Easter eggs. We’ve covered Easter eggs to suit a whole range of other dietary requirements too, so no one has to miss out!

co-op vegan chocolate easter egg

The Best Vegan Easter Egg



With veganism growing in popularity year-on-year, you'll be hard pushed to find a major supermarket that doesn't offer its own vegan Easter egg. Co-op has gone all-out with its dairy-free easter egg offering, presenting not just a vegan Easter egg but also a fistful of vegan-friendly, individually-wrapped truffles, all featuring a hint of caramel. Buying Co-op's own-brand Free From Chocolate Egg and Truffles is cheaper than buying from an independent chocolatier, which is why you can snap up a 100% vegan easter egg in Co-op for less than a fiver. You can also pick up some vegan chocolate lollies to sweeten the deal – perfect for prizes as part of an Easter egg hunt.

morissons vegan easter egg

The Best Gluten-Free Easter Egg



One of the more well-catered-for dietary requirements, gluten-intolerant and Celiac chocolate lovers have more choice than ever today, without a chalky chocolate egg in sight. Morissons has expanded its own free-from range, adding this glossy Free From Milk Chocolate Egg to the collection. This Easter egg comes complete with a family of chocolate chicks and bunnies so cute that you'll have to think twice before eating them. Buying a supermarket's own-brand, free-from Easter eggs is a sure-fire way to save money – all of the R&D and testing is done in-house, so they can scale up and offer free-from items at a lower cost. Other gluten-free chocolate treats in Morrisons free-from collection include giant chocolate buttons, candy chocolate slabs, and a range of chocolate chip cookies.

divine pal-oil free easter egg

The Best Palm Oil-Free Easter Egg



Divine has been a trailblazer in the ethical chocolate sphere for decades. It started out in the 90s as a collective of cocoa farmers in Ghana who wanted to set up their own Fair Trade-compliant business bringing ethical chocolate to the masses. Today, they're bringing orangutan welfare into the mix by offering palm oil-free chocolate variants ­– plus, they taste great too. This deliciously rich, smooth Divine Dark Chocolate With Raspberries Easter Egg is available at Tesco, complete with bursts of real raspberries encased in a thick chocolate shell. If you buy it from Tesco rather than Holland & Barratt or Oxfam, you'll save 99p.

thorntons nut-free easter egg

The Best Vegetarian Easter Egg and the Best Nut-Free Easter Egg



It might seem like an odd category to include on our alternative supermarket Easter eggs round-up – if it's made from chocolate, surely all Easter eggs are vegetarian, right? While most chocolate is vegetarian, it's the sweet surprises that accompany your Easter egg that might not be veggie-friendly. For example, Maynard's Jelly Chicks include animal-based gelatine, which isn't suitable for vegetarians, so if you're looking for an egg that's 100% veggie-friendly, check out the fine print on the box; or steer clear of anything including jelly treats, like jelly beans or gummy worms. We love Thorntons’ Continental Milk Chocolate Egg, from Sainsbury's which is 100% vegetarian and 100% delicious. It’s also, in our opinion, Thorntons do the best nut-free Easter egg. Just make sure you save some room for the assorted white, dark and milk chocolates that accompany it.

green & blacks organic milk chocolate egg

The Best Organic Easter Egg



Do you find yourself reaching for organic options over processed ones in the supermarket? Many Easter eggs include preservatives in the chocolate shell to keep them fresh, and some chocolate contains milk from cows that have consumed antibiotics. But organic-certified products guarantee the raw materials don't come from these sources. Green & Blacks is one of the best-known mainstream organic chocolatiers, and this velvety Green & Blacks Organic Milk Chocolate Easter Egg is one of their best and a steal at £6.59 for organic chocolate. Pick one up from Waitrose along with Green & Blacks selection boxes, chocolate slabs and even chocolate ice cream.

asda moo free easter egg

The Best Free-From (pretty much) Everything Easter Egg



Asda has launched its most inclusive Easter ever this year, including more than 12 free-from Easter eggs in its collection. Prices range from £3 for an Asda Free From Egg in white chocolate and strawberry, up to £5.99 for the Nomu Vegan & Free From Egg, in hazelnut crunch, caramel and sea salt and fruit and nut. But taking the crown by ticking every single box on our alternative Easter egg list is the Moo Free Mint Easter Egg for £5.99. Moo Free Eggs are (deep breath): palm oil-free, veggie, vegan, dairy-free and organic. Plus, they're all made in a dedicated free-from factory ­– the ultimate chocolate gift for any dietary requirement.

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