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Currys PC World Recycling Guide

12 Jan 2021

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Currys is committed to becoming the UK’s greenest tech retailer. It aims to encourage and help customers to buy more energy-efficient items and reduce waste. The popular electronics retailer has an excellent, award-winning recycling scheme which rescues a massive 65,000 tonnes of waste each year. In this article, we’ll discuss how the scheme works and explain how to recycle common household items.

What is the Currys Recycling Service?

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The Currys Recycling Service offers a convenient way to dispose of and recycle old electrical items and appliances. It covers everything from laptops, printers, and ink, to ovens, washing machines, and fridge freezers. If you’re having a new item delivered, Currys will remove your old item. However, you don’t even need to be a customer to use the service, as anyone can drop off old tech in-store for free.

How to recycle laptops at Currys

Currys will recycle your old laptop for free through its recycling service. You can either bring your laptop to a Currys store or pass it to your delivery driver when they arrive with your new items. There are no brand or specification requirements, and the laptop doesn’t even need to be in working order. If it does work, you should always remove any personal data before recycling. 

How to recycle a printer at Currys

Printers can be quickly and easily recycled at Currys, even if you initially purchased them from another retailer. All brands are accepted, though you can only drop off small, desktop-style printers in-store. If you’re looking to recycle a large office or industrial printer, you’ll need to add this option at the checkout when you place a new online order. 

How to recycle ink at Currys

Are old ink cartridges cluttering up your office? Just pop into your local Currys store to recycle them for free. In some stores, you’ll find specific ink recycling bins near the entrance.

How to recycle mobile phones at Currys

You can drop off mobile phones at your local store too. As with laptops, they can be of any brand and don’t need to be in working order, but if they do work, you should make sure you delete any personal data first.

How to recycle fridge freezers at Currys

You’ll need to make sure any large appliances such as fridge freezers are in a fit state before you arrange for Currys to collect them. This includes defrosting freezer compartments, and making sure there is no water left inside. 

How to recycle washing machines and tumble dryers at Currys

Unless you opt for the Home Installation Service too, you’ll need to make sure any washing machines and tumble dryers are entirely disconnected and drained before Currys collects them for recycling. 

How to recycle dishwashers at Currys

Dishwashers follow the same rules as other large appliances when using the Currys Recycling Service. They’ll need to be emptied and free of water before the retailer can collect them unless you’ve paid for the Home Installation Service too.

How to recycle ovens at Currys

Currys can collect all ovens for recycling. If you have a gas or dual-fuel oven, you’ll need to have a Gas Safe registered engineer disconnect it beforehand. You’ll also need to unfix any integrated ovens from their housing units. 

Alternatively, if you’ve paid for the Installation Service with your new cooker, you can contact the retailer by Webchat to let them know you have a gas oven. The store will arrange to send one of their Gas Safe registered engineers to remove your old model.

How to recycle small kitchen appliances at Currys

You can drop off small kitchen appliances such as toasters, blenders, and microwaves in-store if you wish to recycle them. If Currys is delivering a large appliance to you, the driver will usually take away any small appliances for free.

How to recycle batteries at Currys

As with ink cartridges, look out for dedicated battery recycling bins in your local store. You can drop most household batteries into these bins. This includes AA or AAA batteries, and those found in mobile phones, computers, and wristwatches. You can’t recycle industrial batteries or car batteries at Currys.

Currys recycling in-store or upon delivery

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It’s free to recycle items in-store, providing they are smaller electricals or electronics such as computers, toasters, floor cleaners or TVs. These can be items purchased from Currys or any other retailer. 

If you want to recycle upon delivery, the retailer’s drivers will take away any of the following unwanted appliances at the same time as dropping off any new items:

  • Washing machines, washer dryers, and tumble dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Fridges, freezers, and fridge freezers
  • Cookers and ovens
  • Gas hobs, electric hobs, and hoods
  • TVs over 42”
  • Small appliances such as kettles, toasters, and microwaves

You’ll be able to add the recycling service at the online checkout when placing your order, with prices starting from £15. The removal of any small appliances is free, providing there’s room in the van, and you don’t need to add the recycling service at the checkout for these items.  

You must safely disconnect any large appliances before collection takes place, and unfix any integrated or built-in appliances. The only exception to this is if you’ve chosen to pay for the Installation Service. In this case, the installers will disconnect your old item for you.

How to earn more with the Currys trade-in programme

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You might prefer to use the Currys trade-in programme. Under this programme, you can trade-in your old device online or in-store and get a gift card to use towards a future purchase. Most types and makes of devices are accepted, even if they’re damaged or not working. You can use the handy online calculator to quickly receive a valuation for your item. However, make sure you accurately describe the device and mention any defects. If you trade-in online, and the device received doesn’t match the details you provided, the trade-in value may vary.

Save even more with the Currys Go Greener range

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Currys has identified several products that are better for the planet and included these within its Go Greener range. This collection includes the top tech to save water, save energy, or reduce waste, such as washing machines featuring load detection and quick wash cycle options. 

If you buy from this product range, you’ll save with free delivery, free installation, and free recycling. You’ll also save money by using less water or energy depending on the appliance.

If you’re in search of a replacement for your recycled item, be sure to check out the latest Currys discount codes for a brilliant deal.