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Circus in London - The Top Options BY: NATALIE DE LUCA | 5.1.2016

Circus in London   Whether you want to get involved and experience flying on a trapeze first hand, or prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, we’ve got a roundup of everything circus in London.  From spectacular cabaret perfromances to restaurant’s with a twist, and whilst we’d normally say don’t try this at home, on this occassion it’s kind

Fashion Courses in London
There are numerous fashion courses to take across London that will enable you to follow your passion for fashion. Why not try your hand at learning the best tips in fashion styling, opt for learning a new skill such as pattern cutting or how about an introduction into textile designing. Whichever you decide there are plenty fashion courses in London to get your creative juices flowing.
Top 5 Yoga Classes In Central London
Whether you are a beginner or more of an expert in the Yoga field, in Central London there are numerous Yoga classes you can attend to suit all skill levels and have fun at the same time. So if you fancy giving yoga a go or just looking for a new type of class to try, here are the top Yoga classes to try out in London.
5 Reasons to Visit Brixton
Zone 2 Brixton benefits from excellent transport links thanks to the speedy Vitoria Line and the numerous bus routes which serve it.With a Lido and the excellent Brockwell Park on it´s doorstep Brixton is a great place both to live and visit. If you n
A Guide to London's Westfield Shopping Centre
Shopping in London can sometimes be overwhelming. With so many areas to choose from it can be hard deciding where to start. That is why I absolutely love the ease of Westfield Shopping Centre. Located in Shepherd’s Bush and also one in Stratford City, both centres offer a wide variety of stores, cafes and restaurants for a really fantastic day out shopping.
A Guide to Heathrow Airport Parking
The United Kingdom’s busiest and largest airport is London Heathrow; it attracts over 70 million passengers every year. Travellers using the airport for their domestic and international journey take advantage of the various mode of public transport that connects the airport to various parts of the capital city.People using their own car to drive to
Would you be brave enough to climb the O2?
In the past few years the O2 has transformed into more than just a place where you go to see your favourite band. One of the more recent additions is Up at the O2 which challenges you to climb over the 50 metre structure to see a great view of the London skyline.
Tips for Dealing With Running Injuries
Injury is something every runner fears. What can you do to treat running injuries and get back up and running?
Forge a New Running Route Through London
Bored of running the same old route round the same old streets? You need to shake up your run and go explore London. There are plenty of new routes for you to find, whether you like the gritty drama of busy urban streets unfolding in front of you or the quiet serenity of woodland to run through - London has it all.
London for Literary Fans
London is buzzing with museums, walks and sites that celebrate the city’s link with literature. You can go on city jaunt or drink in a famous haunt. Be amazed by authors’ living quarters and even get inspired to write yourself…
Run, Swim and Cycle Yourself Around Olympic Park London
London 2012 may be just a warm, fuzzy memory now, but Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London remains and it’s now open to the public to enjoy. You can follow in the footsteps of Chris Hoy and speed round the velodrome or make a splash like Ellie Simmonds.
Top 5 Soft Play Centres North London
With London’s decidedly changeable (read: wet) weather, a great list of soft play areas in London is a must-have for every parent. My kids are like a couple of mischievous puppies when they’re cooped up in the house for too long, so I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur on ball ponds and indoor climbing frames.
24 Hours in London
You have 24 hours in London and want to jam in as much eating, drinking, sightseeing and shopping as possible? Look no further than our guide to everything you need to do to spend a great 24 hours in London. 09.00am: Start the Day with a Great Breakfast - Best London Brunch Spots 10.30am: Find a Jar of Moles 11.40am: Grab a Coffee with Some Cats! - London's Quirkiest Cafes 12.00pm: Try Some Vintage Shopping - Vintage Shopping in London 1pm: Lunch! - London's Best Street Food Burgers
Challenge Yourself at a London Triathlon Event
Triathlon is a fast growing sport. Since the nation watched the Brownlee brothers battle it out across the race that combines a swim, bike and run in the London Olympics, more and more people have been trying it out for themselves. This is great news for triathletes because it means that more and more events are popping up with lots of them aimed at the beginner triathlete.
Where to do Indoor Cycling in London
Bad weather. Urgh. It can make cycling more of a pain in the backside than usual. While a good pair of gloves and a waterproof jacket will see you able to cope with most of the colder months, on days when it’s rainy, windy or you just can’t face wrapping yourself in several layers of Lycra, the best course of action is to stay indoors. But that doesn’t have to mean you stop pedalling - there are plenty of options for indoor cycling in London.
How to Get a Place in the London Marathon
It’s as the biggest marathon in the UK with 36,000 runners streaming through the streets of London every April. But despite the number of places in the race, getting a spot to take part in the event can seem as big a challenge as completing the 26.2 mile run.
Quirky Things to do on a Rainy Day in London
London, having its fair share of rainy days, is built for things to do when the weather is glum. A rainy day is a great excuse to do something unusual and luckily there’s a diverse spectrum of quirky museums and craft activities waiting for you to get involved. Here are my favourite alternative things to do on a rainy day in London.
Top London Races - From 5k to Ultra-Marathon
London isn’t short of running races. Pretty much any weekend throughout the year you could find yourself lining up at the start of anything from a 5k to an ultra. But with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here’s my pick of London races, along with recommendations for post-race celebrations.
Take the Plunge in one of London's Lidos
For those few sunny months during the summer when the mercury rises and our city swelters, London’s lidos are full of people trying to keep their cool. But lidos aren’t just for summer, some of those listed below are open all year round. Dust off your goggles and enjoy a spot of swimming outside, whatever the weather.
5 Reasons to Take Kids to The British Museum
I have a confession to make - a day out with my kids can be hard work. Every outing starts with a dispute about whether or not a skin tight crocodile costume (for the kids, not me) is the best thing to wear in central London. Then there are the last wees, the interminable tube ride and the near heart-attack every time they forget to ‘mind the gap’. By the time we arrive at our destination all I want is a stiff drink. The British Museum is one of the few places that makes the effort and palpitations worthwhile. Here’s why:
Best Things to do in London
Groupon is about to award restaurants and merchants all over the world with 'Local Stars' for being the very best in their locality. All this talk of recognising the best in town inspired me to ask the bloggers who write for City Guide to give their personal recommendations for the best things to do in London. In no particular order...Strolling alo
5 Ways to Discover Victorian London
Until very recently my knowledge of London in the Victorian era was pretty much limited to what I learned in The Muppets Christmas Carol. My six-year old daughter, the expert on all things Victorian, has taken it upon herself to educate me properly. ‘Yes’, she acknowledges, ‘the Victorians did have the most excellent hats.’ She rolls her eyes when I ask whether they really had rats for book-keepers.
London for Free: Top 5 Near Trafalgar Square
There are so many things to do in London for free that it can be a little overwhelming to say the least. Here’s five unforgettable attractions and days out within a short walk of one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world: Trafalgar Square.
3 Best London Gyms for Families
Finding a good London gym with a crèche or kids club can be pretty tricky. Here are my favourite three London gyms for families.
London for Charles Dickens Fans
Dicken's life and literature come alive by visiting some of London's oldest pubs and quirkiest architectural gems.
Rainy Days Out in London with Boisterous Toddlers
With toddlers in tow, the merest hint of drizzle can be enough to make any parent want to cry. Here 5 best toddler-friendly rainy days out in London.
London's Best Parks For Running
Grass, trees, benches - you’ve seen one park you’ve seen them all right? Wrong. London’s parks all offer something different for runners to explore.
A Local's Guide to London's Art Trails
Art trails are a great way to keep up to date with the contemporary art scene, or discover a part of London’s artistic history you never knew about. Some of the best trails have been set up by community art projects, bringing together local artists and galleries. Others are created naturally by artistic hubs in London.
Introducing Julie Pallot
With the risk of sounding like someone featured in the infamous You Tube video 'Dickheads are Cool', I live in East London and "I am a part time blogger" (not about my balls) about the London Art Scene. I have written for around seven years now, the idea being to cut through all the boring contemporary art snobbery and find the very best, the most underground, the most up and coming, the most incredibly brilliant and exciting art showing in London. I want to write about it without the art history jargon that comes with so much contemporary art writing and also support the art charities, struggling artists and collectives doing their thing. I have yet to put on my own vegan crunk night but I'm sure I will soon.

Julie Pallot: Art Sleuth

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Where to Find a Jar of Moles in London
Housing thousands of skeletons, skulls, and bug-eyed animals suspended in formaldehyde, the Grant Museum of Zoology isn’t your average museum. The first time I came across it, I had been strolling around the higgledy-piggledy collection of buildings that make up UCL’s central campus. It started raining, so I ducked into the nearest building… and came face to face with a jar of moles.
Introducing Laura Fountain
Laura Fountain is a journalist, blogger, author and editor living and running in London. After 26 years of inactivity, Laura started running and has since run eight marathons and is now training for an Ironman triathlon. Her blog Lazy Girl Running, was turned into a book ‘The Lazy Runner’. It follows Laura from clueless couch potato to finishing her first sub-4 hour marathon and offers advice that she's learnt along the way.
Three Ways to Wear Out the Kids in and Around Muswell Hill
My kids seem to have enough energy to power an entire neighbourhood, so I jump at any opportunity to wear them out. Thankfully, in and around Muswell Hill there seem to be countless things to do, with everything from adventure playgrounds and skate parks to slightly creepy swan-shaped pedalos. My top picks are three year-round activities they’ll never forget.

Bust Some Moves

There is something about breaking out a bit of ‘crazy legs’ at a party that makes even the most paunch-building and balding 40-something Dad feel young again. Be warned, though, he will spend the next three days complaining that all of his limbs hurt, claiming that the problem lies not in his age but in the quality of the linoleum floor.
Dance Yourself Fit! Best Dance Classes in London
What’s a music video dance class? Staggering around a dance floor trying to remember the moves to All the Single Ladies? No, it’s not what you do on a Saturday night after a few too many drinks - it’s a new viable alternative to the gym and a lot more fun than spending 45 minutes on a cross trainer.
Alternative Date Ideas For Hopeless Romantics in London
Stuck for ideas for a date? Why not conjure up some romance with a cultural jaunt in London. Take your date for a romantic stroll through the grounds of a beautiful historic house or art gallery. Shake up the traditional movie date by visiting a cinema with a difference. Take your date to a gallery late night opening or a preview evening. The options for an alternative date in London are endless!
A Londoner’s Guide to Getting Your Mojo Back
A ‘great time’ used to mean laughing so hard my sides ached or climbing a mountain just because it was there. I’d spent years embracing life with optimism, self-assuredness and pluck. But, one day... poof! My zing had disappeared. Suddenly, the height of excitement meant watching The West Wing while extolling the virtues of my friend’s slanket.
Where to Bend and Stretch in London
Not all yoga classes in London are created equal and it’s likely you’re going to have to do bit of legwork before you find a class that you like. The good news is that London has loads of yoga classes for you to try. Do you want to get in touch with your spiritual side or just have a good old stretch? Want to relax and chill out or work hard and break out a sweat? Yoga takes on lots of different forms, even before you throw in the personal differences that each teacher brings with them.
How to Start Running
Running is brilliant. It’s great exercise, it clears the mind and you can do it where you want, when you want (to a certain extent). But getting started, if you’re new to running, can be overwhelming. Having gone from an exercise phobic couch potato who couldn’t run more than 400m to having completed seven marathons in the past few years, I think I’m ideally placed to help you get started.
London for Harry Potter Fans
As a fantasy fiction fanatic, I’d spent years of my life entranced by the realms of Middle Earth, Winterfell and Tigana. No surprise then, that when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone appeared on shelves in 1997, I fully embraced Hogwarts and London’s magical parallel world. Embarrassingly, I think I recall being shushed for shouting at the screen in excitement when I recognised Leadenhall market in the very first film. Chances are, you’re one of the 450 million* others captivated by Harry Potter, and quite possibly one of the people who shushed me in that cinema. Either way, you’ll love this five step guide to London for Harry Potter fans!

1. Stay in the Wizard Chambers at The Georgian House Hotel

Four poster bed inside the Wizard Chambers of the Georgian House Hotel
Projecting Movies For Over 100 Years - London's Oldest Cinema
The Phoenix Cinema has been around for over a century. Old schmold, right? I mean, in London I seem to be surrounded by thousand year old buildings so, in comparison, 100 years doesn’t seem all that impressive.
Where to Find Street Art in London
Street art is in constant flux. Pieces can disappear when councils go on sporadic painting sprees or can become unrecognisable through tagging. But there are areas of London that are guaranteed spots for incredible pieces, even if what you thought was there is gone. There are galleries dedicated solely to the movement too, which made its transition from street to the gallery (mainly thanks to Banksy) over a decade ago.
The Best Swimming Pools in London
From beginner to seasoned swimmer - there’s a swimming pool in London to suit everyone. Whether it's for families, fun or fitness, here's my top five:
Introducing Janis Curry
Janis's award winning blog Really Kid Friendly is one of the most authoritative websites for family things to do in London. Click to read her articles...