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Teeth Cleaning in London

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Life in London can be fast-paced – that’s why we love it right? But when things get busy, we can often put our health to one side. Oral hygiene can quickly pass you by, and all those coffees to go and wine o’clocks can soon add up. Professional teeth cleaning can dial-up your smile – maintaining healthy gums and removing stains. Check out teeth cleaning vouchers in London.

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Dental Scale and Polish With X-Ray from £29 at Urgent Dental Care (Up to 74% Off)
Dental Scale and Polish
Brent Cross, North London 5.9 km
£50.00 from £29.00
42% discount_off
Dental Check-Up, Scale and Polish at Waldron Dental Clinic Aesthetics and Smile Centre (69% Off)
Dental Check-Up, Scale and Polish
London 4.6 km
£95.00 £29.00
69% discount_off
Dental Check-Up, Scale and Polish at Unique Dental and Facial Clinic (74% Off)
Dental Check-Up, Scale and Polish
London 3.7 km
£110.00 £29.00
73% discount_off
£39 for a Consultation, Air Polish and a Hygiene Session (78% Off)
Teeth Polish with Consultation
London 1.4 km
£180.00 £39.00
78% discount_off
Scale and Polish With Examination and X-Rays for £39 at NW Smile (72% Discount)
Dental Scale and Polish
London 1.7 km
£140.00 £39.00
72% discount_off
Dental Exam with Sparkle Airflow Polish at London Dental Centre (76% Off)
Dental Exam with Sparkle Airflow Polish
The City 1.8 km
£135.00 £32.99
75% discount_off
Dental Examination with Scale, Polish, and X-Ray at Blackheath Dental Care (68% Off)
Dental Examination
Blackheath 6.6 km
£90.00 £29.00
67% discount_off
Dental Check-Up with X-Rays, Ultrasonic Scaling and Optional Air Polish at Tooting Bec Dental Clinic (Up to 72% Off)
Check-Up with Scaling and Polish
Tooting Bec 5.5 km
£100.00 from £37.00
63% discount_off
Dental Check-Up With X-Rays (£28) Plus Polish (£39) at Lavender Hill Dental Practice (Up to 52% Off*)
Dental Check-Up With X-Rays
London 3.5 km
from £28.00
Orthodontic Consultation at Ortho London
Orthodontic Consultation
LONDON 1.2 km
£50.00 £21.00
58% discount_off
Dental Exam with Scale and Polish and two Digital Xrays at Best Health Clinics (57% Off)
Dental Exam with Scale and Polish and Two Digital Xrays
Hornchurch 15.4 km
£63.00 £27.00
57% discount_off
Dental Exam with a Scale, Polish and X-Ray at Kent Dental Spa With Optional 50% Off Home Teeth Whitening Kit (67% Off)
Dental Exam with Scale and Polish
Bromley 11.9 km
£83.00 £27.00
67% discount_off
Dental Examination With X-Rays (£29) Plus Scale and Polish (£38) at SW Smiles (Up to 67% Off)
Dental Examination
London 3.0 km
£55.00 from £29.00
47% discount_off
Clean, Scale and Polish with Optional Dental Check-Up and X-Ray at Savay Dental Care (Up to 68% Off)
Clean, Scale and Polish
Harefield 16.7 km
£55.00 from £24.00
56% discount_off
Dental Examination and Polish with Optional Two X-Rays at VidaDent (Up to 70% Off)
Dental Exam and Polish
London 2.8 km
£40.00 from £19.00
52% discount_off
Dental Examination with Scale, Polish and X-Ray at Broadway Dental Studio (Up to 59% Off)
Dental Exam with Scale and Polish
London 9.0 km
£85.00 from £35.00
58% discount_off
Dental Examination with Scale, Polish, and X-Ray at Blackheath Dental Care (55% Off)
Dental Examination
Blackheath 6.6 km
£75.00 £34.00
54% discount_off
Dental Check-Up, X-Ray and Exam or Oral Hygiene with Optional Filling at Complex Smile Implant Centre (Up to 64% Off)
Dental Check-Up, X-Ray and Exam
London 3.1 km
£90.00 from £39.00
7 bought
56% discount_off
Dental Examination with Scale, Polish and X-Ray at Stock Hill Dental Care (53% Off)
Dental Exam with Cleaning
Biggin Hill 15.1 km
£77.00 £36.00
53% discount_off
Ethicare Dental: Check-Up, Clean and Air Polish
Dental Check-Up, Clean and Polish
Ethicare Dental 4.9 km
Dental Exam with X-Rays and Optional Scale and Polish at Chelsea Dental Studio (Up to 74% Off)
Dental Exam with X-Rays
London 2.7 km
£190.00 from £49.00
74% discount_off
Hygiene and Dental Examination with Two X-Rays at Confident Smile (62% Off)
Dental Exam with Two X-Rays
Multiple Locations 5.8 km
£103.00 £39.00
62% discount_off

Teeth cleaning in London: things to know before you go

Whether you want to remove stains, prevent gum disease or banish bad breath – find out the benefits of teeth cleaning in London.

What does the dental hygienist do at a teeth cleaning session?

Dental hygienists specialise in all aspects of oral health. Most treatments are quick and straightforward, but longer sessions are available too. Here’s how teeth cleaning usually works:

  1. Book your teeth cleaning treatment in London.
  2. Once you arrive and your session begins, the hygienist will examine your teeth and general mouth health. If you have never visited a hygienist before, they may decide the treatment is unsuitable for you.
  3. The hygienist uses a scaler and mirror to remove plaque and tartar build-up, in between teeth and around the gum line.
  4. They will also polish your teeth using a high-powered electric tooth brush and gritty toothpaste.
  5. Your teeth are also flossed to remove any residues.
  6. Rinse your mouth with a wash that contains liquid fluoride.
  7. Finally, a fluoride treatment is applied to protect your teeth.

At teeth cleaning clinics in London, you also have the option of using X-Rays, Ultrasonic Scaling and Air Polish to boost results even further, with great prices and offers available..

Is dental cleaning harmful for my teeth?

Dental cleaning is perfectly safe in the vast majority of cases. Many people have professional teeth cleaning treatment in London once or twice a year.

Your mouth contains a lot of bacteria, some of which can be harmful for your teeth, gums and general health. Unlike the rest of your body, your mouth is not able to shed this bacteria naturally – meaning that thorough teeth cleaning is required to get rid of it.

If you’re looking for more cosmetic solutions to discoloured or crooked teeth, you might be more suited to teeth whitening or Invisalign.

Is teeth cleaning and periodontal treatment painful?

  • Teeth cleaning can be uncomfortable, but it’s rarely painful. This is because it’s simply a more thorough form of brushing your teeth, which you should do twice daily. What’s more, many people find it gets more bearable with each treatment.
  • Periodontal treatment is more likely to cause pain as it’s a more intensive deep cleaning process designed to remove well-embedded plaque and tartar deposits.

If you’re apprehensive about your dental treatment, talk to your dentist or hygienists about the options available.

Does regular teeth cleaning improve dental health?

Regular teeth cleaning can reduce the risks of gum disease, remove stains and treat bad breath – supporting your general dental health. What’s more, having your teeth thoroughly cleaned regularly can boost your confidence while going about your typical London routines such as meeting friends for coffee, or heading on a night out in Soho.

The best part is that your fresh oral hygiene will give you a gorgeous gleaming smile and fresh breath – making all the difference to your confidence whether you’re heading to a hot date in Chelsea or indulging in some retail therapy in Soho.

There are multiple teeth cleaning centres in London north, south east and west, varying in costs. From Marylebone, to Bayswater, to West Hampstead, there are places across the city where you can drop by at your convenience.

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