There's nothing better than curling up with a big mug of tea and a good book or catching up with friends over coffees and a chocolate cake in your local cafe. Here at Groupon we would love all of our wonderful Brighton customers to be able to treat yourselves in a cafe as much as you like! And so we are tremendously pleased to be offering you these fabulous cafe vouchers for Brighton. These great vouchers give you some brilliant discounts at local cafes: up to seventy percent off in fact! So why not call up your friends ow and ask them out for a lively pot of tea courtesy of Groupon?

Saving money at a cafe could not be more convenient!

We know that convenience is really important to you when you are looking to get a nice drink and maybe a sandwich or a cake or two at a local cafe. And that is why we have ensured that, as with all if our fabulous restaurant offers, you can use these cafe vouchers for Brighton to get your discount of up to seventy percent at any local cafe that you like. And what is more, you can use these cafe vouchers for Brighton to buy anything that takes your fancy. So whether you'd like a quick macaroon during your coffee break or whether you are looking to enjoy an indulgent lunch in the middle of the working day, these amazing cafe vouchers for Brighton are for you!

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