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Hair Straightening in London

Discover great Hair Straightening deals near you


Banish bad hair days and make great savings with a wide variety of hair straightening vouchers in London. There’s nothing quite like that confident after-salon strut that comes with knowing your hair is on point, whether you’re headed into the capital for a day out or getting ready for that all important meeting at the office. Transform your morning regime from a battle against time and get ready for the commute with ease by finding a hair straightening salon near you and enjoy silkier locks for the long haul – make your hair cut work for you.

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Brazilian Blow-Dry with Optional Cut at Jackie & Co, Two Locations (Up to 49% Off)
Brazilian Blow-Dry
London 3.9 km
£90.00 from £49.00
45% discount_off
Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Optional Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry at Ioanna's Creative Hair and Extensions (Up to 51% Off)
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
London 1.0 km
£109.00 from £59.00
45% discount_off
Brazilian Keratin Treatment with Cut and Blow-Dry at Fascination Hair and Beauty
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
London 4.5 km
Brazilian Keratin Treatment with Optional Wash and Cut at Dubai Beauty Salon (Up to 53%Off)
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Harrow 10.7 km
£100.00 from £47.00
53% discount_off
Blow-Dry with Olaplex and Optional Cut at Lux Studio (Up to 60% Off)
Blow-Dry with Olaplex
London 4.5 km
£68.00 from £27.00
60% discount_off
Brazilian Keratin Treatment with Optional Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry at Sima Hair And Beauty Salon (Up to 52% Off)
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
London 7.1 km
£95.00 from £49.00
48% discount_off
Brazilian Blow-Dry with Professional Cut from Hush (Up to 83% Off)
Brazilian Blow-Dry, Hammersmith
Fulham 4.4 km
£350.00 from £59.00
83% discount_off
Brazilian Blow-Dry with Optional Cut from Renner Menezzes Brazilian Hair Stylist (Up to 65% Off)
Brazilian Blow-Dry
London 0.6 km
£200.00 from £69.00
65% discount_off
Keratin Straightening Treatment with Optional Cut and Blow-Dry at Mono Hairdressing (Up to 77% Off)
Keratin Straightening Treatment
London 3.2 km
£249.00 from £55.00
77% discount_off
Keratin Hair Treatment with Optional Cut at Organic Keratin (Up to 53% Off)
Organic Keratin Hair Treatment
London 1.9 km
£149.00 from £69.00
53% discount_off
Cut, Blow-Dry and Keratin Straightening at Hair & Nails, Hollywood Road (69% Off)
Cut, Blow-Dry and Keratin
Continental Hotel 29 - 31 3.0 km
£220.00 £69.00
68% discount_off
Brazilian Blow-Dry at Lily's Hair and Beauty
Brazilian Blow-Dry
London 5.1 km
Brazilian Blow-Dry at Glo Hair (71% Off)
Brazilian Blow-Dry
northwood hills 13.7 km
£160.00 £45.00
71% discount_off
Keratin Treatment with Cut and Blowdry at Kensington Skin Care (69% Off)
Keratin Treatment
London 2.9 km
£220.00 £69.00
68% discount_off
Keratin Hair Treatment with Optional Cut and Blow-Dry at Her Cut Salon
Keratin Hair Treatment
Barnet 8.2 km
from £59.00
Brazilian Keratin Blow-Dry at Daniel Hair and Beauty (51% Off)
Brazilian Keratin Blow-Dry
Slough 20.0 km
£120.00 £59.00
50% discount_off
Cut and Brazilian Blow-Dry at Hush (80% Off)
Cut and Brazilian Blow-Dry
Fulham 4.4 km
£350.00 £69.00
80% discount_off
Keratin Smoothing Treatment. at Suzanne's
Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Woking 20.9 km
Brazilian Keratin Treatment at Rich Hair
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Ilford 10.5 km
Brazilian Blow-Dry at Styles Ahead, Two Locations (Up to 55% Off)
Brazilian Blow-Dry
Multiple Locations 8.6 km
£110.00 £49.00
55% discount_off
Keratin Treatment at Hair And Beauty Esthetic By Vertigo (39% Off)
Keratin Treatment
London 10.6 km
£80.00 £49.00
38% discount_off
Brazilian Blow-Dry with Optional Cut at Hairways (Up to 52% Off)
Brazilian Blow-Dry
London 5.0 km
£95.00 from £49.00
48% discount_off
Cut and Blowdry or Brazilian Blowdry With Optional Keratin Treatment at Visual Hair and Beauty (Up to 54% Off)
Cut and Blowdry
London 3.1 km
£30.00 from £19.00
36% discount_off
Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment with Optional Cut at Civette Hair and Beauty (Up to 55% Off)
Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Fulham 4.2 km
£120.00 from £59.00
50% discount_off
Keratin Treatment with Optional Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry at 2 Be Beautiful (Up to 67% Off)
Keratin Treatment
Hemel Hempstead 21.2 km
£150.00 from £49.00
67% discount_off
Keratin Treatment with Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry at Jasleem Beauty Parlour (46% Off)
Keratin Treatment, Cut and Blow-Dry
London 11.4 km
£90.00 £49.00
45% discount_off
Brazilian Keratin Treatment with a Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry at Headstart Hairdressers (51% Off)
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Swanscombe 19.0 km
£120.00 £59.00
50% discount_off

Hair straighening in London: things to know before you go

Fed up of that messy egg yolk mask? There’s an easier way to get lusciously straight locks every time with hair straightening salons in London. But what does it involve? Here are all the important questions answered about this fantastic beauty routine.

What are the best hair straightening treatments?

The best hair straightening salons will have a litany of tried and tested methods for turning that wavy weave into poker straight locks, but generally speaking, those in the know will plump for the expertise of the Far East and South America in the shape of Brazilian and Japanese smoothing treatments. But don’t worry, you’re not going to need a long-haul flight to indulge. Whether you’re cruising through Camden Market or navigating the 9-5 in Knightsbridge, there’s a hair straightening salon near you.

  • Japanese hair straightening treatments use both chemicals and heat and can last for up to 6 months. However, this process can involve stronger substances, so can be more damaging in the long run.
  • Keratin Brazilian hair straightening treatment makes use of the natural keratin protein already found in your hair.. After keratin is applied, a 450 degrees flat iron is used to seal the formula and fight that frizz. The best part is, on top of lasting up to 6 months, if you love it, you can get it done again and again without damaging your hair.

How can I stop my hair falling out after permanent hair straightening?

If you can’t leave home without running your locks through your flat iron, then the good news is that permanent hair straightening treatment means you’ll be exposing your hair to the heat far less often, so it’s less likely to get damaged. And while it’s true that chemical treatments can be damaging to your hair, there are ways to combat this. Regular intensive condition treatments will not only leave you looking like you’ve just stepped out of a shampoo ad, they’ll also restore moisture to your hair and prevent it from breaking. The pros recommend deep-conditioning your hair twice a week for two weeks before a treatment, and then once a week after.

How long does permanent hair straightening last for?

Professional hair straightening is not just for Christmas, and while it’s not for life either, it will get you through that festive season and beyond with ease. Wake up with wave-free silky hair for anything between eight weeks and 10 months, depending on your chosen treatment. Plus, with our great prices and deals on permanent hair straightening in london, you can make it part of your regular beauty schedule.

How can you maintain straight, silky hair?

Once you’ve been to one of our London salons for permanent hair straightening, there’s a few at-home remedies you can use to keep it silky straight for even longer.

  • Conditioning. After the salon treatment, your hair may feel dry due to the lack of natural oils. Until your hair naturally replenishes itself, use keratin based conditioners.
  • Argan Oil. Apply a small amount of this miracle liquid to the ends of your hair. It’s completely natural, so it will nourish your hair at the same time as adding shine. Win-win.
  • Lush brush. Choose a hairbrush with natural bristles, as this will pull the oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair, giving you a nourishing shine.

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