Why Take a Helicopter Ride in London?

Taking a helicopter ride in London is an unforgettable experience. Taking you over one-thousand-feet above the capital, you will not only get panoramic views of the city, but you will also see many world famous attractions and sites from an entirely new perspective. It's an ideal gift for a special occasion, and most companies offer certificates for this purpose. Flight options such as time and price vary a little between companies, but expect to pay around £200 a head for a standard twenty minute ride. Prices increase with duration, and it is often possible to rent the entire helicopter for a premium rate. Flight itineraries vary very little: most start in west London, taking a central route down the river Thames and terminating east of the city.

What You Can Expect to See

The shorter routes available on the market last approximately ten to fifteen minutes. These shorter excursions start a few miles east of the city; Clapham being a popular take-off spot. They then proceed to take in sites such as Battersea Power Station, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. The shorter flights land in the City of London whilst others extend as far out as the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Longer flights travel further both east and west, and also include landmarks such as Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, The Shard, and Kew Gardens. In the winter months, November to February, seeing London by evening helicopter rides are also offered. These flight itineraries are comparable to the day but depart at dusk offering a view of London as night falls.

Where to Book

The prices for a helicopter ride in London are largely standardised at around two hundred pounds per person for the average flight time. One of the most reputable companies on the market is The London Helicopter. The company is a registered member of the British Helicopter Association and has been awarded the certificate of excellence by TripAdvisor. Gift vouchers and special offers are available on the website but it's always worth shopping around. Other companies which offer flights include www.adventure001.com and www.londonpleasureflights.co.uk. External agents such as travel experts Get Your Guide and the Groupon offer discounted rates and special deals. Booking websites clearly state that flights are subject to weather conditions.

Some Extra Information About Helicopter Flights

It's important to remember when taking a commercial helicopter flight that several security procedures are in place that are similar to those or airplane travel. You will have to check in prior to departure and identification is required. Many items are not permitted on board, and it is strongly advised that you check with the company you book with more complete details. Those with medical issues such as a heart conditions or limited mobility are advised to contact both the company and their doctor beforehand. However, most people are fully able to take a Helicopter Ride London.

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