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Tickets and events in London: things to know before you go

With so much culture to soak up in a city as buzzing as London, it can be difficult to choose the right event for you. Indeed, there might be many that take your fancy. Check out these suggestions for the best things to do in London – whoever you’re going with and whatever you enjoy doing.

What are some things to do in London with kids?

A bustling city like London might not immediately feel like the best place for kids, but in fact, there are plenty of kids’ activities, that adults might just enjoy as well. For example:

  • The Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Interactive Exhibit at the Royal Docks is an easy win. It’s a whole new way to get under the skin of the magical Marvel universe with a multi-room experience which trains visitors to become agents of the Science Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network (yes, Marvel really does know how to work an acronym!)
  • Raver Tots is for kids, as well as parents who aren’t quite ready to hang up their dancing shoes. Blow off steam in a rave-style party in spots on both sides of the river, from Hoxton to Croydon. Resident DJs like Artful Dodger, Brandon Block, Slipmatt and Nicky Blackmarket bring the banging tunes, while youngsters are entertained by UV face painting, confetti, glow sticks, balloons, bubbles and giant parachutes (remember them?).

What are some things to do in London at night?

There’s no better place in the world to let your hair down after dark than London. Obviously, you have all the brilliant bars and restaurants, not to mention the amazing array of London concerts. There are less obvious choices too, though. Here are two ideas:

  • Comedy. London is the undisputable capital of comedy in the UK. Comedy clubs feature all different acts, from the hottest names on the British comedy circuit to up and comers trying to break into the industry. If you do your research and follow the right people, you might even find a big name comic trying out new material and get a great deal while you’re at it.
  • Burlesque. Cabaret clubs are booming in London. Many offer deals on dinner and entertainment – so you can be amazed while tucking into a three-course meal.

You might also try the circus, the theatre or one of the city’s many festivals. There’s always something on in the city that never sleeps.

What sort of festivals do you find in London?

There’s so much more to the festival scene than music and food these days (though those are great, too!). Whatever you’re a fan of, there’s a festival to match.

Keep an eye out for big events as diverse as The London Whisky Weekender and the Mind Body Spirit Festival. The usual beer festivals are now joined by gin and prosecco festivals, and there are whole days dedicated to wine too. There are also music festivals in every nook and cranny of London, covering everything from rock to garage to rum and reggae. Food festivals put the spotlight on all sorts as well, from chocolate masterpieces to cheese on everything.

What sort of sporting events are there to see in London?

Sports fans are guaranteed to be blown away with the sporting events on offer in London. Of course, there’s the famous stuff. London is home to some of the most successful football teams of the modern era, like Arsenal and Chelsea FC. You’ll also find equally prominent clubs in the world of rugby, football, hockey and netball with roots in London. The city also boasts the most iconic sports grounds in the world – Wembley and Lord’s Cricket Ground to name just two – all of which regularly stage matches and tournaments.

Beyond the headline events, however, you’ll also find thriving scenes such as extreme sports, basketball, American wrestling and…quidditch, anyone?