Manchester, sometimes referred to as the United Kingdom's second city after London, is characterised by its red brick buildings, lively night club culture, and wealth of shops. The city also offers a great choice of dental services too. As well as essential procedures, cosmetic treatments improving the appearance of teeth are widely available. When teeth have lost their natural brightness, take a trip to your local dentist, such as Mint Dental at St James Square in Manchester, and have them restored to a pearly brightness through whitening treatment. For a holistic approach, consider a visit to Kissdental, which is on Stanley Street - not far from Manchester Fort Shopping Park. There is an on-site café where you can sit and enjoy a relaxing cup of herbal tea before treatment.

A Pearly white smile with teeth whitening Manchester

Over time, teeth tend to take on an off-white, yellowish or even brown hue, which may be worsened by lifestyle habits, such as smoking, frequent coffee breaks, or drinking tea that contains tanine. However, this issue may be easily remedied with teeth whitening cosmetic treatment. There are numerous dentistry clinics in Manchester that provide teeth whitening services. In the Springfields District, a short walking distance from the Opera House, is Actualize Clinic on St John's Street, and Neo Derm Ltd on Deansgate. Teeth whitening usually involve a gel and laser procedure that takes about an hour, and can lighten teeth up to 14 shades.

Manchester teeth whitening services

Food, drink, and tobacco products often contain substances that cause teeth to lose their natural beauty and become stained. This issue can be remedied with a teeth whitening treatment at a dentistry clinic. Manchester is famous as being home to Old Trafford football club. For those that live, work or are planning to go to a football match in the Urmston area, there is a choice of local dentists that provide teeth whitening services. Manchester Dental and KS Dental are situated along Flixton Road, which is also the location of Urmston train station. Within a few minutes walking distance is the hallowed football club.

Manchester teeth whitening for a brighter smile

Teeth that have lost their dazzle can be safely restored to their former glory with teeth whitening in Manchester. Teeth whitening treatment at a dentist may involve a pre-consultation and examination. The treatment itself involves the application of whitening gel to the teeth, and the use of a special light beam to speed up the brightening process. In Manchester city centre, within walking distance of the Royal Exchange Theatre, St Ann's Church, major high street shops and eateries, are dentistry clinics that offer professional teeth whitening services. Situated at St Ann's Square in the Central Retail District is City Centre Dentist, which utilizes a mild bleach treatment to produce natural results, and reduce the chance of irritation to sensitive gums. A short distance between Chinatown and Manchester Oxford Road train station, is Ocean Dental Limited.

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