Richmond American Restaurants

Two-Course Meal With Soft Drink, Cocktail, or a Bottle of House Wine from Honky Tonk (Up to 50% Off)

Honky Tonk

Classic American fare including chicken wings, Halloumi burgers and freshly shaken cocktails are served at this Clapham restaurant

£26.40 £14.95

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Burger, Side and Premium Milkshake or Bottomless Soft Drinks at Fatburger (Up to 42% Off)

Fat Burger

Up to four diners can savour American-style meal prepared using quality ingredients at this eatery based in Camden

£12.50 £8

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Two-Course Burger Meal with a Side Dish for Two or Four at Brooklyn Bar and Diner (Up to 52% Off)

Brooklyn Bar and Diner

Enjoy a starter such as breaded chicken strips, followed by a main such as a satay chicken burger, complemented with a side dish of choice

£35.10 £17

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Burger or Hot Dog Meal With Cocktail from £9.50 at Honky Tonk, Clapham (Up to 54% Off)

Honky Tonk

A choice of either a burger or hot dog is accompanied by chips and a choice of cocktail such as a mojito or Long Island ice tea

£19.45 £9.50

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Burger with Fries and a Small Draft Beer for One, Two or Four at El Toro (Up to 56% Off)

El Toro

Patrons can tuck into hearty burgers paired with chips and a small glass of draught beer; halal meat is also available

£13 £7

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Two-Course Meal with a Drink for Up to Four at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co (Up to 34% Off)

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

Up to four diners can enjoy a selection of Cajun-style seafood, chicken, beef and veggie dishes, complemented with a drink each

£29.95 £19.95

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Burger Meal with Potato Skins for One or Two at Henry's Grill (Up to 44% Off)

Henrys Grill

One or two diners can feast on beef patties served in brioche bun with fresh veggies, complemented with chips and Mexican-style potato skins

£18.90 £11

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Breakfast Plate or Sausage and Mash with a Hot Drink for One or Two at Heap's Sausages (Up to 51% Off)

Heaps Sausages

Patrons can tuck into a breakfast plate or a sausage and mash meal, accompanied by a side of choice; includes a hot drink per person

£10.25 £5.95

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Two-Course American Set Menu (drink not included) or Three-Course American Set Menu with One Drink at Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood

This buzzing Piccadilly Circus restaurant is bringing a taste of the Hollywood Hills to the West End


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Waffle with Ice Cream or Topping and Hot Drink for One, Two or Four People at Bertotti Pure Italian

Bertotti Pure Italian

Up to four diners can enjoy an exquisite waffle with a choice of topping along with a coffee, hot chocolate, or tea


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American Waffle and Chocolate Bar Hot Chocolate from £5.50 at Love A Slice (42% Off)

Love A Slice

A range of waffles await sweet teeth, topped with flavours such as banoffee, strawberry lover, fruit fantasy or chocoholic

£12.10 £7.50

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FGV Burger with a Soft Drink for Two or Four at VegBar


Enjoy a signature FGV burger designed with the help of a celebrity blogger, Fat Gay Vegan; the meal includes fries and a soft drink

£23 £12

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Waffle or Crêpe with a Hot Drink for One or Two at Cravings Dessert (Up to 49% Off)

Cravings Dessert

Sweet tooths can tuck into a lavish crêpe or waffle enriched with fillings such as chocolate, sauces and fruits, and sip a hot drink

£7.80 £4.50

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Burger Meal and Beer for Up to Four at Vinyl Bar St Pauls

Vinyl Bar St Pauls
St Paul's

Diners can enjoy a juicy burger and follow it with a cold beer while catching up on sporting events scores


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Burger and Fries with a Half Pint of German Beer for Two or Four at Putney Fire Bar and Grill

Putney Fire Bar & Grill

Two or four guests can indulge in a selection of classic and vegetarian burgers served with fries and a half pint of German beer


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Burger, Fries and Drink for One or Two at Lounge Thirty Three (Up to 56% Off)

Lounge Thirty Three
The City

Diners can tuck into a beef, chicken or vegetarian burger with fries accompanied by a half pint of beer, cider or a glass of wine

£15.25 £7

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Burger with Fries and Beer or Wine for Two or Four at Vinothec Compass (Up to 46% Off)

Vinothec Compass

A chorizo or pulled pork burger is served with fries and complemented with a bottle of beer or a glass of house wine

£35.90 £19.95

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Choice of Waffle with Topping and Milkshake or Smoothie for Up to Four at WaffleDelight


Sweet tooths can enjoy a vanilla or cinnamon waffle with a choice of topping such as banana or strawberry alongside a milkshake or smoothie


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Two-Course Meal with Wine for Up to Four at Cagney's Restaurant (Up to 50% Off)

Cagney's Restaurant
Bloomsbury Russell Square

Up to four patrons can indulge in a two-course meal featuring dishes such as tortilla chips and gammon steak, accompanied by a glass of wine

£22.40 £13

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Waffle or Crêpe with Drink for Up to Four at Diners Lounge (Up to 45% Off)

Diners Lounge Ltd
London, Yiewsley

Guests can treat themselves to a waffle with strawberry sauce, cream and fruit or a crêpe with maple syrup and cinnamon

£5.45 £3.95

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Summer Salad, Fries and a Jug of Pimm's for Two or Four at Honky Tonk

Honky Tonk

Two or four patrons can enjoy a salad of choice, including steak, chicken Caesar or halloumi; complemented with fries and a jug of Pimm’s


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Chicken Soup, Burger with Fries and a Glass of Wine for One or Two at Bukushi (38% Off)


Guests sip wine as they enjoy a hearty two-course meal featuring a bowl of chicken soup and a gourmet burger paired with a portion of fries

£20.20 £12.50

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Three-Course Meal with a Bottle of Prosecco for Two at Honky Tonk

Honky Tonk

Two guests can share a bottle of Prosecco and enjoy a starter such as nachos, a main such as a chicken burger, and a dessert of choice


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