No two people can agree on what makes the perfect London pub: for some it is all about the beer - which they can indulge at places like the Euston Tap, where craft beers abound - while others are looking for entertainment - which can be found in the form of live music around the city on a nightly basis. Some people won't go anywhere without their beloved dog and others are looking to meet that special someone at one of London's multitude of singles nights. On top of all this, it probably should be local and the people inside should fizz with beauty, charm, wit and intelligence, no bar-room bores here please. A special offer here and there wouldn't go amiss too so maybe Groupon can help you out with your decision.

A glass of whatever you fancy

There are more than 6,000 pubs and bars in London, so there will always be one to suit any occasion - from lively dance spots in the West End for a Friday night full of glamour, to authentic street corner boozers in the suburbs, ideal for a quiet Sunday afternoon with the papers. Central London boasts the most fashionable bars with exclusive haunts like Phoenix Arts Club in Theatre Land and the devastatingly hip Darts venue at Old Street. During the summer months, riverside bars are very popular with outdoor seating offering tranquil repose on the banks of the mighty Thames. And in the bleak midwinter, traditional, cosy ingles can be found with a roaring fire and a pint of something to warm the cockles.

Pubs and Bars in London serving food

Pub grub has come a long way since the '70s when everything was served with chips in a basket. Most London pubs will serve food, but some have taken this to new gastronomic heights. One such example is The Jugged Hare, who have a state-of-the art eight-spit rotisserie, a charcoal grill, and serve seasonal British game. Gastropubs aren't just reserved for the trendy East End, every part of London has its own selection of drinking establishments with good food. In the south, the Anchor & Hope in Southwark serves straightforward food in artful form in a laid-back setting, and has a popular lunch menu. In the west, The Harwood is a Michelin-starred pub that offers two and three course set menus and champions British produce.

Star of the bar

For those who enjoy a bit of entertainment with their drinks, a number of activities take place in the pubs and bars London boasts. As well as traditional entertainments like pub quizzes, poker nights, pool, live music, niche pursuits are gathering momentum in London bars. Bounce bar and restaurant is centrally located in Holborn and houses 17 bespoke-designed ping pong tables so you can enjoy game alongside sampling the range of cocktails in style. Just off Fleet Street, Baranis is an upmarket cocktail establishment inspired by French chic where you can enjoy a game of boules alongside your Pastis.

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