Permanent Makeup in Sale

Custom Wavefront LASIK Laser Eye Surgery at Viewpoint Vision (52% Off)

Viewpoint Vision

Manchester City

Clients can receive a treatment for near- or far-sightedness or astigmatism on both eyes; includes consultation and one year of aftercare

£4,150 £1,995

£695 for Short-term Removable Braces For One Arch at Dentist on the Rock (50% Off)

Dentist on the Rock


A removable brace, available for one arch, aims to improve the appearance of teeth by aligning them

£1,395 £695

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up at Victorious Beauty (66% Off)

Victorious Beauty

Nails & Beauty by Rajmonda

A beautician enhances the appearance of eyebrows by increasing their volume and adjusting their shape

£200 £69

Semi-Permanent Make-Up For Eyebrows or Eyeliner for £79 at Inches (Up to 80% Off)

Inches Beauty Salon


Enhance natural features by adorning eyebrows or eyeliner with semi-permanent make-up at this Northwich salon

£400 £79

Choice of Facial at Ella Kay Skin Rejuvenation Therapist (Up to 67% Off)

Ella Kay Skin Rejuvenation Therapist


Customers can give their skin a revitalising treatment with a chosen facial at this Bolton salon

£48 £16

Three or Six Sessions of Laser Tattoo Removal on a Small or Medium Area at Matrix Clinicals (Up to 65% Off)

Matrix Clinicals


Laser tattoo removal can be used to fade an unwanted tattoo on an area up to 3” x 3” or 5” x 5” in size

£99 £35

Face or Leg Thread Vein Treatment at Smooth'd (Up to 84% Off)


Multiple Locations

Help reduce the appearance of thread or spider veins on the surface of face or legs; consultation included

£249 £39

Eyebrow Microblading with Optional HD Finish at St.Helens Semi Permanent Makeup

St.Helens Semi Permanent Makeup

St Helens, Merseyside

Eyebrow microblading is designed to define and enhance natural eyebrows by applying semi-permanent pigments to the surface layer of the skin

£79 £79

Mole Removal: One or Two Mole Warts from the Body, Neck or Face at VGmedispa (Up to 85% Off)


Multiple Locations

Nationwide clinics providing mole, wart, skin tag and millia removal on the face or body with consultation.

£394 £59

One, Two or Three Sessions of Cryolipolysis/Lipo Freeze on One Area at Beauty Planet

Beauty Planet

Beauty Planet

Customers can address their body contouring goals through a treatment that harnesses the power of low temperatures

£65 £65

Six Sessions of Laser Tattoo Removal on a Choice of Area at St.Helens Semi Permanent Makeup

St.Helens Semi Permanent Makeup

St Helens, Merseyside

Get rid of unwanted body art with six sessions of laser tattoo removal on one 2” x 2” or 4” x 4” area

£65 £65

One, Three or Six Ultrasonic-Cavitation Sessions from £16 at Sparkle



Ultrasonic cavitation targets fat cells in problem areas and causes them to release their contents so they may be metabolized naturally

£16 £16

Cryogenic Lipolysis on One (£79) or Two (£149) Areas at Sparkle



This body-contouring treatment combines low temperatures with advanced technology to target specific areas

£79 £79

Laser Tattoo Removal: Three or Six Sessions at Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip


Get rid of unwanted tattoo by attending three or six sessions of laser tattoo removal on a small or medium body area

£35 £35

One or Two Sessions of Alma Laser Tummy Tightening Treatment Plus Consultation from VGmedispa (Up to 92% Off)


Multiple Locations

Help shape and reduce the contours of your stomach, love handles and bingo wings with Alma laser technology

£889 £69

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up for £69 at Brows Inc (66% off)

Brows Inc

Brows Inc

Customers can add some flare to their stare with this semi-permanent eyebrow service designed to enhance their natural features

£69 £69

Three Sessions of Cellulite ALMA Laser Treatment at Smooth'd (96% Off)


Multiple Locations

This treatment aims to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the legs or body with near infra-red laser technology

£1,884 £79

Ultrasonic Lipolysis on Choice of Areas from £35 at Serene Bodycare (Up to 91% Off)

Serene Bodycare


Harness the power of ultrasound to help contour areas of the body such as the thighs or stomach

£342 £35

Up to Six Sessions of Ultrasonic Cavitation at Lipo Lounge Leek (Up to 92% Off)

Lipo Lounge Leek

Lipo Lounge Leek

Low-level ultrasound waves aim to revitalise figures when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle over one, three or six sessions

£150 £16

Three, Six or Nine Sessions of Laser Lipolysis at REM Laser Clinic (Up to 95% Off)

REM Laser Clinic


Receive a series of this laser treatment, designed to help contour the body in such areas as lower abdomen, thighs and arms

£600 £34

One or Two Moles Removals at Serene Bodycare

Serene Bodycare


This treatment is designed to remove moles, warts, skin tags and other common skin issues

£39 £39

One or Three Laser Microdermabrasion Sessions at La Pure (Up to 77% Off)

La Pure

Central Menchester

This facial treatment is designed to help brighten the skin and reduce the visibility of fine lines

£150 £39

Cryogenic Lipolysis on One or Two Areas at Perfection (88% Off)


49 Piccadilly House

Cryogenic lypolysis is designed to help contour areas, such as the upper abdomen or hips, using low temperatures

£650 £79

Laser Tattoo Removal: Three Sessions on a Medium or Large Area at Acethetics 1

Acethetics 1

Marus Bridge

Customers can reduce the appearance of unwanted skin adornments on a medium or large area over the course of three sessions

£69 £69

Choice of Semi-Permanent Make-Up Treatment at The Klinic (Up to 54% Off)

The Klinic


Customers can choose from various semi-permanent make-up treatments, including lower or upper eyeliner, lip liner, or eyebrows

£149 £69

One, Two or Four Sessions of CACI Massage from Amy Sargeant - Specialist Beauty Clinic

Amy Sargeant - Specialist Beauty Clinic


This treatment harnesses controlled electrical currents with the aim of revitalising the skin on the legs

£15 £15

Semi-Permanent Make-Up at Beautiful Aspirations

Beautiful Aspirations


Long-lasting pigments are designed to help define natural features with second treatment available for £100

£59 £59

One Session of Cryogenic Lipolysis on One or Two Areas at Refresh Beauty, Bolton (Up to 54% Off)

Refresh Beauty


Advanced cryogenic technology is used to help stubborn pockets of fat areas, such as underarms, thighs and abdomen

£99 £48

One or Three Sessions of Laser Lipolysis at Through The Looking Glass (Up to 60% Off)

Through The Looking Glass


This laser treatment targets areas such as the stomach and thighs with the aim to contour the body over the course of up to three sessions

£75 £39

Laser Tattoo Removal: Three or Six Sessions from £55 at Sparkle



Treat an area up to 4” x 4” or 8” x 8”; includes patch text and consultation

£55 £55