Watford and climbing may not automatically go together. After all Watford is a town just outside London, and it's pretty flat country. There aren't many sheer cliffs to climb around here. But don't despair. In recent years, climbing has become increasingly popular, and both London and Hertfordshire now boast some excellent indoor climbing facilities. So get climbing in Watford straight away. It's great exercise - particularly for the upper body, and leisure offers don't get much more physically rewarding. It's also a test of skill that all can enjoy, with smaller walls for children and expert tuition on hand to ensure that anyone can master climbing in Watford, with a little application.

Go climbing in Watford with Groupon vouchers

Climbing in Watford could be the first handhold on an ascent of the world's great mountains, or it could just be a great day out. Either way, use Groupon vouchers to make it one of the best value leisure offers anyone can enjoy. Using our vouchers, you can attend some of the country's best climbing centres, enjoy expert tutoring and hire all of the equipment you need to stay safe, so don't put off climbing in Watford - get onto the wall and climb! There are few feelings as exhilarating as reaching to summit, and our vouchers can get you up there again and again. This is a great offer, so make sure you take advantage of our vouchers. After all, the only way is up!

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