Weight Loss London: Do it Gym Style

There are many ways which one can go about losing weight in London. Gyms are a traditional and effective way to shed pounds, and London gyms have developed excellent customer service and superior facilities. Several large chains offer branches in London such as Virgin Active and Fitness First. One of the benefits of being a member of such gyms is the ability to use different centres across the capital and indeed the country. They offer standard gym equipment, along with swimming pools, classes and personal trainers. However, do expect facilities to differ from location to location. Prices start around £40 a month for an off-peak membership. There are of course many exclusive gyms across London but these services come at a premium. For those looking for a gym on a budget, the central YMCA is a great choice. Located close to the West End, the centre boasts a £25 metre pool and several classes including boxing and belly dancing.

Lose Weight with the Help of a Group

Whilst the prospect of losing weight can be a daunting task, it is often made much easier with the support of others. Groups such as Weight Watchers hold regular meetings across the capital and offer advice on exercise and nutrition, weekly weigh-ins and support from professionals and peers. The website will assist you in locating your nearest meeting in London. The NHS website also has an easy-to-use location filter that will help you locate all the services which are available in your postcode.

Weight Loss in London by Getting Outdoors

Despite London being a large metropolis, there are a plethora of green and outdoor spaces which can be utilised to help you with weight loss. Using so-called 'Boris bikes' as a form of transportation, taking advantage of one of the many residential parks, or accessing one the outdoor pools or lidos can be a productive and more enjoyable way of getting in shape than the confines of a gym.

Weight Loss London - The Alternative Guide

Traditional methods of weight loss can often be tiresome and, frankly, dull. But it doesn't have to be this way. There are several ways to get fit that eschew the gym and the jogging pants. Dance has seen a resurgence in recent years and is also an excellent form of exercise. Many gyms offer classes you can attend for a fee. But if you're especially keen on learning a skill, Pineapple Dance Studios offers classes for beginners. There are no joining fees and you simply pay a reasonable fee upon entry. For those into Salsa, check out Caramelo Latin Dance School, where both regular courses or one-day intensive session are available. For those looking for an intense detox and weight loss package, then Barry's Bootcamp may be suitable. They boast impressive results, but be prepared to work!


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