London may be best known for Buckingham palace, a myriad of world famous museums and the London eye, but it is also a fantastic place to get into shape and stay that way. While the total landmass of greater London itself beggars belief, you can still locate top of the line gyms easily in each borough of the city. Whether you are looking for a traditional workout featuring free-weights, running machines and stomach crunches, something a little more modern and on-trend like Zumba classes, or even a personal fitness coach to help you get started, you'll be able to find a gym in London that caters to your individual needs.

Top class workout locations in London

When it comes to keeping a regular gym attendance, it's best to find something that is easy to get to, and where better to start looking for the best gym London can offer than at the centre of things. Gymbox is a centrally located gym that offers a little bit of everything 'off the beaten track' when it comes to workout sessions. Examples of this are its spinning classes, pole dancing classes and aerial yoga. Located near High Holborn, it boasts a centre dominated by a full-sized boxing ring, yet it is a gender equal environment and at least 50% of its members are female. Looking for something modern and intense? Try Speedflex on Lombard Street. It offers high intensity workouts that use the latest in gym technology to tailor a workout ideal for your needs and ability level. The main thrust of Speedflex is a focus on optimising workout efficiency to produce excellent results without the long hours of toil that are hard to come by in a city as demanding as London, so you can find a routine that works with your schedule.

Get ahead of the pack with the perfect gym in London

Many looking for a London gym will know that a little guidance goes a long way and advice based on experience can make all the difference to success. Situated in Shoreditch, Aegis Training Ltd offers one on one and small group sessions with specialist trainers that focus primarily on how to maximise fat loss in the shortest time frame possible, benefiting from lifestyle and nutrition advice as well as tailored workouts.

A London gym that focuses on more than just weights

London is about as multicultural as it gets and that is why you can easily find gyms that embrace the backgrounds and keep-fit practices of far-flung cultures throughout the globe. The Place, located in Bloomsbury, occupies a truly remarkable glass-fronted building and offers fitness and well-being achieved through dancing styles from all different walks of life. Aspiring dance students and curious beginners, young and old, are all catered for here. For those living in and around Mayfair, Danceworks offers 160 different classes that include belly dancing, martial arts and yoga.

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