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Curry Houses in Tooting BY: CHRIS POPLE | 3.8.2016

The 5 Best Curry Houses in Tooting As anyone who lives there already knows, Tooting is blessed with an extraordinary number of incredibly good places to eat. This is mainly thanks to a large Asian (Sri Lankan, Pakistani and Indian) population whose cafes and restaurants line the high street all the way from Bec to Broadway and beyond. I can’t prete

Guide to the Best Brunch in South London
Sometimes when you’re tired, possibly (definitely) hungover and hungry, only a slow and indulgent brunch will do the trick.  When such moments hit, here’s some south London spots to hit up for your brunch cravings.  I recently discovered this new-ish addition to Vauxhall which is situated in one of the
5 Best Gin Bars in London | Groupon
Where are the best places to drink gin – which London bars have the greatest selection and can make the most of the cocktails? Here are 5 places to start.
Top 5 Steak Sandwiches in London
Why do so many places get steak sandwich so wrong? Anyone? Okay I’ll tell you. It’s lack of attention to detail. Everyone thinks they can make a good one, and so they crop up on every half-arsed pub and hotel menu. At worst, we’re up against tough tongues of grey meat, slimy mayonnaise, and dusty old ciabatta. At best though, there’s properly aged
5 Top Places to Eat and Drink in Tooting
5 Top Places to Eat and Drink in Tooting   Zone 3 Tooting is easily accessible via the northern line with the majority of eating and drinking establishments centred around the two tube stations, bec and broadway.  Over recent years choices of venues has grown and grown, with more people moving there as high rents in Clapham and Balham make them it
The Best Fish and Chips in London
Growing up in the North West of England, I took good, cheap fish and chips for granted. Soon after moving down to London, I realised not everyone in the world had it so lucky.  To this day I don’t know why it seems beyond the capabilities of most London kitchens to produce a fresh, crisp battered fish, bright, dry-fried chips and a side of proper m
The Best Covent Garden Restaurants
In cities the world over it is demonstrated again and again that the quality of an area’s restaurants unambiguously decreases in inverse proportion to the number of undemanding tourists that frequent it. In Times Square in New York, in St Mark’s Square in Venice, as in Leicester Square in London, there are huge numbers of lazy chains, ripoff steakh
Where are the Best Vietnamese Restaurants in London?
Which Vietnamese restaurants in London would London-based Vietnamese foodies recommend?   There’s something so very right about pairing summer in the city with Vietnamese food. Light, fresh yet loaded with flavour, it’s the thinking person’s sultry weather food. But with so much choice springing up in town, from the stalwart’s on Kingsland Road (ot
Shopping at London’s Wholesale Food Markets
Wandering round food markets and lavish grocery stores is a well-trodden weekend pastime for London’s residents and visitors. There are farmers markets all over the city now, and places like Borough Market and Maltby Street are booming.
Where and What to Eat in Streatham
Bravi Ragazzi - Sourdough wood fired oven cooked pizzas, these really are top notch pizzas. The menu, like the restaurant itself, is small but quality driven with a good selection of pizzas at reasonable prices.  The All In One starter  for £10, which includes bruschetta, focac
The Five Best Hot Dogs London Has to Offer
Like so many of the American comfort food classics that have swamped London in the last few years (wings, burgers, ribs, you’ll know the score by now), some of the best hot dog places started life as street food, built a loyal following and then found a bricks-and-mortar site to settle into. Alongside these, a vast number of lazy rip-offs have sinc
5 Great Ice Cream/Gelato Parlours in Central London 
Firstly, a bit of science, courtesy of Jennifer Earle of Ice Cream Ecstasy Tours. The precise difference between gelato and ice cream is probably of supreme unimportance once you’ve got to the stage of filling your face with it, but in case you were wondering – usually gelato is just milk and sugar, and usually ice cream is cream, eggs and sugar. I
Fusion Burgers in London
Fusion food is defined by the combination of cuisines from different countries or cultures into a single dish, and London is packed to the seams with some of the best fusion restaurants in the world.Luckily for you, burger fans, London is also home to some of the best fusion burgers, too!The Kimchi Burger from HawksmoorI've written a lot about the
Chinatown London - 10 Best Restaurants
Ever found yourself in central London in desperate need of some chopstick related sustenance yet simultaneously crippled by the sheer choice? As well as traditional Cantonese, you can enjoy Sichuanese, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian and Mongolian food, to name a few, some boasting authentic bowlfuls of joy and many sadly not.There’s no doubt that all
Vegan Food in London - Eight Great Places to Try
The Best Vegan Food in London There are now many more choices for the vegan diner when it comes to eating out. Fear no longer the menu where the only appealing options are pasta bake or stuffed peppers. Sure, established restaurants, such as Mildred’s, are still going strong, but what follows is a round up of places you might not necessarily know a
Lucky Chip Burger - A Complete Overview
East London’s popular burger joint Lucky Chip ( is the equivalent of celebrated surfer Kelly Slater, 11-time ASP World Tour Champion. Like Kelly, when Lucky Chip hit the scene (that’s London’s burger scene) in 2011 with a boombox pumping burger van in Netil Market the burgers were hyped, supercharged creations that wowed and ca
Top 5 Whisky Bars in London
With your average London local pub hosting a more impressive range of single malts than a dedicated whisky bar would have done 15 or 20 years ago, the very best places have therefore had to step up their game significantly to stay ahead of the pack. So the following don’t just serve good whisky, they also offer a particularly extensive selection, backed up by especially knowledgeable or enthusiastic service, that make them a must-visit destination for whisky lovers.
Where to Eat in London in the Summer
The London food scene is ever changing and the summer is a particularly good time for it as it means we can eat outside, yay! With this in mind, and with a promise to keep your fingers crossed for sun, read on for my pick of interesting outdoor eats in London this Summer -Summer Tales (
Eating Out on Upper Street
Eating out on Upper Street“Oh, you live in Islington?” They say. “That’s so lucky – I love Upper Street, such a great place to eat out”.That’s exactly what I thought before moving to the area. Still do, to an extent. But for a while there it felt like huge delusion. For in the same way that fashionable streets such as Chiswick High Road, Bermondsey
Tapas in London
I´ve long been a fan of Tapas food, and have frequently visited Spain from San Sebastian in the North to Alicante in the South, enjoying the Spanish cuisine as much as the good weather and the beaches.  Luckily for us Londoners we don´t have to travel to experience a world of flavours and Tapas restaurants are prevale
Find a Polish Restaurant in London Tonight
The Best Polish Food in LondonPolish food is gutsy, satisfying and full of homely charm. Think plates of steaming pierogis (dumplings), smoked meats, delicious soups ranging from clear to the deep bruised colour of borscht. Here are the best places in London to get your fix of Polish food.1. Mamuska! ( first glance, Mamuska! d
Shake Shack London - Burger Review
Upmarket American burger chain Shake Shack launched its first restaurant in London back in the summer of 2013, taking a prime location in the corner of Covent Garden’s Jubilee Market. Heralding from humble roots as a hot dog cart in New York, it became so popular that Danny Meyer, the restaurateur behind it replace the cart with a permanent restaurant in Madison Sq. Gardens and Shake Shack was born.
The Best Greek Restaurants in Town - By Greek Food Lovers
We all know where to head for our favourite tandoori lamb chops or sea spiced aubergine in the capital, but when it comes to the ubiquitous Greek restaurant, London can be slightly more elusive.
Best Places in London for Outdoor Drinking
When the sun comes out so do Londoners, but sussing out the city’s suntraps takes some work. We drank our way around town so you didn’t have to and have compiled a selection of the capital’s finest outdoor drinking spots, whether for wine by the water or a few alfresco ales.London’s Best... Beer GardensThe Albion, IslingtonTucked away just off Uppe
African Restaurants - Best Ethiopian/Eritrean in London
Africa is a big place, and home to a remarkable variety of different styles of cuisine, from the tagines of Morocco to the fine dining restaurants of Capetown. There’s also the little matter of chicken chain Nando’s starting life in the continent, but I wonder whether this is really what Africans would consider their finest culinary gift to the wor
5 of the Best Korean Restaurants in London
Garlic, chilli and  kimchi - With such unabashedly massive, bolshy flavours it’s little wonder that Korean food seems to be having a bit of a well deserved moment on the London food scene. The Japanese famously (and also racistly) refer to Koreans as “garlic eaters”. If like me, you see this as a very good thing indeed and not an insult at all, the
Explore the Different Cuisines of London with Our Guide to International Restaurants
London is a diverse, multi cultural city with an abundance of excellent restaurants. We've compiled a list of the best ethnic restaurants in London and where to find them.
Lebanese Restaurants London - Where Are the Best?
"Where's best for Lebanese in London? "I've been asked the question a few times, and I'm still not sure I know the answer. But I do have a vague response that covers a lot of basis. When considering the options below, ask yourself who am I going with? Do I want to travel far? How slick do I want it to be? And do we want a belly dancer?
London's Top 5 Breakfast Sandwiches
London's Top 5 All-in-One Breakfast SandwichesThe British love a breakfast sandwich, and there are many good examples to be found around town, which has made it very hard indeed to narrow down this selection, hence the ‘more than one filling' theme. Bacon sandwiches will need a separate list, you see, as will BLTs, as will sausage sandwiches. For n
Top London Restaurants With a View
It has often been called Tall Restaurant Syndrome. If you have a site blessed with an incredible view, with a steady stream of undemanding customers happy to fix their focus on the horizon rather than the food on their plates, then why spend extra effort where it’s not needed? It is a problem hardly confined to London either, as anyone who’s ever a
London’s Best Egg Dishes – A Guide To Eggcellent Eating
As ingredients go, it’s hard to beat the humble egg. It’s the quiet backbone of almost every cake or bake, the maker of mornings and the crowning glory of all manner of dishes. From pert whites and buttery scrambles to seductive yolks, we’re paying homage to all things egg with a selection of London’s most egg-cellent and egg-citing dishes that put
Burgers and Cocktails at The Playboy Club
Burgers and Cocktails in Salvatore’s Bar at The Playboy Club, MayfairMeta description – a canter through the burger and cocktails at Salvatore’s Bar at the Playboy Club in Mayfair.Meta keywords – playboy club mayfair, playboy club burger, salvatores bar cocktailsAt the bottom of Park Lane, in the heart of Mayfair lies The Playboy Club. For the most
Where to Scoff Chocolate in London
Few foods are as internationally loved and lusted after as chocolate. Luckily for us Londoners, we have easy access to some of the very best – from fabulous fondants to creative cocktails. With our guide to the best chocolate in London, you need never settle for medi-choc-rity again...London’s Best BrowniesSquidgy. Gooey. Rich. Moist. If a brownie
5 Best Italian Restaurants in London
For a long time, your options for Italian food in London fell along two main lines. Firstly there was your friendly local high-street Italian, called something like Mamma Mia or Don Luigi’s where you could get a plate of pasta penne or lasagne, a thin crust pizza or even a commodity steak if you were (un)lucky, and eat it by the light of a candle s
Top Japanese Restaurants in London - By a Sushi Expert 
Of all the cuisines to have taken the capital by storm, none seem to have had quite the same impact as the Japanese restaurant. The past decade or so has taken us from the realms of greasy noodle chains to Michelin starred brilliance. But, with so much choice in our hand pulled noodles and chicken gizzard skewers, how does the average Nipponophile even begin to navigate the many choices we now have amongst the spectrum of treats covered by the Japanese restaurant?
The Oldest Pubs in London
for this list, I’ve tended to lean towards places that look and feel comfortably ancient over and above any grand claims about heritage.
Quirky Restaurants in London
"In London", they say, "there's a restaurant for everyone." In this case it doesn't really matter who 'they' are because as a statement it's absolutely true. There are a phenomenal number of restaurants in London, catering to a huge number of cuisines. For instance there are a swathe of restaurants selling East African food, such as Jambo (Uganda), Mosob (Eritrea), and Queen of Sheba (Ethiopian). But going from the country cuisine to the quirky restaurant, the range becomes even more interesting.
London’s Top 5 Fish Finger Sandwiches
Have we all stopped doing that healthy eating New Year’s resolution thing yet? Yes? Good. Time for some deep fried fish.The fish finger sandwich is something we tend to associate with childhood…or hangovers. Four or five of those uniform, orange-crumbed sticks between factory sliced pappy white. Of course, your
The Best Food in London to Kiss Goodbye to the Diet
It’s around about now that most people realise that New Year’s diets are a bit ridiculous, really. This is namely because it’s freezing cold, SAD has well and truly kicked in, money’s painfully tight and the last thing you want in the whole world is another plate of salad. Luckily London is abound with a terrific variety of places to cheer yourself
Pancake Day Eats in London
There’s a massive amount of commercially driven Valentines brouhaha at the moment. This worries me. Not just because I think things are getting out of control. But because I’m worried people are forgetting about a much more important occasion: FAT TUESDAY.Fat Tuesday (Mardis Gras), is what we in Britain traditionally call Shrove Tuesday … or, more
Best Oyster Bars in London for Native Oysters
As the seasons change, a good restaurant knows how to work the availability of ingredients to their advantage and shift the focus of their menu accordingly, rather than rely on foreign imports or (shudder) frozen produce. But with native oysters, there’s no room for maneuver - from May to August it’s literally against the law to eat these beautiful bivalves, all the more reason to treasure their availability the rest of the year. With an almost crunchy leanness, and a metallic punch of flavour that belies their size (they are generally smaller than the usual rock oysters), they are a salty, mineral package of ocean loveliness. But as they are harder to get hold of, and more expensive to eat, not everywhere specialises. Here are my pick of the best places to eat native oysters.
Best Bars in London Breweries
Something’s brewing in London, and that something is a craft beer revolution. It wasn’t all that many years ago that you could count London’s beer makers on one hand, but now there are more than sixty of them. Many of them go a step further than just making beer, and give you somewhere to sit and drink it too. These so-called tap rooms are not only
Eating Out on Valentines Day London - A Survival Guide
I’ve never celebrated Valentines day in my entire life, and I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling quite strongly that, whether you’re in a relationship or not, there can be nothing worse than spending a desperate evening in a restaurant surrounded by other couples all frantically conforming to a socionormal yet deeply unimaginative concept of romance,
10 Foods to Avoid in a New Relationship
Most people pass gas or belch more than 20 times a day - but that seems to be WAY exacerbated when in a new relationship, perhaps because you are hyper conscious and desperate to make a good appearance. No one wants to be *that* person. Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 10 foods you should avoid in the throes of a new relationship.C
The Best Burgers for a 1st Date in London
If you’re on the dating scene in London, you’ll be fully aware that it’s filled with myriad pitfalls, particularly when you’re trying to set up a first date. Where will you meet them? What will you wear? What’s your escape plan if it goes badly? What’s your follow on plan if it goes well?…the list is almost endless. Another thing to think about is
Top 5 Mushroom Sandwiches in London
Mushroom sandwiches. They may sound…humble? Plain? A bit dull? Wrong. Forget any ideas of slimy button shrooms slapped between pre-pack slices and consider the idea of wild mushrooms sautéed with garlic, topped with cheese, perhaps some herbs, and a sprinkle of seasoning…now we’re talking. They’ve a very satisfying texture, and plenty of umami (say that last word in the style of Vic Reeves on Shooting Stars for maximum enjoyment), which together make for a full on sandwich experience.
Best Pizza Delivery in London
Although I have been known to go to quite extraordinarily tragic lengths in search of a good meal (I once went to Hendon for a burger), sometimes circumstances (hangover, illness, just general bone-idleness) dictate my dinner is brought to me whilst I’m sat in my pants in front of Antiques Roadshow. And in these situations, it helps to have a shortlist of reliable, fresh pizza delivery operations that can deliver while the toppings are still hot and use great ingredients. While I’ve nominally split my top 5 by region, actually some deliver city-wide where indicated.
Best Malaysian Restaurant London Has to Offer
Eating Malaysian food in LondonSo I'm sitting with an ethereally light, obviously buttery but remarkably grease free, flakey, soft roti. There were two to begin with. But there's only one left, and that's not going to last much longer as I hurriedly, greedily, dip the bread into a curried dal soup and scoop up what I can. The spicing is good - savo
Top 5 Healthy Sandwiches in London
January is a time when we tend to consider a healthier diet. I’m going to hazard a guess that you ate a bit too much over Christmas (just a hunch) and perhaps you’re thinking about eating more of those fruit and veg thingies, or cutting back a little on the meat. To deny yourself the pleasure of eating sandwiches however, would be just plain silly,
New Restaurants London - 5 Brand New and Brilliant!
5 Brand-New and Brilliant New London RestaurantsThough the pace of change in London restaurants has never been anything that be described as “slow”, it seems that as 2014 turns into 2015 the sheer number and variety of new openings threatens to become overwhelming. Here are my picks of the best of the recent crop, make your reservations now before
Canary Wharf Restaurants - Where to Eat?
Where to eat in Canary Wharf? It's not a question that often crosses my mind. However, given over 100,000 people work in this financial services driven district each day, it must be a question that gets asked a lot.If those inquisitive people are seeking out hip, individualistic and independent restaurants, cafés and bars ... then they're in the wro