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Online CeMAP® Qualification including Papers 1,2 & 3 with Tutor Support from Mortgage Adviser Training School (86% Off)

Mortgage Adviser Training School

Learn all the secrets and technicalities with this course that covers subjects such as mortgage, financial services and regulations

£695 £95

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Online Mindfulness or Wellbeing Course, or Both with Skillsology (Up to 72% Off)


Students can approach wellbeing or mindfulness challenges thanks to online modules accessible across devices

£29 £8

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A Parent's Guide to Autism Online Course from Autism Parent Empower (87% Off)

Autism Parent Empower

Online modules to understand autism and the impact it can have on everyday life. Empower yourself with skills to support and reshape!

£147 £19

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Online CeMAP® Level 3 Qualification – Paper 1, 2 & 3 from CeMap Training (87% Off)

CeMap Training

Learn more about law and practice regarding mortgages, including financial regulations, applications and payment methods

£750 £99

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 Level 2 Teaching Assistant Online Course at Vizual Coaching Academy (93% Off)

Vizual Coaching Academy

During this course, participants can explore a new career path and learn how to support the teacher and pupils in the classroom

£400 £29

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Self-Defence Workshop at Combat Academy Peterborough (64% Off)

Combat Academy Peterborough
Multiple Locations

This three-hour workshop covers theoretical and practical aspects of self-defense, such as tactics, body language and voice commands

£25 £9

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Online HR and Payroll Course or Accounting and Bookkeeping or Both from EventTrix (Up to 85% Off)


Customers can learn the basics of human resources management and payroll, or opt for accounting and bookkeeping or both

£99 £19

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Online Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioner Course from David (97% Off)


These online courses cover the basics of hypnotherapy and NLP and cover topics such as post-hypnotic induction or the Meta model

£948 £29

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Beyond Mindfulness Certification eCourse from (Up to 94% Off)

Students will gain a certification through the online Beyond Mindfulness course

£474 £29

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Beyond CBT Mindfulness Online Course from Career Match (94% Off)

Career Match

The course focuses on the principles that govern the perception of reality, aiming to help boost participants’ self-confidence and wellbeing

£474 £29

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Online Management Essentials Course Bundle from Career Match (93% Off)

Career Match

This course is designed to equip participants with a set of skills necessary in management and leadership roles

£599 £39

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Online Weight Management and Sleep Improvement Course from Weller Associates (88% Off)

Weller Associates

This course features ten MP3 hypnotherapy downloads lasting 30 minutes each spread across modules on sleep improvement or weight management

£157.50 £19

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Online Estate Agent Level 3 Course from Smart Majority (96% Off)

Smart Majority

Suitable for beginners, this online course focuses on topics such as how to generate leads, market homes and negotiate with potential buyers

£699 £29

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Online Reiki Training Course at Smart Majority (94% Off)

Smart Majority

Become familiar with Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and wellbeing

£249 £16

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Autism Awareness Online Course from International Open Academy (94% Off)

International Open Academy

This course was designed to allow clients to learn how to identify autism, adress child’s behaviour, and create a positive support plan

£299 £19

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Online Mindful Meditation and Life Coach Training Course from JD Courses (95% Off)

JD Courses

Students can gain knowledge and skills through an online mindful mediation and life coach training course

£598 £29

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Online Drug, Solvent and Alcohol Abuse Counselling Course at Online City Training (Up to 90% Off)

Online City Training

This course covers all the basics needed to gain knowledge about substance abuse, addiction, counselling and the rehabilitation process

£195 £19

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Mentoring for Mentors Online Course from Career Match CPD accredited (90% Off)

Career Match

Use online modules to explore key mentoring skills, including feedback and respectful challenges; career advice available on completion

£199 £19

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Beyond Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, NLP or Life Coaching Certification eCourse from (88% Off)

These courses aim to improve students’ confidence, motivation, deepen their relationships and help overcome traumas and phobias

£99 £12

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Online Metabolism Boost or Energy-Oriented Eating Course, or Both from Smart Majority (Up to 96% Off)

Smart Majority

Gain knowledge about eating concentrated on providing energy or boosting metabolism with these courses available for up to six months

£399 £19

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Online Cake Decoration Course from EventTrix (84% Off)


Students can learn how to design and decorate a cake thanks to this five-module course

£99 £16

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