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Laser Hair Removal in Glasgow

Discover great Laser Hair Removal deals near you


Do you find shaving a loathsome chore and waxing unbearably painful – especially the bikini wax? Laser hair removal offers a fantastic solution to your hairy woes. Whether you live and work in the West End or the South Side’s your home, there are many places to redeem laser hair removal vouchers in Glasgow. Get rid of your unwanted hair to look and feel your best in Scotland’s biggest city where the only thing you’ll be shaving is the cost.

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Three or Six IPL Hair Removal Sessions on Choice of Area at Medica Skin Clinic (Up to 92% Off)
Three IPL Hair Removal Sessions
City Centre 0.1 km
£285.00 from £29.00
89% discount_off
Brazilian or Hollywood Wax with Optional Underarm or Leg Wax at Iconic Hair, Beauty and Nails Salon (Up to 65% Off)
Brazilian or Hollywood Wax
Glasgow 1.7 km
£25.00 from £12.00
52% discount_off
Bikini or Hollywood Wax with Optional Underarm or Half Leg Wax at The Beauty Hub (Up to 60% Off)
Bikini or Hollywood Wax
Glasgow 1.4 km
£33.00 from £14.00
57% discount_off
Waxing Package: Bikini or Leg Wax or Both at Supaporn Beauty 168
Waxing Package
Glasgow, City Centre 0.8 km
from £12.00
Bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood Wax with Optional Legs, Underarms or Eyebrows Wax at Beauty by Allana (Up to 56% Off)
Choice of Waxing
City Centre 2.6 km
£20.00 from £12.00
40% discount_off
One, Three or Six 30-Minute Sessions of Electrolysis at The Beauty Connection (Up to 60% Off)
Electrolysis Hair Removal
Glasgow 2.9 km
£28.00 from £14.00
50% discount_off
Three or Six Sessions of IPL Hair Removal at Glow 'N' Glamour Salon
IPL Hair Removal
Glasgow 2.2 km
from £25.00
Bikini or Brazilian Wax with Optional Underarms and Half-Legs at Beauty Trainer by Frances (Up to 57% Off)
Bikini or Brazilian Wax
Blantyre 8.3 km
£20.00 from £10.00
50% discount_off
Three Session of IPL Hair Removal on Area of Choice at Erasure Skin (Up to 76% Off)
Three Sessions IPL Hair Removal
Glasgow 2.7 km
£100.00 from £29.00
71% discount_off
Eye and Face Threading Package at Supaporn Beauty
Eye and Face Threading Package
Glasgow, City Centre 0.8 km
Three or Six Sessions of IPL Hair Removal on Choice of Area at Beverly Hills Beauty (Up to 53% Off)
IPL Hair Removal
Glasgow 0.6 km
£50.00 from £28.00
44% discount_off
Three or Six Sessions of IPL Hair Removal on Small, Medium or Large Area at Eroma Hair & Beauty (Up to 64% Off)
IPL Hair Removal: Three Sessions
Glasgow 1.6 km
£45.00 from £19.00
5 bought
57% discount_off
Bikini Wax with Optional Underarm and Half-Leg Wax at LM Beauty (Up to 33% Off)
Bikini Wax
Hamilton 8.8 km
£10.00 from £8.95
10% discount_off
Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry with Optional Keratin Treatment from Ksenia at 4 You Hair and Massage Studio (Up to 59% Off)
Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry
Glasgow 1.0 km
£39.00 from £15.95
59% discount_off
Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry
Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry
South Side 2.1 km
£25.00 from £14.95
40% discount_off
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions with Optional Eyebrow Shape and Tint at Iconic Hair, Beauty & Nails Salon (Up to 29% Off)
Eyelash Extensions
Glasgow 1.7 km
£13.50 from £10.00
25% discount_off
Eyebrow Shape and Tint with Lash Tint and Optional Lift, or Lash Lift and Tint at Station Hair & Beauty (Up to 44% Off)
Eyebrow Shape and Tint, Lash Tint
Glasgow 2.0 km
£18.00 from £10.00
44% discount_off
Hair Cut with Blow-Dry, Conditioning Treatment and Optional Highlights or Full-Head Tint at VIP Salon (Up to 36% Off)
Hair Cut, Blow-Dry, Conditioning
Duke Street, Glasgow 1.5 km
£25.00 from £19.00
24% discount_off
Cut, Blow-Dry and Conditioning Treatment at Oceanic Hair & Beauty (48% Off)
Cut, Blow-Dry and Condition
Glasgow Southside 1.7 km
£25.00 £12.99
48% discount_off
One-Hour Full Body Massage at Maria's Hair and Beauty (58% Off)
Full Body Massage
Glasgow 2.8 km
£45.00 £19.00
57% discount_off
Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry with Optional Conditioning Treatment at Iconic Hair, Beauty and Nails Salon (Up to 44% Off)
Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry
Glasgow 1.7 km
£25.00 from £13.95
44% discount_off
Cut, Blow-Dry and Colour at NT Hair (Up to 50% Off)
Cut, Blow-Dry and Colour
Glasgow 4.2 km
£50.00 from £25.00
50% discount_off
Reflexology Session with Optional Organic Facial at 4 You Hair and Massage Studio (Up to 73% Off)
Reflexology Session
Studio 7 0.6 km
£55.00 from £17.00
69% discount_off
Choice of Pamper Package Including Massage, Facial or Both at GlamBox Hair and Beauty Lounge (Up to 50% Off)
Massage or Facial
Glasgow 3.4 km
£25.00 from £14.00
44% discount_off
Gel Hands, Feet or Both at Iconic Hair, Beauty & Nails Salon (Up to 37% Off)
Gel Hands or Feet
Glasgow 1.7 km
£15.00 from £10.00
33% discount_off
Cut, Blow-Dry and Half- or Full-Head Highlights at Oceanic Hair and Beauty, Two Locations (Up to 55% Off)
Cut, Blow-Dry and Highlights
Glasgow Southside 1.7 km
£65.00 from £29.00
55% discount_off
Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry with Highlights or Conditioning at XOXO Hair & Makeup (Up to 70% Off)
Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry
Clydebank 6.3 km
£38.00 from £17.00
55% discount_off

Laser hair removal in Glasgow: things to know before you go

If you’ve not given laser hair removal a go before and you’re curious about the options available near you, find all the answers to your important questions here.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

With laser hair removal you can eliminate the repetitive bore of shaving and persistent pain of waxing. According to one study, women spend 72 days of their lives shaving hair off their bodies. No wonder laser hair removal is fast becoming a popular alternative.

Laser hair removal has many benefits as it’s:

  • Available for all skin colours and hair shades.
  • Less painful than waxing.
  • Over in a matter of minutes.
  • A huge time saver.
  • Available across Glasgow, with treatment centres both sides of the Clyde.

By taking advantage of laser hair removal deals in Glasgow you can spend more time doing the things you love – like dining out at the best restaurants in the city, or treating yourself down Glasgow’s style mile – and with added confidence that puts an extra spring in your step.

What is Hollywood laser hair removal?

Hollywood laser hair removal is the same as the Hollywood wax – just without the pain. Like a Hollywood wax, it removes all of pubic hair, leaving you feeling silky smooth. It’s a popular treatment to have before going on holiday as laser hair removal makes everything neat and tidy in and around your bikini area.

Even in Glasgow city centre, where the sun might not shine as much as in California, Hollywood laser hair removal is a popular treatment. It leaves you feeling fresh, clean and sexy, is faster and more cost effective in the long run and means you don’t have to worry about being caught under-prepared ever again.

Book a Hollywood laser hair removal in Glasgow and you’ll find it’s more convenient as you think. Drop in over lunchtime or over the weekend – with so many options across the city there are multiple ways to make it work around your routine.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is long-lasting rather than permanent. While it may not eliminate your hairs for good, it can limit their growth – leaving you with finer hair and a lot less of it.

The laser’s heat destroys your hair follicles, disrupting natural hair growth. The effectiveness of laser treatment will depend on you, your genetics and how many sessions you undergo. After your initial sessions, you may need to book in for yearly or quarterly top-up treatments.

Just remember that laser hair removal will not leave you immediately smooth. So popping into a clinic before a night out on Sauchiehall Street or a hot date in the West End won’t give you the instant results you may be expecting. Take the advice of local expert beauty bloggers and book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Is laser hair removal bad for you?

Laser hair removal is overwhelmingly safe – especially at Glasgow’s prestigious treatment centres. However, like any beauty treatment, there may be side effects. You may feel skin irritation in the form of redness, swelling, itchiness and tenderness – but these symptoms tend to clear up within a few days after treatment.

On rare occasions you may experience more notable side effects to laser hair removal, such as:

  • Blistering
  • Burns
  • Scarring
  • Lightening or darkening of skin
  • Bruising
  • Skin reactions

If you have a darker skin tone it may be more prone to burning, so caution is advised with this treatment. After laser hair removal your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight, so on those rare sunny days in Kelvingrove Park, make sure you avoid too much exposure. If you have any lasting issues, it might be a good idea to consider skin care treatment.