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Whatever the reason, a massage sounds like—and usually is—one of the best ways to decompress and reset yourself when you're stressed.

There's almost an unlimited number of types to treat just about any ailment, and they're all pretty different. Before you book your next (or first) appointment, check out this guide to get the basics.

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Spas in Glasgow with Groupon

Glasgow’s a great city to live in or to visit. However, like all cities, the metropolitan experience can be exhausting sometimes. Why not unwind in a spa, whether you’ve had a long day at work or a busy day shopping? Glasgow can offer an unrivaled selection of spa experiences to match your every need.

With some help from Groupon, you could be;

Spa treatments in Glasgow

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the range of treatments available in Glasgow spas. Perhaps you would like to experience a Hot Stone Massage, where the masseur uses heated stones as an extension of their hands to relax your body, warming up those tight muscles so that they can work on you more deeply. Explore the entrancing world of massage and discover such exotic variants as Shiatsu or Thai massage. Shiatsu practitioners use touch, pressure, and manipulation to adjust your body and balance your energy flow. This is a perfect way to alleviate stress.

Alternatively, you might want to explore the world of Thai massage, one of the most refined, purest forms of the art, and the ultimate in relaxation. Groupon has a great selection of the best Glasgow massage deals, regularly updated.

Feeling great on the inside? You’ll want to look equally great on the outside. Facials are one of the most effective means to both look and feel better, beneficial to men and women, youthful and mature alike. Ideally, you should aim for a facial once a month, since that’s how long your skin takes to regenerate itself.

You may do a lot of walking while sightseeing in or just getting around Glasgow – why not get a pedicure to relieve those tired feet? Start off with a therapeutic foot bath or spa, perhaps followed by an exfoliating rub. A reflexology - based foot massage is an unrivaled way to revive aching feet – then treat them to the pedicure itself –perhaps a classic French pedicure, a gel pedicure, or the ultimate in indulgence, the luxury pedicure. This could combine a massage with softened paraffin wax and heated towels, or a wrap to warm and soothe your feet while softening and hydrating your nails.

You can find excellent spas all over Glasgow, and there’s a fair concentration in the city centre. Glasgow’s city centre is the bustling hub of the city, which is home to some very upmarket establishments. You could be enjoying an unparalleled spa experience in one of the most elegant settings in the city. Why not indulge in a full pampering package, perhaps in a luxury hotel. Keep up to date with the latest exclusive offers on Groupon – we deal with some of the finest spas in the city.

There are also many smaller, more intimate, privately owned beauty salons you might prefer to visit. Here, you will find an equally enticing array of treatments awaiting you, served up with a personal touch. Your nails could look better than you’ve ever dreamed, with some trendy nail art. Alternately, you might want to work on your lashes – eyelash extensions are all the rage with celebs and becoming popular everywhere.

You can find many quirky and original beauty salons in the city’s Bohemian West end and Finnieston areas.

Whatever you’re after from a spa, Glasgow will welcome and pamper you, and Groupon will guide you to the best deals.