The days when all you could find in London were ham sandwiches and fish and chips have long gone. The UK’s capital is now one of the world’s great places to dine out, boasting elite chefs from all of the world’s major cuisines. If you want to enjoy a classic Indian feast, Brick Lane is the place to visit, where every region of the subcontinent is represented. There are high quality Italian restaurants in Soho and Kensington, as well as Turkish delights to be had in Dalston and traditional English favourites at pubs in the West End. Whatever your culinary passion, London will have a restaurant to tingle your tastebuds. All of the best dining options are featured at Groupon’s voucher pages, where you can find bargain deals and gifts for restaurants in London.

Some Of The Best London Restaurants Offer Italian Delights

In the 1940s and 50s, London welcomed a wave of Italian immigrants, and the city has a huge amount of fine Italian restaurants to explore. For a fine dining experience, Luna Nuova in Fulham cannot be topped. Their chefs always use fresh, authentically Italian ingredients, to create masterpieces from across the peninsular. For a more down to earth meal, try Tonda in Ladbroke Grove, where the pizzas are enormous, or Soho’s Spuntino, which fuses Italian traditions with American size portions. Then there is the new wave of pizza joints like Pizza al Taglio near Farringdon, which offers a dizzying array of different toppings, or Tortellini Cup - which serves paper cups filled with tortellini and your choice of sauces.

Indian Eateries In All Corners Of The Capital

If you love Indian food, dining in London is almost as good as visiting the real thing. If you wander along Brick Lane, you can head to local favourites like Aladin – which brings together dishes from southern India and Sri Lanka. If you need a hefty portion of lamb and fresh veg, Sheba is the place to be, while any curry can be rounded off with a trip to Rajmahal Sweets. Elsewhere the Indian restaurants London has to offer include vegetarian Indian buffets like Chutneys in Drummond Street. For a classy night out, Chutney Mary in the West End wins the crown as the city’s most prestigious Indian eatery, with signature dishes like tandoori lobster and a luxurious cocktail bar to enjoy before you are seated.

Try The Finest Turkish Restaurants In London

London has a huge Turkish and Middle Eastern community, which means one thing – kebab and couscous restaurants as far the eye can see. Well, maybe in Dalston, where you can savour the intoxicating smell of barbecued lamb at Mangal Ocakbasi or tuck into huge bowls of Turkish stew at highly-rated Somine. If you are on the other side of town, head over to Ekin on Edgware Road and order up a table-full of meze treats like falafels and hummus, or take a seat at E. Mono in Kentish Town to experience a no-frills, delicious kebab.

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