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Cellulite Treatment in London

Discover great Cellulite Treatment deals near you


Is cellulite driving you crazy? You can do something about it. Discover cellulite treatment vouchers in London and you’ll be striding confidently down Oxford Street in your favourite dress in no time. Nourish and revitalise your skin with a massage or exfoliating body treatment, and target stubborn areas (we’re looking at you, legs, bums and tums) with lasers and lipolysis. Adios cellulite – your time’s up.

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One or Three Sessions of Full Body Lymphatic Massage at Luxury Beauty and Spa
Lymphatic Massage
Archway 3.8 km
£60.00 from £19.00
68% discount_off
Up to Five Sessions of Lymphatic Massage at Studio Figura - London City
Lymphatic Massage
London 2.2 km
£49.00 from £19.00
61% discount_off
Choice of Revitalising Facial, Face or Body Toning Treatment, or Chemical Peel at Nasslam Aesthetics
40-Minute Revitalising Facial
London 1.6 km
£65.00 from £29.95
53% discount_off
Lymphatic Drainage Massage: One or Three Sessions With Roll Shaper Machine at Studio Figura
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
London 7.8 km
from £19.00
Cryogenic Lipolysis on Up to Three Areas at Beauty Sculpt
Cryogenic Lipolysis
london 8.8 km
£149.99 from £37.50
74% discount_off
Lymphatic Massage: One or Three Sessions at Body Shape
Lymphatic Massage
Hampton 12.3 km
£49.00 from £19.00
61% discount_off
One, Three or Five Sessions of Hypoxi Body Shaping at HYPOXI® South Woodford
HYPOXI Studio South Woodford Body Shaping
HYPOXI Studio South Woodford 8.7 km
£50.00 from £19.00
62% discount_off
Colonic Hydrotherapy at North London Aesthetic Clinic
Colonic Hydrotherapy
Southgate 10.7 km
One or Three One-Hour Sessions of Lymphatic Drainage Roll Shaper Massage at Parlour No 95 Rollshaper
Full-Body Lymphatic Shaping Massage
Watford 15.5 km
£25.00 from £12.00
52% discount_off
Massage Online Course at New Skills Academy
Massage Online Course
£100.00 £19.00
81% discount_off
HIFU Facelift at Beauty Marble Arch Putney
HIFU Facelift
Ealing 5.0 km
£490.00 £79.00
83% discount_off
Cryogenic Lipolysis on One or Three Areas at Beauty on the Spot
Cryogenic Lipolysis
Beauty on the Spot 1.5 km
£239.00 from £85.00
64% discount_off
Cryogenic Lipolysis on One or Two Areas with Optional Lymphatic Massage at Beauty Marble Arch
Cryogenic Lipolysis
Ealing 5.0 km
£299.00 from £76.00
74% discount_off
Cryogenic Lipolysis: One or Two Sessions at North London Aesthetic Clinic
Cryogenic Lipolysis, Southgate
London 8.4 km
£250.00 from £99.00
60% discount_off
Brazilian Buttocks Enhacement at 4D London Clinic
Brazilian Buttocks Enhacement
London 11.2 km
£245.00 £59.00
75% discount_off
Cryolipolysis in One or Two Areas of Choice at Viauty
Cryolipolysis in Area of Choice
Chelsea 3.3 km
£250.00 from £89.00
64% discount_off
Choice of Body Wrap with Optional Facial at Bella's Salon Clapham
Choice of Body Wrap
Clapham 3.3 km
£60.00 from £19.00
100+ bought
68% discount_off
Up to 10 Power Plate Sessions at Emily Victoria Beauty
Power Plate Sessions
Emily Victoria Beauty 6.7 km
£50.00 from £12.00
76% discount_off
Laser Lipolysis on Up to Four Areas at London Body Centre
Laser Lipolysis
Desk Team, Inspiration House 8.4 km
£80.00 from £39.00
51% discount_off
Up to Three Sessions of Cryogenic Lipolysis for Chin, Thighs or Stomach at Tara's Beauty
Cryogenic Lipolysis
Victoria 1.1 km
£350.00 from £99.00
71% discount_off
Three or Five Sessions of Abdominal Sculpting at WB Aesthetics
Abdominal Sculpting
London 3.0 km
£360.00 from £129.00
64% discount_off
Cryolipolysis on One, Two or Four Areas at Glam Laser Clinic
Cryolipolysis on One Area
London 7.3 km
£250.00 from £89.00
64% discount_off
Up to Ten Power Plate Sessions from Emily Victoria Beauty
Power Plate Sessions
Emily Victoria Beauty 6.7 km
£50.00 from £9.95
80% discount_off
Tummy Tightening Treatment at Ace Aesthetics
Tummy Tightening Treatment
Richmond 8.2 km

Cellulite treatment in London: things to know before you go

When it comes to trying any new beauty treatments, you’re bound to have lots of questions. Get the lowdown on cellulite treatment in London.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is dimpled or lumpy skin caused by the build-up of fat tissue. Cellulite marks are caused by fat cells pushing through the tissue and becoming visible on the surface of your skin. Research suggests that up to 90% of women will get cellulite at some point in their life. Cellulite usually develops on the thighs, hips and bum – although it can crop up just about anywhere.

Can men get cellulite?

Contrary to popular opinion, men aren’t immune to cellulite. However, it’s usually less visible because of how fat cells are distributed in the male body. Cellulite is a pain for everyone – young and old, men and women, tall and short. It’s not thought to be dangerous, and it doesn’t require medical intervention. But if you’re unhappy with the way your skin looks, you might want to try one of the cellulite treatments available in London.

Is cellulite permanent?

Cellulite is not permanent. There’s no easy, one-size-fits-all solution for getting rid of cellulite, but there are ways to minimise its appearance:

  • Work up a sweat and tone the affected areas. In London, there are plenty of ways to get your blood pumping, from cycling with friends to tranquil yoga session and strength-training sessions.
  • Eat healthy foods. Tuck into cellulite-busting foods, like broccoli, oranges and asparagus.
  • Brush or exfoliate affected areas. This will remove dead cells and stimulate blood circulation.
  • Try cellulite removal treatments. Massage, low-temperature treatments and ultrasonic cavitation can all help reduce cellulite.

How can I prevent cellulite?

Some studies suggest cellulite is genetic, so preventing it might be out of your control. However, scientific evidence suggests that social factors place more of a role. Having a healthy diet, exercising regularly and stopping smoking can all prevent those pesky dimples from appearing.

Cellulite is also linked to your age. As we celebrate extra candles on the cake, the amount of collagen in our skin decreases. This makes it easier for fat cells to push through to the surface and appear as cellulite. Short of finding a youth potion, there’s nothing we can do about getting older – but professional treatments could help you reduce the appearance of cellulite if it’s bothering you.

What’s the best form of cellulite removal?

Cryogenic lipolysis (sometimes called fat-freezing) is a popular type of anti-cellulite treatment. It reduces the appearance of bumpy skin by cooling the fat cells in problem areas like your hips and thighs. It’s a non-invasive and non-surgical alternative to liposuction, which is widely available in London.

If you’re looking for something more gentle, try a cellulite massage to stimulate your blood circulation, or an exfoliating body scrub to remove old skin for a dewy glow. With new cellulite treatments regularly emerging, keep an eye out on our top vouchers near to you to find one that works best.

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