What are Injectables and Fillers?

Injectable fillers are used in cosmetic therapy to improve and enhance the skin. The most common fillers are bovine collagen and botox. Youthful skin is abundant in a protein called collagen, giving it an elastic quality. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen. This loss means that the skin becomes less efficient at retaining water, and begins to lose its elasticity and gain wrinkles. During a treatment, the beauty therapist uses a fine needle to inject small amounts of collagen into your most prominent furrows, which are usually along the forehead, at the corners of the eyes and around the mouth. Botox works directly upon your wrinkles, relaxing the surrounding tissue so that the furrows appear to vanish. Injectable fillers for making lips fuller are also available.

Possible Side Effects of Filler Treatments

People sensitive to dairy products are also allergic to bovine collagen, the filler used by most therapists. Possible side effects of treatment include redness and swelling of the skin. If you are undergoing a collagen treatment for the first time, ask the therapist for an allergy test beforehand. Be aware that treatments can also result in infection and ulceration of the skin. With lip treatments an allergy test is advisable since Restylane, the most common filler, can cause cysts and rashes. Be aware that bruising and swelling are normal reactions to injectable lip treatments. This soon fades, leaving you with a pair of full lips. Botox treatments can also result in allergic reaction.

Are Filler Treatments Permanent?

Collagen is a natural biological substance and over time, the body will metabolise and absorb it, so an injectable treatment is not permanent. There are varying reports upon the longevity of botox and lip filler treatments, between three months to one year. Overall, so many variables are involved in this area, from the biology of the patient and natural reactions to various fillers, it is not possible to be specific about the duration of the effects. To ensure that you get value for money, seek out a clinic that offers genuine testimonials from satisfied customers. It is also worth enquiring if the initial price includes follow-up treatments.

How Will I Look after Treatment with Injectables and Fillers?

Filler treatments are costly and you should exercise caution before purchase. Initially, find a clinic with qualified therapists and a high standard of service. Be aware of the psychological distress that you may suffer if your new appearance is not to your liking. As with the majority of people, you will be pleased to see a more youthful face emerging after an antiwrinkle treatment. The danger lies in cosmetic treatments, such as lip enhancement, that might throw the proportion of your features out of balance. If possible, seek a salon that employs imaging software upon which you can see an "after" picture of your face, in advance of treatment. If you are already the victim of a treatment you dislike, remember that the effects of injectables and fillers are not permanent.

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